No No Love Bamsday

Just like the real Bamsday the No Love Bamsday is not going to happen. Because for some reason the people against fakes and bullshit artists have an issue with personal details of these fuckers being released for the world to see. I'm not 100% sure why; but last night in finalizing the torrent for release today the subject of 'legalities' came up.

Not all of the information was gained in a legal manner and some of the people involved in the collection of the information had some issues with that. Through discussion the only possible solution that all could agree on was to release a torrent with only the information that was gained legally. I personally was not in agreement and rationalized that "if these fakes were not so full of shit they would have nothing to worry about" but at the same time I was not alone in gathering the information; and as such had to partially agree with the majority.

As the discussion progressed, and with myself throwing a 'hissy fit', I decided without the information that was obtained 'shadily' it wasn't really a bam and was more of a fizzle. And as such not worth doing.

I totally understand people being worried about the legality issues but at the same time I feel it is the lesser of two evils. But as I said the majority rules and as such is not being released at this time.

Anyway as I awoke this morning I was thinking about the whole thing, and reasoned that although there will be no #NoLoveBamsday - it had already happened. In the week leading up to July 13 people on forums and on social networking sites had already taken a stand against the current batch of fakes.  And as July 13 came and went without so much of a sniff at a bam people were most likely going to be more aware of the fakes and not be conned by these basement dwellers in the future.

So although there was no #NoLoveBamsday there was a bam among the believers in realizing that there is only so much bullshit that can come from these fakes; and that the future looks that little bit more rosier because they will not be fooled so easily.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank all of the people that worked on #NoLoveBamsday (the unknown heroes as I have been referring to them as of late) and I apologise that at the last minute some of those heroes got cold feet with regards to legal issues. #NoLoveBamsday may not be happening but the information is out there; and 50 people have all that information.

And for anyone reading this that is thinking of becoming a fake in the future.  As fans, and believers, we have been down that road. Don't bother because more and more people are waking up to the fake basement dwellers that are seeking attention by pretending to be Michael Jackson or an informant.


Anonymous said...

This post has about 499 words, which I think I can summarize in 6 words: We are a bunch of wuss!

I don't mean you personally but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed! In my rational mind, there are no grounds for any legal litigation on either side because the one good thing about cyber espionage is that it's a grey-shade. Plus impersonation & pretending to be someone is a much worst crime & as a matter of fact can be prosecuted. i.e. the many cases of numerous people posing as celebrities, or as ex-marines or ex-navy seals on cyber space & blogs. these people were called out not always by legal means & the posers were stopped, many of whom are facing charges. So if anyone has to worry about any litigation is the posers not people collecting the information!

I for one don't buy your (collectively) excuse. To me this is the same as the fake BAMSDAY.
No cheesecake for Youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed.i was so excited about to read your no love bamsday article.

Anonymous said...

hopefully you will change your mind. this guys should be exposed. no mercy.

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