Coca Cola Release New Label

Shortly after Conrad Murray made his brief appearance at court today in Los Angeles Coca Cola announced a new label which will be released for two weeks in June this year.

Coca Cola spokesman, Scott Williamson, said "After today, thanks to the defense team of Conrad Murray, the Michael Jackson and Coca Cola link was advertised without us even having to spend a dime on advertising. We couldn't have asked for better advertising."

Ed Chernoff, defense attorney for Conrad Murray, after the court appearance said "The defense team has no connection with Coca Cola, and Conrad is not making any profit from this. Although it does show Conrad in a better light."

Scott Williamson continued "We expect this to be our biggest selling limited edition can. If all goes well we may release other limited edition cans related to Michael Jackson. Who knows in the future we may get Brian Oxman to help us sell some 'Justice4MJ' coke cans."

The limited edition can is going to be on sale from June 7, 2010 to June 21, 2010. Although the official can design has not been approved the draft below from Coca Cola shows what the can is expected to look like.

Artist impression of new Coca Cola label


Legal Notice: This can design has no connection with Coca Cola and although Scott Williamson is a spokesman for Coca Cola he never said anything. This can may or may not ever be seen in the stores.


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Anonymous said...

LOL! You are a great marketeer! :D

Btw, have you seen Murray's crap in his BS lawyers website??
Have a look: http://houstoncriminallaw-pressroom.com/photo-gallery/


MJHD Conspiracy said...

I had a look around the "Press Room". I get the feeling that Murray could be represented by these guys - http://www.deskpicture.com/DPs/Miscellaneous/ThreeStooges.jpg ... LOL

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