Hoax Psychology 101

Before I start I'd let to get one point out of the way - There are indeed some fucked up crackheads that have attached themselves to the Michael Jackson death hoax. Now I can names; but then "No Love Bamsday" on July 14 will not be as much fun.

So why do these fuckups all attach themselves to the Michael Jackson hoax death? Because of all this "It is all for love" bullshit.  That is what gets them in every single time. They look at the believers, and the Michael Jackson fans as a whole, and see all the love crap flying around and attach themselves like some blood-sucking leech. Because all the other fan groups, such as Metallica fans, would just tell them to "Fuck off and die slowly somewhere."

And then they go on some sort of crusade to be so polite to inform all the believers, and fans, of what is going to happen. Until it doesn't happen - then they disappear like shit down a flushing toilet.

But it is that brief time of attention that brings out all these supposed informers; making up for the fact their Moms did not breast feed them.

Well I didn't just want to point the finger at these fucktard crackheads without some sort of evidence. so I went to PsychologyToday.com who had this to say about attention seekers:

"Attention is sometimes described as a spotlight, focusing your awareness on a subset of what's going on in your head or in your environment. Some people have more control over it than others do, and everyone has more control in certain situations (when they're free of distractions) and on certain drugs (stimulants such as caffeine and Ritalin)."

So basically, all these fake informers and fake Michael Jacksons on Twitter and Facebook do not have have enough control of what is going on in their brain.  That is right. According to the psychology world these fucktards are fucked in the head and need to be doped up with Ritalin.

You hearing that Souza? It is not your fault totally; just your brain is somewhat wired wrong. Get your ass to the doctor and get some Ritalin. Suppose the Army of Love could hold an intervention while it still exists? Who knows.

But while these "Fucktards of Truth" are getting the attention they crave they will never get help; and just go on creating accounts and arguing with their schizophrenic personalities. So with all this "It is all for love" horseshit you are slowly mentally killing these fuckups of society.

Now before everyone starts with the 'hate comments' for me calling it "All for love bullshit" I have been in this hoax for 2 years and I have seen hundreds of so-called fans go on and on and on about love and all of a sudden switch into some psycho because someone does not agree with them. It is these people who preach one thing and act in a different way that refers to. And also, me I preach hate, truth, and evil. Most people would say I do a good job proving that.

See, it is still "No Love" but with a side order of "caring".


Anonymous said...

LOL!Love it,just be your dam self really! Ya know some these crazy ppl really believe in their minds that MJ is watching them.Wouldn't they be shocked to know MJ was probably human and said fuck off once in awhile too?

Ppl GET REAL, MJ is not watching you! You can have love in your hearts most of us do but we are all HUMAN with every kind of emotion so plz get some help now if you think MJ is watching you he ant Santa Clause!As for the fake MJ's read the above lol.

Anonymous said...

loool ... you make me smile.

Anonymous said...

All those so-called informers have the same exemption as feeders.
Sorry but I'm not hungry.

Love you blog evil doggie.

Anonymous said...

Lol I stumbled upon your blog and it made me laugh, thank u. :o) It's so good to know there are MJ fans like u : witty, smart, thought-provoking. I love MJ, but I have to say most of the time, his fans annoy me with their cheesiness; overusing the L word, to the point it loses its beautiful meaning. So NO LOVE, but a Hug from france.

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