Damn I Married Souza

No I didn't. It was just a funny title.

A Twitter user by the name of @Michaels_Tree (previously @Truth_Goddess) put up a Twitlonger about me and my wife. And rather than waste time answering her personally I thought I would allow everyone to see both sides at once and let them decide for themselves.

As can be seen allegedly I was challenged to go in chat on mic or on cam; or even meet in person. Yeah I want to meet psychotic mental outpatients in person. So yes it is true I ignored them purely on the basis that I don't accept challenges from every single crack whore going. Does that make me a coward? In my book it makes sense to avoid the crack whores.

Allegedly I mix yellow piss and bullshit together. Back in my younger university days I did a lot of stupid stuff that the following morning I could not remember so I am not going to deny this. But the crack whore goes on "just like they did to Michael." I'm sorry did I ever say I was bothered what Michael Jackson's message was? No. The blog was originally a look at the forums around the hoax death; and is now a place where the unholy trinity gather and share their uncensored views on anything. I have never said I stood for anything that Michael Jackson stands for. To be honest more likely to be the Anti-Michael Jackson.

Allegedly I insulted anybody who happens to be in "an assisted device." Don't remember doing that. All I remember doing is calling out someone who said they were when they are not. But wheelchairs have their funny moments in life so what the hell; yeah assisted devices are funny - and how some people got there is also funny. Notice I said SOME. A guy in a wheelchair because he fell out of his mistress' window when her husband returned is a funny way to end up in a wheelchair. And the wheelchair connection is because @Michaels_Tree entered chat under another name claiming to be in a wheelchair. The IP address, which is static, matches both. I have at present took the more righteous path not to publish it.

The crack whore also states that I offered to help her. This I did before I found out from countless others on Twitter what a nut she was. Now I wouldn't piss on the bitch if she was on fire.

It is also alleged in the Twitlonger that I am in some way connected to Badkolo, Souza, and Mo. Not sure where that idea comes from. She never read this blog obviously; or asked Souza - just another random accusation with no merit.

There is mention of my god. Which as an atheist really makes no sense but OK if I have to pick a god I want the christian God; with Allah's butt and Buddha's eyes. Just don't expect me to pray to something that doesn't exist. And as myself, HNN, and Homeless Dave are the "Unholy Trinity" it kind of speaks for itself with regards to how I view religion.

So there is the answer to the Twitlonger for everyone to read. Nothing is hidden. Anyone wants to bitch about any of it go ahead - all comments, except spam, get published.


Anonymous said...

Oh the drama! Will it ever stop? I like you and your wife, Doggy. So you just keep on keepin' on! Screw the Crack whores....wait...maybe not....

Anonymous said...

Annie Michael A.K.A whatever she calls herself "with all ppl in her head who creates many other twit accts to argue with one another" has been a stable everyone knows nutcase MJ stalker in the hoax world for the last two years needs to go back to the ward, they really let this one out wayyyy to soon.Watch out she'll steal your personality and claim it for her new friend in her head,and the next thing you'll know we will have another doggie!

Anonymous said...

Someone help me out here? I don't get it. What exactly is this person accusing you of? Why does this person want you to go into chat or use a mic? You are not claiming to be anything or anyone, are you? You have a blog and you state your opinions. Simple as that. What does this person have against you? Please give me the Cliff's Notes on this one!

MJHDC said...

Anonymous said: "Please give me the Cliff's Notes on this one!"

To put it in a short statement. The person who wrote the Twitlonger was caught in a lie. When she got called out on that lie she decided to start rumors with no foundation or proof. As for the whole mic/chat thing I have no clue. As for the allegations anyone who has read this blog in the last two years would know there is no 'connection' between myself and Souza & Co. - other than they hate me and I'm not found of them. As for what I have claimed all I have ever claimed is I am an atheist and have a dislike for all the bullshit that is involved in the hoax.

Anonymous said...

You are genius!

especially when you wrote "And as myself, HNN, and Homeless Dave are the 'Unholy Trinity' " LMAO ~~~~(^-^)/

Anonymous said...

Oh Butters must be "MO" LMAO, lord this women really needs help,she compares herself to mj? And Jesus? She LOVES attn, let's feel sorry for the crazy lady, no one loves her I'm thinking.She really believes MJ is watching her and he is going to come and save her at the end of this and they'll ride off into the sunset together, that's why she creates other acct, to fight with them to act like she is the good one fighting for MJ.I bet MJ had her picture along with the rest of the stalkers not to let this one around him!"

Anonymous said...

This woman claims to be a fan of MJ? I just read her twitter all she does is spew hatred about anyone that disagrees with her point of view. I think she needs psychological help -LOL

Anonymous said...

I know a couple of people that were harassed by her.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't piss on that crack whore if she was on fire cold DOG cold as hell thats some funny Sh**. keep up the good work (Smiling)sorry for cursing

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