Fuck Facebook

Facebook is at it again. You are the target and unless you are careful you will be added by Facebook to whatever pages Facebook feels like; and if you don't opt in to the 'Connected Profiles' your profile will become blank.

The privacy of Facebook has always been an issue since it started in September 2006 due to the Privacy Policy of Facebook:

"We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and Internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services, Facebook Platform developers and other users of Facebook, to supplement your profile."

"We may share your information with third parties, including responsible companies with which we have a relationship."

Basically put Facebook can collect information about you from all over the Internet and add it to your profile. Then Facebook can share (read as sell) your information with third parties (read as advertisers). So your email may get a bit more spam - and depending on user name, location, etc. it may not even be anything you have an interest in.

But both these privacy matters pale into insignificance compared to the latest Facebook controversy.

First, there is the "Like" button which any web designer, blogger, crazy person can put on their website so people can click it to say they liked a certain website; or article from that website. The "Like" button will allow Facebook to keep a record of what a user linked to, providing the company with ever more data about people’s preferences. Facebook, in turn, plans to share that data with Web publishers, so that a magazine Web site, for instance, may be able to show users all the articles that their friends like. So, in theory, if you are a beLIEver and you go and click the "Like" button on a site which has nothing to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death, and it is something you don't want your hoaxie friends to know about, too bad Facebook will know, and share that information.

Secondly there is the "Connected Profiles" which Facebook are forcing on to users. With this option, the text in your Facebook profile section where you list your hometown, education, work and interests, is now being linked to the respective pages on Facebook. So for example, if you live in New York, that's linked directly to a page for New York. If your favorite TV show is "Lost," you'll be linked to that show's page, and so on. Those who choose not to link, though, are informed via a Facebook pop-up box that their Profile page will be left empty.

So if you don't want Facebook to decide what pages you are linked to then your profile will blanked. I don't wish to sound like a conspiracy nut but to me that just seems like some web dictatorship. It would be the same as Facebook saying "If you don't allow us to link to whatever we feel you should be linked to you will no longer exist."

And in my opinion that is just fucked up. I'll decide what groups and pages I am linked to thanks. I don't need Facebook deciding for me. And if I don't want Facebook deciding I shouldn't have a blank profile. Fuck that shit it is pure dictatorship.

So make sure when you are on Facebook you choose your options carefully and READ it before you just click the "OK" button. Before you know it just because you have MJ in your name you will be linked to Justice4MJ's page and maybe even some anti-MJ pages. And all this information will be collected and shared (or sold) to third parties without you knowing. Before long your email is getting more and more spam, and although you are a beLIEver your Facebook profile is linked to the "MJ is DEAD" page somewhere on Facebook.


Legal Notice: All of the privacy concerns about Facebook are well-documented all over the Internet. There is no real conspiracy in all this but choices need to be made carefully so that YOUR information remains YOURS.


anonymous 3 said...

Yep and let's not forget some people have already lost their jobs due to some comments they made in their own private time thinking it would only be read by their friends.....
Ah, George Orwell where are you?? lol
The same practice already existed before Facebook/Netlog etc., people would ask you to fill in all sorts of forms in order for you to receive exactly those items you were really interested in....yeah right. The hunting season never stops as far as humans are concerned..rofl

Anonymous said...

This is why I don't have Facebook and will never have it!

ROFL said...

Aren't you a lil bit paranoid ? lol and he talks about us being nutz for believing in conspiracies ... quelle ironie !!! A l'aide !!!

Anonymous said...

Who needs Facebook?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

ROFL said: "Aren't you a lil bit paranoid ? lol and he talks about us being nutz for believing in conspiracies ... quelle ironie !!! A l'aide !!!"

Well the big difference is this is real. There is proof in the Privacy Policy of Facebook; it doesn't need some retarded symbolism that may or may not be connected to some elite group of bankers to prove it.

So the irony is out of the window because as the post said this is not a conspiracy it is fact. And provable fact is where something stops being a conspiracy and becomes reality.

ROFL said...

The NWO is a fact as well =)

Btw , why on the bander(or whatever the fuck it is) of your blog there is a freemason symbol ? that doesn't make sense ?erm...

I'm sure you believe in the NWO , u just don't want to admit it LOL!haha!

ROFL said...

"And provable fact is where something stops being a conspiracy and becomes reality"

Btw you are mistaken between the word theory and conspiracy , huge difference hahaha ROFL!!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

ROFL said: "The NWO is a fact as well ... why on the bander(or whatever the fuck it is) of your blog there is a freemason symbol ?"

The NWO is not fact. Corrupt governments and cults are fact. Just because a bunch of rich assholes meet each year does not mean they control the world. They only control the people who let them.

As for the Freemason symbol in the blog banner - when it was redesigned, after the original design, the S&M Concentration Camp had already started their Illuminati bullshit. The banner is in it's 3rd incarnation.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Facebook. You're right, for once.

Oh, and for all conspiracy theorists out there, take a bit of time to actually research the Mason's. (And no, not all the anti-mason websites). Read what they stand for. Look into more than what you believe. They don't seem like some sinister group out to destroy humanity to me. Besides, as long as the Mason's have been around, don't you think they could have taken over by now if that is what they wanted?

Peace doggie :D

Anonymous said...

«The NWO is not fact. Corrupt governments and cults are fact. (...) They only control the people who let them.

NWO is not a fact?
Oh, well what about:
Bank (finance) monetary control systems?
CCTV surveillance?
Cloud computing systems/applications?
Google network and specially Google street view?
Databanks for storing DNA information on individuals? And a lot of other DNA issues.
Food patents?
... just to mention a few.

We are all well controlled by technology and soon also unemployed by technology!

Think about it, because it's also REAL!

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to put all of your info into the "about me" section in plain text

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't this Facebook process a good way for collecting materials by the CIA? It is said that the Agency works a lot on social networks. Facebook is the most obvious, the others (MySpace, Twitter) might be slightly more clever....Look at the role played by Twitter in the Green Revolution in Iran....

The States could not intervene in Iran really (partly because Russia stands behind the government of Iran; it's a well known geopolitical game in that region since 19th century; so they initiate a 'color' Revolution in which Twitter had a role to play. Hence, the shutting of Twitter by the Iranian government. And now one knows from where come all the 'colored 'revolution in the world originate by the way). And how social network are part of that game.No wonder!

WhatTheDeuce said...

And this is why I'm not a fan of all this social networking sites. I used to have a Facebook account, but I never posted anything there. I just used it to play Rock Riot, lol.

ROFL said...

Thanks Skeptikos, however you are wasting your time ...
He knows well it is a fact as much as Facebook is didactorship .. They don't want to face the truth .. I know the truth hurts .. aiie aie aie!haha!

anonymous 3 said...

@Skeptikos : there is always that one human who has to enter the inital command .... I should worry more about that one person that about the technology in itself...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3 nowadays the problem is serious because that one (in)human has all the technology to feed his ego. Anyway, the REAL problem is not that one (in)human, but all of us... pls do see a German movie called "Die Welle" |The wave(2008), based on Ron Jones essay “The Third Wave”! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fuck Bank (finance) system and Fuck Wall street too all its Ponzi schemes:

Fuck them all! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/29/labor-leads-thousands-to_n_557426.html#s86304


anonymous 3 said...

Hi Skeptikos,

If each and everyone took his/her own responsibility, there would be no need for this.
Buying things you can't afford is always wrong...patience is a vertue.

This thing is a jagged edge... people nowadays seem to want everything right now and they gamble: they buy a house they can't really afford but if they both keep their jobs and none of the kids get sick, then everything will be OK... and then something happens and next thing you know, they've lost their home. Don't misunderstand me, I feel for them, but you shouldn't leave out their responsibility, they should have built in some sort of security.

Same happens over here : companies file for bankruptcy and entire families have lost their job (mum, dad, oldest son etc.), but if you look closer, the firm in question has been in difficulty for over 2 decades and still, dad works there, so mum joins and ultimately so does the son.

I'm just trying to say people have choices, I've worked for the company in question but looked elsewhere when I found out they were having a difficult time.

There is a whole lot more to it than just finances. You have unions, very strict laws etc. etc. it isn't that simple.

Besides, it always takes 2 to tango. Banks should be more transparent and people should be more alert. Everyone wants to win big, but only a few are willing to pay the price.

If things happen to you they happen to you because you let them. If it's a good thing, that's good, if it's a bad thing...hmmm not so good.

Of course, you always have sharks preying on people who are really desperate and in need and exactly those people will be hit the hardest, either by the banks, by the system, ...

But I think the good majority of people in trouble now could have prevented their troubles by looking a bit further than their noses and by being a bit less greedy.
Nothing comes for nothing, always at a price.
Overall, I think it is too easy to put the blame for whatever goes wrong on the government, banks, institutions etc., because they all exist thanks to people and choices people make every day.

In short, if I burn my ass, I'll just sit on my blisters hoping I'll have learned something out of this...thank God I've lost a couple of pounds..rofl

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous 3, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. See what I mean here: http://financialedge.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0410/The-Goldman-Sachs-Fraud-Explained.aspx

and here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/jun/21/goldman-sachs-bonus-payments

anonymous 3 said...

@Anon 8:12 PM
I've read the articles. Knew about Goldman Sachs and I'm not sure if I get your point.
As long as stocks and bonds have existed, these practises have also existed.
I agree, it shouldn't be happening, people should be more honest etc. etc., but this is pure and simple business. Some things are straight forward as they should be, but unfortunately some things are not with huge repercussions.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the above is nothing new. They try to get these sorts of things under control by installing controlling agencies and then agencies to control the controlling agencies ... lol

But what really gets me are the rating bureaus. These bureaus work independently rating stocks and bonds apparently at leisure with no control or practically no control with equally hugh repercussions ... Think it's about time those bureaus should be controlled adequately.

I really don't care how much money a person makes. However, I can see why a doctor earns more than fi. a mailman because of the higher responsibility and let's not forget all the investments in order to become a doctor. Equally, a good stock broker or finance counsellor are entitled to earn big bucks if they do their job right, because in the end they are responsible of money not belonging to them.

I do agree that in these difficult times, it's really bad, bad PR to pay such huges bonuses when some people are living a nightmare in broad daylight.

And last but not least, let's not forget we are always dealing with humans here and a human is the one variable you can't control...

But as someone (a private banker) once explained to me, the big bosses are sitting behind their desks and have lost touch with the real world, they live in their world of figures and finances without realizing all the time that each decision they make has a huge impact on people's lives....

As I understand it, because of all the scandals lately new rules are to be implemented to ensure that such things won't occur again, or with lesser impact.

Anonymous said...

Well, they want to control notation agencies now cause they've done such a dirty job on Greece and then Portugal.

However, we should be aware there's an economic war going on between the States and the European Union now. Russians have been resisting; China too (depsite Hollywood and the Tibetan mediatic tralala). Now it's time for the European Union to proove it can resist too. And perhaps make a move towards Russia (which is giving gas and has a deeper way of thinking). The whole thing is making Poutine looks friendly not to say Medvedev who is playing it so smart....

Ah! the banner on the Acropolis today calling for rebellion....The Russians are definitely sharp moving!

Anonymous said...

Google Benjamin Fulford - all is being revealed

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Benjamin Fulford. I didn't know about him.

For similar points, Google "RĂ©seau Voltaire" and Thierry Meyssan.

The BDS might only be the surface of a much, much older Triad, I mean the Millenaries old Great Triad.....

Red and Green have always been Taoist colors. See Mao Dze Dong parade.

Anonymous said...

See this: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/05/14/facebook_trust_dumb/ LOL!!! Love it!!

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