Well I have spent the last 2 days updating my crap laptop from Windows 95 to Windows XP. I got a copy sent to me from a friend. Now I do not condone people copying software in any way; but it is Windows XP and it is obsolete now according to Microsoft. So I updated WIndows XP at McDonalds with all the patches, updates, service packs, and crap which took about 3 hours longer than installing the operating system.

To cut a long story short. As I was running Windows XP I decided I would go professional like MJHDC and HNN and start using Photoshop instead of Microsoft Paint. Well to cut another long story short my laptop failed the system requirements for Photoshop (thanks for that Karl). So I googled "Photoshop alternatives for free".

This is where the post should really start, because it is at this point I found a package called Artweaver from Artweaver.de. Anyway I consulted with MJHDC to see what he thought. He said:

"It is not Photoshop. Look you homeless reject why not use Gimp? Anyway this Artweaver is not Photoshop but as all you have used before is MS Paint you'll have a ball as it is better than MS Paint. Now stop bothering me and write a fucking post so I don't have to."

I also asked the guy serving at McDonalds he said he had never tried Gimp but if I wanted to go to his place later we could give it a go. He played with Artweaver and he liked it - not sure why he kept drawing hearts though.

So if you are looking for an art package there seems to be many options; but as free options go the choices are less.

I like Artweaver purely because it is better than MS Paint; but it is not so complicated like Photoshop seems. But if you want to use Photoshop filters and that you can with Artweaver Plus which is a mere 29 Euros - and the way the Euro is going that will be about 5 US dollars soon. It does a lot more than MS Paint; and yes it has a few less features than Photoshop but it is good none the less.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling me (Smiling)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Doggie~~~~~~~ (^-^)

Hot Ice said...

a couple of things:

1- how can a bum like u afford a laptop?

2- how did u pay for that McDonald meal? I'm guessing you didn't end up washing any dishes as u ended up in the McDonald's server's house LMAO

3- I agree windows XP is obsolete & I also agree it takes forever to install all the crap that comes with it. I'm actually considering joining the dark side. u know what they say: an "Apple" a day keeps... (you fill in the blank)

4- I LOVE gimp, but then again it's because I LOVE linux. but now you've tempted me to try this Artweaver thing...for us non-artistic NERDS gimp is as good as it gets :)

Homeless Dave said...

@Hot Ice

1. I got the laptop from Karl for $15. He is homeless too; and needed the cash for meth.

2. I don't eat at McDonalds I just use their free WiFi. Most of the time I don't even go in I just sit outside. The smell of dead animals which may or may not be cows upsets me.

3. An apple a day keeps Microsoft humble.

4. MJHDC suggested Gimp. But I also saw a thing called GimpShop which is meant to be closer to Photoshop. I DM'ed MJHDC and as Photoshop CS3 and CS4 work in WINE on Linux he said Artweaver should too. I have no clue why you have to drink wine to get an art program working though.

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