July 7th

This is it. These are the coming days of the return. This is the time of the big BAM. Well it really isn't but I just got all caught up in the bullshit hype of the day.

TheIllusion777 started the day with the fact that the News Of The World newspaper closure was a the big clue for "Day 1 - Rebirth" Big clue? It is not even closing. Rupert Murdoch isn't running some shitty cryptic 7 days of Christmas (or Mikemas) blog he is running a an international corporation. And the crafty bugger is not closing the News Of The World he is renaming it to the "Sunday Sun" or some shit.

And really the News Of The World was the best clue? Let me sum up the News Of The World: Sensationalist lies, sensationalist lies, tits, sordid sex lives of celebrities, and sport. That is it. So the fact that the News Of The World is changing its name to avoid a 'phone hacking' scandal is really no big deal; just a smart business move on behalf of Rupert Murdoch. so if that is the best clue for day 1 TheIllusion777 might as well pack their shit up now before everyone knows who they really are on July 14.

And on this glorious day filled with sevens (7/7/2011) where did TS/TIAI send everyone with the redirect? Straight to the Souza Freakshow aka MJDHI.  Is TS/TIAI trying to say that MJDHI is the only place worth reading for clues? They are not redirects they are merely adverts to get people to go to MJDHI so Souza can treat people like shit for disagreeing with her.

Well, in my opinion, they only have 7 days left and then July 14 2011 aka "No LOVE Bamsday" rolls round and will expose these fake asses once and for all. Auntie Amy was shot down with a few personal details - The fakes are being blown to pieces with everything from contact details, elfproef voor BSN’s, photos, chat logs, login IP addresses - actually the works. They all go down on July 14.

Next time the phone rings it could be a true fan, and believer, calling to say "You are fucked!"

With regards to the "No LOVE Bamsday" it is not just me there are actually about 50 people that have been gathering this information; and without their help it would not have been possible. So thanks to all the nameless heroes for their work.

The clock is ticking ... the end is near ... the fakes will all disappear.

No Love.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that all the fakes are being proved fake, especially as this week rolls on. There are so many fucked up people who have messed with people's heads and claimed big things will happen and BAM and all that shit on July 7. Well, that was yesterday. I guess they were wrong! LOL I never believed TheIllusion777 anyway. He/she was just another fake. I guess we will see as the month comes to an end without a BAM. The only reputable and real informers that have proven themselves time and time again and don't seem to be interested in attention or gathering a little fan club are Back/Front and TS. Whether they are the same person or not I'm not sure but if they are not, then they are definitely on the same team and working together. You don't see them tweeting and making claims about the date of the BAM. Why? Because real informers would never do that. The BAM date, if there is one, will never be released. Until Michael actually makes the BAM. As far as I know, they have never claimed an exact BAM date. Front recently said something about August 10 or 11 but he didn't say it was the BAM date, just that the journey would continue. At least that's what a lot of us gathered from his posts anyway. As far as TS goes and your theory about TS and Souza being the same person, well I'm not sure. I would like to believe that TS, Back and Front are all real and all working on the same team, but I don't know. Unfortunately, none of us know for sure. Only those people behind those user names know who they are. I don't believe in coincidences and there seem to be a lot of coincidences, if that's what you want to call it, between Back/Front, TS, and Michael's family and Michael himself. So I keep watching! :-)

Why are you so harsh on Souza anyway? I know it's none of my business but I would like to know why you constantly put her down. Besides the fact that you have "No Love." LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Am I THE only one who thinks all of the notable "hoaxy" characters and MJ bloggers (well, the professionally constructed blogs, not the half-arsed fan-made ones)are ALL the work of only one person who is currently still MIA!!! I keep wondering when they're going to add 'brain grower' additives to the water. I know TPTB want non-thinking automatons, but this level of stupidity is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

No, you are not the only one. Of course the one real person is MIA - and that's Michael Jackson. Like the other person said, MJ and his real informers are not blogging and tweeting about it. So, if someone is blogging and tweeting actual BAM dates, you can be sure they are fake. I stopped reading blogs and tweets from those suspicious characters a while ago. I do think MJ or people he as appointed would be on forums to have some sort of connection with the fans and giving subtle clues, yes. But they would not be making blatant BAM dates and giving direct information. Hence, Back, Front, TS. I believe they are real, and I believe at least one of them is the person who is MIA. It's very possible they are all MJ. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with this dude. Real informers wouldn't be tweeting all the time about it, etc.

I say f*** 'em. They're not even worth the time. The only one who IS worth the thought is MJ.

Anonymous said...

Souza sucks!

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