In The Name Of The Father

Actually that should read "In the name of the dog, the reporter, and the homeless bum." Because the two strangest hoax blogs have merged; and Homeless Dave was dragged along as entertainment.

The blogs of MJHDC and HNN are now "The MJHDConspiracy News Network" - All the irrelevant things to do with anything can now be found in one place.

All three will author various posts which will be identified when they post. All three are on Twitter and have separate Twitpic pages; but now the insanity is all on one blog. Scary that the homeless wonder is now able to post actual posts.

No Love.


Anonymous said...

Oh holly dogie trinity, have mercy...this is too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

~*~Dooooogggggggyyyyyyyy!!!~*~ :-) ~*~giggle!!!~*~ :-) (You're my favorite,by the way!!) ;-) :-)


~*~LOVE!!!~*~ :-)

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