Badkolo's Sekret Diary

Since Souza's secret diary was unearthed it was only a matter of time before other diaries, concerning people in the hoax forums, came to light. The latest was the diary of Badkolo; the moderator over at the S&M Concentration Camp.

The following diary entries are just a sample of what is contained within the diary. Further entries cannot be disclosed due to contractual obligations between Badkolo and BigBoys.com.

June 25, 2009: Mom told me that Michael Jackson had died. She told me this while I was eating the stew she had made. I didn't want her to see me crying so I said I wasn't hungry and left the table. She also said that someone called Jason had called. Then we got in to an argument about my friends calling the apartment. I wish I had my own place!

June 30, 2009: Found a website today called MJHD.COM. A really nice woman runs it. Her name is Amy. I told Jason about it and he just laughed. I tried to explain it to him but as usual I had a problem forming sentences. As usual I cried when I got confused; but Jason comforted me.

July 6, 2009: Spoke to two women on MSN. Made a change for me to talk to women. Their names are Souza and Mo. By the way they act I think they are lesbians; but who am I to judge? Mom asked if I had started saving for an apartment of my own. She said she needed me out of the way on her Bridge night. I said I would look when I can afford it. She gave me $300 and said it was a start.

July 8, 2009: Mom asked about me moving again. I think she wants me out. She had circled all the cheap apartments in the local paper. Jason said I could move in with him if I wanted to.

July 9, 2009: Bridge night at Moms. I had to go out for the night. Spent the night in the park. I met this guy called Peter. We sat and talked for ages. He said he did websites and if I grew my hair I could be an Internet star. I could make money to get out of Mom's place. I must remember to look at his website; it is called RingRaiders.COM.

July 10, 2009: Went to the website Peter owns. Saw one of my old loves on there. He has changed. Mr Thompson stopped over last night. I saw him coming out of my Mom's room. He must have been gambling heavy last night as he told me to give my Mom the $50 he owed her. He said he would have but she was still sleeping.

July 19, 2009: Was talking to Souza and Mo again tonight. I wish I could tell them how I am as I am sure they would understand what I am going through. Mom was angry all day. I think she saw a mouse because she was muttering about 'getting rid of the vermin'. I hope there are none in my room.

July 22, 2009: Jason called today. Said he was into Vaseline. This really confused me as I thought he worked for a dermatologist.

July 29, 2009: I cannot believe my luck - I was on MJHD.COM and I found this thread entitled 'Gold Pants'. I spent 2 hours there before I went to Peter's website. I am sure Souza and Mo are lesbians. Souza accidentally sent me something which was meant to go to Mo. I showed it to Jason and he said something about 'a nasty couple of rug munchers'.

August 4, 2009: MJHD.COM closed. I don't really care anymore. Mom has arranged for me to meet this girl from church for dinner tomorrow. Mom gave me $30 for dinner and said to be back late as Mr Thompson was coming round. I found this funny because it was not her usual Bridge night.

August 5, 2009: I hate the world. I had a dinner date with Michelle from Mom's church. The dinner went well. And after half a glass of wine I confessed to her that I was gay. She said that I just hadn't met the right woman. We were in her car and she placed my hand on her breast. I just cried. I got out the car and ran home. Mr Thompson was fixing Mom's bedroom door and it wouldn't open so I couldn't even speak to Mom.

August 7, 2009: Jason came round. I think he is putting on weight; he felt heavier tonight. I told him about Michelle and he said that I didn't need a woman. He is so right.

August 11, 2009: Came home to find Mr Thompson putting my things on the sidewalk. Mom said Mr Thompson was just measuring my room to see if a pool table would fit in there.

These are the only entries which BigBoys.com will allow to be published until negotiations are finished.


Legal Notice: This diary has not been verified. All details contained within the diary entries have not been verified. Although Badkolo has never officially said he was gay the videos on BigBoys.com may prove it. This post is satire based on rumors and speculation.


Anonymous said...

OMG you are bad LOL

Have I told you lately that I adore your humor? No? I do :)

Love ya

Zilda said...

This blog is hilarious.. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Badkolo is boring, so is this blog. zzzzz.....

Angie The F 777 said...

Balls!:D Such a good Monday' start!:D LMAO Doggie, u know..;))) hahaha

anonymous 3 said...

ROFLMAO, he's probably running up and down together with Souza looking equally greasy in their hidious pj's..lol
Hi Angie long time no see, you're right a nice start of a new week..rofl

Anonymous said...

I really can't believe that I'm actually about to post something positive about Smouza given their track record, but here goes.

Bec posted a thread entitled: PLAYING WITH FIRE, Pepsi Accident Hoax?

In short, it's about the possibility of Michael hoaxing the Pepsi accident. Smouza both disagreed with her and it ended with Souza locking the thread and posting this:

by ~Souza~ » Mon May 31, 2010 10:58 pm
Mike did not fake the Pepsi burn. I'm very open minded, but this is a step too far. He might have hoaxed his death, but he was really set on fire.

You can shoot me for 'silencing' people, but I am going to lock this thread because it makes my blood boil...

About time Souza! even .net hasn't locked the thread. Of course the ass clown had to have the last say:

by badkolo » Mon May 31, 2010 11:01 pm
well, it could be all real, or it could be all a hoax, what i will say is this, i seen hair on fire for longer then 8 seconds and they are burn free.

but maybe he did get burned, maybe the double was appearing for him right afterwards.

but I also think this, maybe this is what he meant by the final curtain call, this is it, this is my final HOAX. maybe thats what he meant
this is it, this is my final hoax, because...... im not doing anymore after this.

And if we are to discover the man we never knew then all possibilities should be open for discussion.

because until he comes back and we get some type of explanation as to the what,when, how,and who then we should look into everything.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ assclown... so right! LOL!

Remember he was the one saying that MJ made up the child molestation cases himself, like "hoaxed" that shit, and so on.
Smouza and a few others backed him up on this.
Everybody who disagreed got banned or kicked.
A lot of people disagreed but didn't say anything because they were scared of him.
Can you believe it?
Wake up morons, and smell the coffee...
Seriously.... what a bunch of asshats....

Anonymous said...

maybe we are all living in a dream and our entire lives are a hoax.

Maybe there were never dinosaurs and the bones were planted as an elaborate hoax.

Maybe George Washington hoaxed his death. (have you seen any autopsy report??)

Maybe the world didn't exist before 1900. (How can we prove it did if we weren't alive?. Perhaps a group in the 1910's perpetuated a "world history" hoax, creating pyramids and cave drawings to fool us).

Maybe shitting is a hoax. Sure it FEELS like it comes out of your ass, but did you actually see it come out?

You can go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Laughing myself dead!!!!!!! Michael coming back to give explanations? Why? What's for? Did he owe explanations to anyone? Come on....

Well, another reason for not coming back. It would turn in such a stupid hassle with a long row of explanations. Who cares!!!

Angie The F 777 said...

Hey u:)))))))))) Still watching that mjhd circus?:D:D

WhatTheDeuce said...

Anonymous 1:56 PM said: "Michael coming back to give explanations? Why? What's for? Did he owe explanations to anyone?"

Of course he doesn't. And if he comes back, it's obvious he won't do it just to give 'explanations'. But it's also obvious that people will want to know why did he fake his own death and how did he pull it off... Just saying.

Conspiracy, you made me laugh like a maniac with this post! Badkolo's date with Michelle really cracked me up. He's so fucking lame it's unbelievable. His theory about the child molestation trials being fake really makes me feel like going spartan on his ass. Oh well... *sigh*

Anonymous 6:54 AM: LMAO!

anonymous 3 said...

Well, they all had a wak-up call over at MJHD.net....bwahaha

Anonymous said...

The theory does not state that the 2005 trial itself was a hoax, it states that Michael baited the DA in an attempt to prove a point. An attempt that ultimately failed.

Do you really think Michael got fooled by Bashir? Do you really think he is that stupid? You think Michael is brilliant enough to orchestrate a death hoax yet dumb enough to get fucked over that badly. Come on. Of course he knew Bashir would smear him, that's why he had his own cameras filming everything in the back round. Do you really think after one set of child molestation allegations Michael would continue to host sleepovers with minors WITHOUT CCTV in the bedroom? And then do a very personal revealing train wreck of an interview designed for a national audience where he gave up all control over the aired edit?

Don't you agree that it's possible Michael called the DA's bluff by taunting him with this interview KNOWING they had nothing on him, and that's why he did that Bashir piece with the kid and the insistence that sharing your bed is a loving thing to do? Because he could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt nothing inappropriate happened- perhaps he was defiantly trying to set it all up to prove once and for all his innocence on the public stage. You want to call me a kid toucher mother fuckers? I'm gonna prove you're all sick liars.

Do you really think Michael was naive enough to trust that family of track record con artists the Chandlers or do you think it's possible he set them up/used them if you will?

Perhaps, just maybe, he intended to take it to trial to PROVE that the DA is shady and the cops are corrupt and the family were gold diggers and that the media unfairly condemn people with no evidence of wrong doing yet the plan backfired and yet the message never got properly relayed?

People weren't listening, perhaps the "hoax" was a PR fail. You win some you lose some. With CCTV in the bedroom, there's no way he'd set one foot in prison. It would be the wild card of defense evidence.

Do you REALLY think Michael Jackson would do a DEATH hoax the first time out? Or do you think it's plausible that he has hoaxed before, possibly many times?

People who accept wholeheartedly the possibility that Michael Jackson hoaxed his DEATH but say that the notion that he hoaxed before in large shocking ways is going too far are lacking in common sense and logic.

Anonymous said...

@What the Deuce: That is exactly what I said: "explanations". You may turn it the way you want, put another name on it. It is the same structural principle and that is one of the reason he will not come back. Justifying himself.....Quite comic! Good luck with that!

So now I am off reading again Nicolas Poussin et son traité sur l'art de la peinture.
and the last Gonzague Saint-Bris "Au paradis avec Mickael Jackson" to have an approach of how he looked at Michel Angelo, Degas.....Michael Jackson asking the Holy See to grant him permission of an overnight stay in the Sixtine Chapel and it was granted. Much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

The trial devastated Michael. While he was shrewd in many ways he was also very naive. Thinking it was ok to share a bed with children not related to him-very naive.We know he spent most of his adult life trying to recapture a childhood he never had. Michael had no control over the trial and what happened. Why have a trial to expose the police, DA and the gold digging parents? Why not just speak out? Michael would have gotten people's attention.

Michael did that documentary to clear up the previous allegations. He didn't want to dig himself deeper into a hole.

Who is going to risk being called a pedophile for a hoax? That was a huge loss if you ask me. Many to this day think he is a pedophile.

EVERYTHING in Michael's life cannot be a hoax! I think people are getting crazy and have run out of things to talk about. Step away from the computer for a moment and get a grip on reality.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is Bipolar, obviously.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:37, you deserve a huge round of applause! You're so right and it disgusts me to read all these various aspects of Michael's life being turned into a hoax. For me, it goes along with the theory that he died in the 80s. I think people just get bored and think up all sorts of ludicrous things to draw attention.

No way could that trial have been a hoax. He was devastated by all of it and the majority of people who hate him hate him because of that. His whole image was destroyed and people still call him a pedophile, among other related names. Look at Diane Dimond; she practically turned her "career" into a mission of defaming Michael.

So to think the trial was a hoax is just silly. I believe it was a part of a conspiracy against him and if he wasn't already planning this hoax at that point, I think it certainly pushed him to do it. America's (and yes, I am American) media is shit and I hope like hell they get what's coming to them. No wonder Michael didn't want to live here. And the shit media is only the surface.

WhatTheDeuce said...

Anonymous 10:37 PM said: "Do you really think Michael was naive enough to trust that family of track record con artists the Chandlers or do you think it's possible he set them up/used them if you will?"

Oh my God. I cannot believe I just read that.


My dear, you must be OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND. Seriously. I pray that you're joking.

Anonymous said...

@"Anonymous" at June 2, 2010 @10:37pm -
What's the matter, Bec, too embarrassed to sign your name to your Michael-hoaxed-his-trials-theory post above? Yeah, you should be. You posted the same piece of trash, verbatim, at other forums. Pathetic.

WhatTheDeuce said...

LMAO, I knew it was Bec who posted that! She posted the same ridiculous crap on her blog and besides, she loves to kiss Bumkolo's gay ass so it is no surprise that she would come here and defend his pot-induced "theory". Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my next few words....

Of all the sick fucked up shit I have read over the past almost year, one of the comments above wins the pulitzer.

Michael used the Chandlers? ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON?

Please step away from your computer and check yourself into the nearest nuthouse. Where in the hell is your MIND? It's quite obvious you are not using it.


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