Get Over Yourselves

Michael Jackson may never come back. Sad to say but it is true. And why would he? Every fucker is growing a fucking ego over the hoax. Wouldn't be able to see his way back.

Souza & Mo, PianoGames, Maura, MidnightMLK, and TS have all let this hoax go to their heads and inflate their egos beyond belief.

I know some of you will be thinking PianoGames shouldn't be on that list. But yesterday he tweeted something which really just irked me the wrong way. A trailer for a Youtube hoax movie. For fucks sake it isn't the latest Steven Spielberg film being released it is a fucking homemade movie which will be on Youtube. No fucking red carpet, no celebrity premiere - just being uploaded to Youtube. Just get it done and upload the video. Oh and for the record Uri Geller knows shit and has repeatedly said that Michael Jackson is dead on his website.

Souza and Mo are just on some ego trip contacting every fucking place that is guaranteed to screw them over. But within a few weeks they will contact the next rag mag to try and promote themselves - even though they want to remain anonymous. My guess is that Souza and Mo will soon be revealed by the National Enquirer.

Maura for me is just too full of herself. She has some good points and some, that I consider, crazy points. Anyone who disagrees is instantly wrong. People have different opinions - Maura nobody, except Michael, knows anything for sure so at least listen before you dismiss anybody that doesn't agree with you. You are starting to act, and sound, like Souza and Mo. Maybe you spent too much time there.

MidnightMLK. For fucks sake. Why anybody is still following this shit is beyond me. Let me sum up their tweets - Mind Control, I know nothing, I know nothing. Might as well fucking follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter for the same amount of clues.

TS/TIAI. What the fuck is wrong with some of the dumb cunts in this hoax. Most of the TIAI bullshit points to Illuminati involvement. So these alleged all-powerful Illuminati cunts can control the world but not stop TIAI from giving clues? Give me a fucking break.

At present, every believer - myself included, is in the same fucking boat. We all know nothing for sure. We all have theories, we all have ideas, we all have interpretations of clues. But we just don't know for sure. We never will unless Michael makes a come back and sets the record straight.

Doesn't matter if you are fucking Queen Souza, Lord PianoGames, or Overlord TS or anybody else we are all on the same level playing field. Nobody knows more than anyone else - and we may never know the truth; just our own individual theories.


Legal Notice: None required again.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

I saw that tweet from PianoGames last night and thought WTF?!? You've gotta be kidding me, just post your damn video, no one cares about a trailer to it. Also saw your comments on twitter about Conspiracy, funny stuff.

Totally agree about Maura, she has gotten to big for her britches over her 90+ hoax videos. I'm so sick and tired of her acting like she is better than the rest of us and that she is holding some big secret over our heads. GET OVER YOURSELF GIRL! You don't know shit!!!

I'm sure she'll be here soon bitching about the unfair treatment she gets because we all are so jealous of her. Then she'll say that this blog and all the bitching got her more followers on twitter and her forum. *rolls eyes* She's been banned from how many forums cause of her outrageous behavior to those that dare disagree with her. She claims she doesn't care yet she comes back to the forums under different user names and bitches about it on twitter. If she knows Michael and his message so well, then she should know how she treats his fans isn't something that he would agree with.

Iloveyoumore said...

I agree with it all. Amen.

Anonymous said...

This is funny coming from you.

EvaPolly said...

Actually I can't stand hoax videos. All that dramatic music in the background and the words are either coming too slow or too quickly to read them. I just don't have the patience. And usually there is only one sentence that carries some significance in whole 10 minutes of the video. What a waste of time.

TakeMe2Nevrland said...

*Throws a bunch of sunflowers at _MJHDC_ * Does Maura read here? I hope so.. Because I do have something to say.. I was maybe 5 seconds away from keeping my thoughts to myself, until I went back to twitter and saw that Maura was still talking her nonsense. The sad part is I liked Maura all the way until just recently actually. She has gotten out of hand. If you're a little too stressed out with making videos, maybe you should stop. I'm sure everyone could make it without you. Take a break or something. You have been ranting on and on and on about this forum and that forum, and my forums better, and then you diss on this person and that person, oh, right, its because you are better. And you're the one with the info and blah blah blah. Well I don't want your stinkin info. Quite frankly I don't care, I beLIEve all the way deep down inside my heart that Michael is alive, and I do not need your videos. I see with my own eyes that you have been a bully, and acting like you are better than everyone. If you honestly do not care what people on forums or in chats or on twitter or wherever the hell you become a center of drama at, why do you log into twitter and make us all hear about it? Are we supposed to choose sides with you? Are we not supposed to like somebody just because you don't? Because you know there are a lot of people that probably take your word for everything. You my friend, are also not spreading the message we all try to preach. Love? Ha! With friends like that, who needs enemies? You should keep your personal affairs to yourself, if this is indeed all in the name of Michael. Or better yet, ignore them. If you know you are so much better, ignore it, you don't need to prove it. And there we have it, I feel like that has been bugging me for weeks. And that is the last I will talk about that situation.AND... Maura, I did not send you a direct message expressing my feelings, because I didn't want to have you go all psycho crazy on me, and have a bunch of our little family hate me for what I would have said to you. Jessica on twitter, has taken it easy on you, most likely because "What would Michael Do" HAHA lol..but really..after all that stuff I saw you sent her. No way would I have been that easy, nope. Bringing out a "looks" card? Ha what is this? Middle School?

PianoGames is not that way at least. Yes he made a trailor to a hoax video, but that is nothing compared to Ms.Ego. I like Tom, he's very nice and very intelligent. Doesn't come off as cocky and rude at all. :)

Don't really know anything firsthand about Souza and Mo, so cannot comment there :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Doggie! Once again a great post.
Couldn't agree more ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, its all just spaghetti, a tangled mess!

Anonymous said...

You conveniently forgot to add SC to that shitlist.

But then again you always conveniently forget things.

LMAO @ this whole blog..
It's so fucking retarded...
Pages and pages of brainless mumble grumble.
Worse than any tabloid could ever be.
Y'all need some serious conselling. LMFAO!!

WhatTheDeuce said...

Amen. I can't wait for this investigation to be over (whatever the truth turns out to be) so we can all move on with our lives. I am getting SO sick of all the drama, lies and stupidity that surround the hoax. I am tired of the cryptic messages on Twitter, of people pretending to be someone they’re not, of desperate little girls crying for attention and throwing the word “love” around but not really meaning it. I’m sick of the hypocrisy, the false love, and all the disrespect and backstabbing going on. I wish people would stop viewing this as a competition or as a way of boosting their own fucking egos. We are here for MICHAEL JACKSON and MICHAEL JACKSON ONLY. We aren’t here to hear about Sam’s problems, to be bossed around by the Nazi team, or to pay attention to Maura's incomprehensible ramblings. Come the fuck on, people. About the video-makers, I agree with EvaPolly – hoax videos can be very annoying and I have little patience to watch them. Some video-makers actually make some good points, but most of the time they just grasp at straws and focus on the most useless little clues to keep their audience entertained. News flash, folks: THIS IS NO FUCKING GAME. There are PEOPLE with feelings and emotions involved, the main one being the man we all claim to love and admire. You’re acting worse than the tabloids. Wake up and smell the damn coffee.

anonymous 3 said...

I agree, I agree.
Finally some common sense...Thank you, thank you...lol. Thought I was going crazy hitting brick walls all the time, what a relief..
Nobody knows for sure and that is for sure..rofl

Anonymous said...

You are spot on, Doggie! I am an avid hoax believer but the hoax videos are pretty much shit now - from Maura and Tom both. But I have way more respect for Tom than Maura. At least Tom hasn't become a self absorbed, self righteous drama queen who congratulates and promotes himself constantly (yet).

And the other comment is right. Sooner or later, Maura will come on here doing what she does best: bitching and whining. She'll tell us we're all jealous of her and how she can't believe Michael has so many insane fans (gee, I can't either, Maura...), and how we're all in desperate need of attention, yada this, yada that. She is read like a book now and she has no one to thank but herself for that.

So instead of fattening that already fat ass head of hers with pride about her useless, 90+, typo filled, incorrect grammar ridden videos, she should thank herself for becoming the biggest, skankiest, most popular ass hole of the hoax.

She can be proud of all the subscribers she has, but let's face it; they subscribe only to watch the mediocre videos every now and then/get information we can find ourselves...not to be her friend. No one wants a bitchy friend. I'm sure all her hoax friends are indeed just that: HOAX friends. When/if Michael comes back, most will drop her like a big, fat hot potato. In my opinion, she even precedes Souza and Mo.

As for MidnightMLK, I think the one you're talking about is TheTruthOfItAll or some shit like that who used to be the original MidnightMLK. Either way, finding clues into a comeback through Twitter is just bogus.

Anonymous said...

@ TakeMe2Nevrland Well said. You are expressing my thoughts exactly on Maura. She showed exactly how she is to people. Wonder what her little minions thought of that. They need to take notice, cause the same will happen to them if they dare cross her. How she treats Jessica is horrible. Maura claims not to care, yet she is stalking her like crazy.

I've seen it time and time again with Maura. She is forever claiming it's not her, it's everyone else. Yet, the common thing is all her 'fights' with DIFFERENT people is MAURA!! I think she is becoming worse that Smouza.

I haven't nor will I ever watch one of her videos. She could have MJ himself on it telling how he pulled the hoax off and I still wouldn't watch. I don't want to be a part of her ever growing and annoying attitude. It's NOT about you Maura, it's about MICHAEL JACKSON. Like Conspiracy said GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

Anonymous said...

S&M are putting all their eggs in TS's basket. They may end up with those eggs all over their face if MJ doesn't return.
But they will probably say that we were all"lazy" and didn't do our job and that is why MJ couldn't return.

Anonymous said...

Doggie I hope your male, because I think I just fell in love with you..lol.. I have been praying that you would do a post on lietellermaura .. You truly made my day! I hope you decide to do an entire post on her and her attitude. Doggie what is your twitter name? I would like to follow you!

jessicakthx said...

I am glad to see a few have taken notice of the way Maura has treated me. This is not to say that I'm the first (of course) or that I'll be the last (that's a given). I try to stick up for those that have been targeted by her crazy ass vendetta. Her whole drama with me started when I tried to defend Chance from being accused by Maura of fucking death threats. Since when is "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead" a DEATH THREAT? Fucking crazy bitch.

I have not taken the high road with her. I used the fact that she posted the link to my personal website on her twitter against her. I'm damn proud I did, too. If it caused anyone to lose respect for me, oh well.

I don't know why she's playing the "omg ur ugly" card. She claims she started calling me an ogre because I called her a troll. Well hey newsflash dipshit, I wasn't saying you LOOKED like one. I was using her own words ("lol im gunna troll u guyz") so yeah, I'm still pretty confused on that whole thing. She has shown her true colors time and time again by being a total cunt (yeah I went there) to those who merely disagree with her.

I'm sure she's reading this. We know she feeds off seeing her name anywhere - regardless if the attention is good or bad. Sup sweetheart!? I'll say here and now: I never once dogged you on your looks and I still won't. Never called you ugly or anything of the sort. If you think you're gonna gain supporters by having such a ridiculous lack of tact, you have fun with that. There are plenty of things one could insult me for without even going to that level. Silly twat. Get better arguments and then step up to the plate. I may be a disgusting cow, lovely, but at least I don't feel the need to add "cool effects" to all of my photos to hide my appearance. Anyone who feels the need to challenge that one can find me on facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/jessicakthx) Now you can really stop stalking me. I track IPs on my website and can clearly see the number of times you've visited. For someone who is "LIKE SO OVER IT" you sure are fucking obsessed.

Wash your hands clean of yourself baby. You're no Jesus.

The MJ Sisters said...

amen to all of this!
conspiracy, once again you're hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Are we that surprised by Maura's attitude ? I don't think it's newfound, she's been stirring up drama ever since the old MJHD. She also seems deeply intertwined with what I deem to be some sort of creepy Internet predator, I name Mister MediaHypeAgain, the infamous "Chicken" guy that had "contacted" her back when her nickname was orderinanartificialchaos or smth, on the old website. That's who her "source" is and since he's full of crap, I guess the best thing to do is stop treating her like she's holding a gospel and ignore her crazy ventures. Hopefully, she'll realise the stupidity of what she's doing and who she affiliates herself with.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right. I agree with your point of view, except that "f....." expression. And, by the way, not this individuals are guilty but people who believe everything so easily and let them be fooled.
Anyway, it is interesting that by this hoax, you can find Michael all over (press, tv, internet - twitter, my space, face book, you tube, forums etc). It is like he is multiplied by million times. It makes me admire him more.

Anonymous said...

Great! Yes, since Michael Jackson was fond of lonely areas (see Neverland Ranch, Mugalla Castle and others), it is not on Twitter or on any other social networks that he will announce his come back if he ever does. Think he is more enjoying his normal anonymous life to quit it so soon and doing the best to hide his privacy which is quite a job in itself.

Besides reading, enjoying poetry and studying Michel-Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci or Nicolas Poussin techniques and symbolism can take you quite an amount of time. Not to speak about the money involved if he appears again and the shows cancelled, he would be too much busy with attorneys and of that he might have enough, I guess.

As for MediaHypeAgain, he was really good at making a "plagiat" in Michael Jackson's style at the beginning while playing an artistic mystery issue.Someone even thought he was Jermaine.

A new move has taken place however with "phoneynotfakeme" and an alleged diary of what seemed to be Paris.....? MediaHypeAgain was supposed to deliver the "truth" so heavily crushing his shoulders which he has not done yet. Interesting though is that he is well connected to Maura and even advertising her "tiny chat" @maura84 quite a few obsessed times, in need of her for talking as the only clever one on his level. Anyway, both are depending on each other for their playing around. Smile....

Meanwhile, the hoax is just like a still sailing boat on a calm tropical sea with no wind.

Apart from the ambulance going out so slow, a fact which is striking enough, did someone notice the Christmas decoration on both gates? Well, in some European surroundings, it is also a decoration for the dead. Strange near the date of the triumph of light over darkness and the feast of St John the Baptist. Quite odd even when the song "this is it" refers to light.In Free Masonry, there are two important gathering: Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist, both are near the solstices, both refers to the triumph of light over darkness.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the other day that whenever Maura comes into her chat room, serious drama starts. It never fails - negative vibes surface that were not there prior to her arrival. She chases off nice new people that everyone had been enjoying conversing with. And to top it all off, she sounds so uneducated and ignorant when she types or speaks. Her grammar is absolutely atrocious.

Anonymous said...

Here is something real immature for Maura to chew on...
Maura makes fun of people's looks but she is one UGLY beotch!!!!She is scary looking with her black and white photo effects! Also, in chat, she speaks and writes like a retard! She came onto a forum months ago claiming that she got herself into trouble legally looking for answers in the hoax! Anyone remember this from January of this year??
So who is her source?? Surprise! She doesn't have one...They are all clueless, and she is a liar...She is officially crazy, apeshit crazy!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Let's just say Maura ain't cute. Of course she thinks she is hot stuff because of her big knockers. But those can only get you so far! Obviously not in the education world. I believe she once mentioned she was working on her Master's from home. Gee, I wonder what her research papers look like...she must thank God for Word's ability to correct MOST typos. I would hate to know that bitch in person...she's probably getting "educated" from home because she doesn't know how to behave in a real classroom setting. Adult ADHD, anyone? With a hint of bipolar, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder on the side.

Anonymous said...

You know, this is one of the VERY FEW MJ-hoax related articles that I've read in quite a while that ACTUALLY makes sense FOR A VERY REFRESHING CHANGE!!! THANK YOU, whoever you are. This just needed to be said. And I really appreciate the comment by "WhatTheDeuce" here too.
The best thing I like about this website is that it doesn't assume airs & graces of being "in the know" about the whole hoax. I'm SOOOOOOO EFFING S-I-C-K of the attitude issues of these COUNTLESS self-appointed "hoax pundits" around. I mean, GOOD GRIEF-WAKE UP, YOU PASSIVE FOLLOWERS of these people-STOP BEING SO blatantly & embarrassingly "NEEDY" here. I was under the impression that MJ, the God-cum-Angel-cum-Superhero was enough for most of you! But obviously you need "help" to reinforce these ideas of yours further. How on earth did it ALL get to complicated & TWISTED?!?
Here's another interesting site for those of you with an "open mind" (NOT in the context that most people have been using this through out the hoax!) to check out-http://whataboutmj.wordpress.com. After all this time (& the CRAZY stuff that we've personally been through together especially!), the general gist of ideas expressed by this website makes a whole LOT more sense than those that have surrounded "the hoax".
Here's wishing that we ALL find it within ourselves to draw the line SOMEWHERE. It REALLY has to be done SOMETIME, you know. Even with or without "the answers" that we seek. You ALL have lives of your own to live & "great adventures" of your own to make too (even if they don't measure up on the MJ comparison scale chart!) Good luck!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

One thing that pisses me the fuck off about that ugly bitch Maura is that she will write shit like this on twitter: yada yada illuminati...you people are not ready. Bitch, please! I don't care what ya'll think but I do believe in the illuminati and bitch, I've been ready for that shit long before you even heard of it. Fucking bitch, thinking you know it all when you don't know shit. What's new to you is old for me, so tell me something I don't know.

Anonymous said...

They all have one thing in common: to be quite boring. Maura's giggling each two words, no more please.

In fact, there's no new ideas, nothing, everything has been said and they are all macerating in the same soup.

Something new in June? You got to be kidding! Nothing will ever happen. If one thing, Michael is not a fool and peace has no price.

Anonymous said...

Agree with everything you said about Maura.

Regarding PianoGames I think he's nice and makes some good points in his videos, I don't think he should be bashed though

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Maura was a self-obsessed cunt She left the hoax about a month ago...lol yay!

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