A Question For Hoaxers

A quick question for believers, hoaxers, and fans that have somehow stumbled into the murky world of the Michael Jackson death hoax.

A man, you do not know, who will not tell you who he is, walks up to you and says:

"Hey I have just seen a seven-headed monster and it was called Babylon. This means the dreaded Armageddon will happen in just 2 short weeks."

Do you believe his story?

Of course not. The guy is most likely some drugged up fucker high on crack. You politely tell him to fuck off and die somewhere where he is not wasting oxygen which can be used for a brain that might actually use it.

But just as you utter the last words of that statement, and he walks off still happy as he never heard a word you said, you start to think about the Michael Jackson hoax death and what has gone on.

A man you don't know, who will not say who he is, tells you they have been charged with the task of informing the world that Michael Jackson will bam on July 13, and you believe him. Why?

I am actually serious for a change. This really intrigues me that people will believe every word some nutjob hidden by a computer screen, claiming to have worked on the Invincible album, says. Yet a man who is in front of you, and is living breathing flesh is instantly dismissed.

In all of the whole MJFD and Illusion bullshit I have seen very few of the people that follow these basement dwellers to actually prove what they say. And prove it in 'real world' terms. Not some fucking cryptic math clue that could mean anything and will be tied to the first coincidence that it matches (News Of The World and Clue #1 of Rebirth as an example). Why does nobody ever just say:

"OK Mr Informer who won't say who they are but you are supposedly announcing the King Of Pop's return prove it and then I might listen to you. And I mean real proof. Because if you came to my house with that cryptic math shit as your only proof I'd be unloading bullets on your ass faster than Casey Anthony unloading children."

Like I said. I am actually curious how these fakes have all come and gone and been believed by so many. So if people could actually comment, even as anonymous, it would make me feel better. Well, in reality it wouldn't make me feel any differently at all; I'm just curious - which can also be interpreted as a nosy fucker I know.

No Love.


Anonymous said...

hhmm..am I first? it doesn't matter..I'mma be brave & spill the beans:

Dumbness! pure primitive, un-evolutionized DUMBNESS is the reason my friend!

another reason that comes to my mind is the language/cultural barrier. The thing that made MJ stand out was his globalness, he's literally off the planet & here lies the challenge with a lot of fans that have gotten mixed up with the whole hoax ordeal. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feeling & I certainly don't mean to say that people from other countries are any dumber, but since we're being honest I see that a lot of it has to do with the fact that the international fans have proven to be much easier target than the American ones due to a variety of reasons: (i.e. media accessibility, language barrier, cultural differences, etc)

then again there's a whole other group of fans that don't fall into the two above mentioned categories (dumb & foreigners) & in my "clinical" opinion, they're either sociopaths or depressed. It's exactly like knowing Santa doesn't exist & yet hanging the stocking by the chimney! These people are so depressed with what or who they are in their lives, they grasp on anything that would help them carry on their day dreaming, they can justify anything with anything & hence they're on this never ending loop & no one will be ever to convince them otherwise because so badly want & need a lie to believe in.

As for the fucktards who come up with these schemes, there's no hope for them either...they suffer from the sort of self loathing that they have to pretend to be someone or something other than who they really are in order to be able to go on with their lives. To them here is my sincere off of assistance:
I make a lot of cyano-hydrades (gas form of Cyanide) at the lab, I could offer you some for free to put you and others out of your misery so that you don't have carry on another day faking being an informer. If you are interested you know where to find me :)

Taking this route could turn you very well into a real (or ghost) informer, as you could cross over to wherever it is people go after they die & let us know if the king is chilling there with the other king or not lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I tried to reach you in your chat a few times but was unsuccessful. I wondered if you could please explain the process for submissions for your reveal later this week.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people fully believe these "informes". They just want to believe in something and have a hope, even if they are aware the "insiders" are probably fake.

MJHDC said...

Anonymous said: "Hi there, I tried to reach you in your chat a few times but was unsuccessful. I wondered if you could please explain the process for submissions for your reveal later this week. Thank you."

I can be reached at mjhdconspiracy@gmail.com or hoaxnewsnetwork@gmail.com ... either one will get to me ;)

JMseesMJ said...

Dear Doggy,

I am of the opinion that people, who collectively believe what any self-assigned informer provides, got stuck somewhere in postnatal development. They are still at a state where it's easiest to swallow everything that's being presented or fed to them. Physically indistinguishable from the highly developed independent thinker, their subconscious trick is imitating them, while striding on the path of least resistance. Why should they put any effort into evolving from their lazy and complacent lives, when they can thrive and proliferate inexorably ?

As I write these words, it occurs to me, that there is a powerful resonance between what I wrote above and Kierkegaard's views of herd behaviour.

However, some of the informers I find quite entertaining and see the temptation that they are confronted with.
All these open honeypots - no wonder flies will come....

blu said...

I can understand the love that the fans have for Michael,cause I'm one of them. I guess it's just like the Christians. They have never seen God, yet they strongly believe that he exist. The fans that loves Michael so much hang on to the words of these so called informers because they need someone to believe in. It hurts my heart to see these loving fans hanging onto, and believing in a BAMSDAY. It ain't coming. All of these so called informers are liars. How can they be so cruel to people that love Michal so much? Stop it people!!! There is no bamsday and Michael ain't coming back. There are no informers. Only liars.

mitch said...

I stop by here from time to time just to read and keep up on what may have happened to people I used to know from MJHD.

I will tell you why people will believe bullshit from anyone with the number 7 after their name.THEY WANT TO. its thats simple.clutching at straws.Michael is gone.Amy knew it from when she started MJHD.It was purely money making nothing else.Then a few decent people who truly couldn't let go of the so called family they thought they had from MJHD,.started their own hoax forums to carry on where Amy left off after shitting on all of us.
I dont follow anything to do with the hoax.Michael is gone.On my twitter a few days ago I happened to log on to see a pathetic and low attempt by someone called @FLINDT..who said(obviously fighting off questions re fakes and her site/accounts) that it was in fact MICHAEL JACKSON who shut down MJHD because his work was done there and he needed to keep his cover.
( this person immediately blocked and removed me when I called her out the tweets are on my tiwtter..as with most hoaxers they ban those that really are TRUTHSEEKERS)

seriously fuck off and stop hurting people with outrageous lies like that.
this person was NOT..NOT involved with us at MJHD. PERIOD.

neither was Michael Jackson..if people really think Michael sat around alive let alone when in hiding running shitty word press sites with people like myself moderating them,then you dont know very much,
I'm telling you its lies

Most of these so called insiders were created by AMY and her husband.these days of course the insiders are among yourselves..your forum owners and sneaky friends who to keep their own pathetic petty egos fed,continue to deceive you all by planting rumours,stories and fake insiders.

why hasn't anyone actually stopped and wondered why Et or Eonline or even TMZ hasnt gotten these little insider scoops but all 300 people in the hoax world have?
please... you've all been cruelly set up for a massive fall.
we all were but some of us realised it long ago/.

Ive been a fan for 30 years of Michael.Id love more than anything to say guess what..hes alive big joke hahaha attention seeking episode here..but its not the truth...he never NEEDED the attention.

Hes gone, as much as it hurts its the truth.
I wish so very much it was not.

as fans we need to band together to be there for each other and continue to keep Michaels name,music and humanitarian work alive.
we must also learn and make changes to how we judge others based on appearance and rumours...so nobody suffers the torment he lived through at the hands of an unforgiving and judgmental world

I am available on my twitter for those that remember me or may need someone to talk to when the walls finally come crashing down
because Ive been through it already..it hurts to be lied to so much and for so long..YANA

will miss this very sarcastic blog.Hope you find something else to write about...youve missed your calling in life:)
we used to speak on twitter,you wont remember me but Im sure my IP addy will be looked up ..we spoke fondly of Prisoner and Kylie in neighbours lol..

PEACE take care

Leyla said...

Well just meant to reply to Hot Ice
I think you have few points right
I agree with you.But I might disagree about the Internationals fans..I think it doesn't really matters,I think it's really about how much the person is involved,how much time and how much desperate and distressed someone (who is might me already fragile due to personnals matters,or maybe they're too sensitive)
and then get too much into it and is eager to any leads,anything that could make Michael Jackson come back.
I'm french,I've met people from Holland,German,Italy,China and of course from France and America too and I became acquainted with them and I did not see a notable difference...The only slight difference maybe was sometimes age (people who were in their early twenties or less were eager to start drama or to get exited easily)
and also news members,they did not seem to know where they stepped in,and I'm talking about an "era" of the hoax where forums and Twitter weren't that much flooded with batshit insane people.I just think some good people has gone away (this shit about fuckers that claims to be informers each week is tiring)
and some just plain wore out and got entangled into this spiral.
It's so pitiful to see people I used to talk to that were level-headed and now just believe anything these piece of shit says...but well

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