Is The Hoax Dead?

With a little over 2 years since the Michael Jackson death hoax started; is it time to call it quits?

Ask any Michael Jackson fan to describe Michael and you will hear phrases such as:
  • Legend
  • Icon
  • Loving
  • Caring.
  • Great father
  • Humanitarian
  • Selfless
With that said would a caring, loving, humanitarian pull such a hoax on his fans? Does not sound very caring or loving. Would he allow his family to go through 2 years of turmoil for a hoax? Because no matter what, whether a hoax or not, the family have been through the ringer for the last 2 years.

Some have suggested the family are unaware that the death of their family member is a hoax because Michael Jackson is under protection after receiving some kind of death threat over his music catalog and various song rights ownership.

It may be slightly possible. But when Michael Jackson received death threats previously it was dealt with without some elaborate hoax. And as for all the shady 'key players' that have been suggested that may have had some involvement in a 'death conspiracy' they are all still doing what they were before June 25, 2009.

Some have indicated that the Illuminati may have been plotting to kill Michael Jackson for his music catalog. But in the grand scheme of things the music catalog is neither important or of great value.

See, according to all the myths and legends that surround the Illuminati; they control all the governments of the world and all the money of said governments. With governments all around the world dealing in trillions of dollars the Michael Jackson music catalog, valued, approximately, at best at around 1 billion dollars is a mere drop in the ocean. Why kill a man for a billion when you have trillions and trillions? Also the idea that Michael Jackson was such a threat to the Illuminati is a little hard to believe. Once again according to the myths and legends that surround the Illuminati they can have anyone taken out whenever they feel like it; after all if you control the government you control all the government (for example the FBI, CIA, police, etc.).

Then there is all the inconsistencies that have happened on, and since, June 25, 2009 that are connected to the death and all the aspects after it. Some have suggested the death certificate is fake, the autopsy is fake, and the will is fake. But are these really inconsistencies? Time and time again the system has been shown to be failing; not just in the case of Michael Jackson but in every day circumstances too. Are system failings enough to declare a hoax?

And then there is Conrad Murray, who in September will be facing an involuntary manslaughter charge. Many believe Murray will walk and thus prove a hoax. Unfortunately, recent events in the Casey Anthony trial have proven that the justice system is not perfect.  Some jurors from that trial have stated they felt Casey Anthony was indeed guilty but the evidence presented to support that claim was lacking. The case against Conrad Murray, from what we have seen so far, is based purely on circumstantial evidence and as such does not appear to meet the high standards to prove "without a doubt". So Murray may indeed walk away from all this with nothing more than a slightly tarnished reputation; but is that enough to say it is a hoax?

I am not saying it is not a hoax; but if it is it has to involve a lot of people and be so well planned that no informer, or wannabe informer, is going on to Twitter, a blog, a forum, or Facebook to announce a return. And if it was because of some 'death conspiracy' against Michael Jackson then I don't expect a return anytime soon; if ever.

No Love.


Anonymous said...

It's been days and not one single comment on this fabulous post. No one is coming out of the woodwork to face the truth which you present so well. I always knew you were a smart doggie ;)

I think you should designate a BAMSDAY to mark the end of the hoax because it looks like its days are numbered.

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