A Letter To Souza

Below is an open letter to Souza. Basically saying that the shit she got herself in with the Sun was her own fault. If she wants to reply she can.

Dear Souza,

So the S&M Concentration Camp made it to the Sun newspaper, and now you are bitching on your website that the Sun did not print what they said they were going to print.

Big fucking deal. Karma is a bitch sometimes that comes and bites you in the ass just for the hell of it.

In the first reply to Jenna Sloan, of the Sun, you told Jenna "Members call your paper 'tabloid trash'."

So why not listen to your members who may have actually read the paper to know it is tabloid trash? Failure to listen to advice from your own members got you in this fucking shit hole - too bad, suck it up, and next time listen to your members for a start. Does their opinion mean so little to you?

Then you give Jenna 3 links to look at. Debunking Wacko Jacko For once And For All, Mike - Victim Of Illuminati Mind Control, and V For Vendetta V For Vengeance. Why? If in your race for fame, you had bothered to check the term "Wacko Jacko" was first used by the National Enquirer and then the Sun newspaper. Which should of told you what sort of newspaper you were dealing with. Research would have paid off.

Why those three topics? Why not mention the ambulance picture, Jermaine slipping up and saying "airport", some of the legal issues? These would have been mainstream hoax topics that almost all hoaxers agree with. The Illuminati is very much restricted in the audience of the general public - due to the fact that the Illuminati and government control are in the realms of the conspiracy theorists. This article was supposed to be about Michael Jackson being Dave Dave, and thus faking his death. It was a chance to promote that idea and not the New World Order.

When Jenna replied to this and she said "I guarantee your words will not be twisted or changed." why on earth did you fucking believe her? You can trust someone from a tabloid trash newspaper but not your own members? All you had to do was read the policy over at the Sun website to know she could change anything she wanted. It clearly states:

11.1 By displaying, emailing, publishing or submitting for display or publication ("posting") any Content on or through the Website or the Services, you hereby grant to Provider a Worldwide sub-licensable, perpetual, transferable, non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use in any way whatsoever including but not limited to, public performance, public display, publishing, reproduction, broadcasting, amendment or modification of Content, transmission and distribution of Content on and through the Website, the Services and/or any newspaper or other publication published by Provider in its different present and future forms for example newsprint, Braille, talking book, electronic databases, e-paper, website or any other facsimile or derivative versions in any medium.

Yet again your need for fame stopped you from checking out the facts.

So the mess you now find yourself in is your own fault. You created by being too eager to have some link in a fucking trashy tabloid. Grow up. You made the mistake you have to live with it. Don't expect your members to feel sorry for you because you were so eager to jump into the limelight you didn't bother to check on what your members had already told you; and yet for the fame you were so willing to believe someone from a tabloid your own members had said was trash you fell for Jenna Sloan's lies.

What about doing the things you do for the right reason - to find the truth?



Legal Notice: None required for a change.


Angie The F 777 said...

Geez, LOL, what happened?xDDD

Anonymous said...


Anna.K said...


WhatTheDeuce said...

Conspiracy said: "Don't expect your members to feel sorry for you because you were so eager to jump into the limelight you didn't bother to check on what your members had already told you"

Ditto. This is one of those moments where I just wish I could reach through my computer screen and slap some sense into those fucked-up bitches.

*major sigh*

WhatTheDeuce said...

I also can't believe the members are praising Souza and Mo, when they clearly ignored their opinion on the "news"paper. I'm just having a really hard time believing people can be THAT blind and stupid.

Have they ever stopped to think that there's a very real possibility that Michael is indeed dead, and that they could be spreading false rumors, JUST LIKE THE TABLOIDS they claim to hate (yet run to them for exposure)?!

And even if we're right and Michael is alive; don't they think that their theories could be wrong? Probably not, since they have their heads so high up their fat lesbian asses they can't see how insane those theories are. Did they stop to think about Dave Dave's reaction to this article? Shit, I would absolutely L.O.V.E. it if Dave Dave sued those nuts.

FUCK YOU, Smouza.

skeptikos said...

OMG! You (Conspiracy and WhatTheDeuce) are absolutely right! This crap even reached Portugal, look here: http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/musica/michael-jackson-dave-dave/1161827-4060.html

Irresponsible bunch of nuts desperately seeking for their 15 minutes of fame!
Yeah, Warhol was right when he said that "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"... even for the worst reasons (I add).

Anonymous said...

They are obviously doing this for the fame; if it was just for the hoax they wouldn't make sure it was noted that the site had " a million hits a day"..which is ridiculous..the old MJHD in it's heyday had a million hits in a MONTH. They want to meet Michael if this is a hoax and take the credit; meanwhile I doubt Michael would give them the time of day. There are plenty of great hoaxers that aren't going to the tabloids that MJ would respect more.

Anonymous said...

Maura would do the same.. publicity whore.. she would run to the sun as fast as her stubby fucking legs would carry her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is becoming very obvious who the attention seekers are versus the genuine ones. Of course the nice ones get crapped on but that is what we have doggie here for to defend them! LOL

Anonymous said...

Who fuckin cares anyway? Lmao!!
What a crock of utter shite....
All of it.
All you idiots are in the same boat.
Always have been, always will be.

Who's fuckin business is it anyway?
If he's still alive, leave him alone.
If he's dead... well....
He's dead then, right? LMAO! Idiots.....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..the two non-fans got screwed by a tabloid..I am so crying right now..okay, I'm over it. When will they ever learn to just shut up! Their idiotic theories like "Mike the twin" (which was a real winner btw) and too many other asinine theories to even give credence to make them look as ridiculous, stupid, and doltish as the village idiots they probably are.

Anonymous said...


anonymous 3 said...

And to think those double dutchies were the ones who started complaining about privacy and slander etc. etc. .... bwahaha
Nearly every member though on their forum still thinks they're the biggest thing since the invention of the wheel and the ones who dare to disagree, very mildy, are swiftly pulled back to their reality....pff
I'm sure it will backfire....

Anonymous said...

Souza and Mo win the POT!
They are formal known as the retarded duo of the hoax guild -- they can start their own conspiracy order: The Dull-Uminati.

Doggie please help! Find a funny meaningful name for their order.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the SUN for making those 2 look like the jack asses they really are! LMFAO!

Reflection said...

What's the story behind Jermaine and "airport"?

I always think of the interview Jermaine gave where he said of Michael that he "reads" a lot of books, among other things.



Reflection said...

"while he's alive..."

and then...

"while he's dead..." (at 17:20 on the Al arabiya site)

Also in the same interview. Was it just a slip-up? I don't know but it bothers me.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha the dumb dutchies finally got what they deserved. Their hunger of fame came and bit them in their fat asses, and the funniest thing is that they believed they were selling their stupid illuminati crap to the sun. They asked them one question and they retort shouting illuminatti and NWO crap, it's just like their idiotic forum, but the sun people apparently is not mentally retarded like their followers.

And a million hits a day???? hahaha not even in her wildest and wetest dreams!! And of course MJ would be very proud that the people that claim were "chosen to tell his truth" start selling everything to the first tabloid trash they could see.

MissC said...

I don't have much to add. You said it all, and oh how well you did. Karma is a bitch. It's about time the members realize these two are there for the attention and nothing else. If this doesn't open their eyes, then hell, I don't know what will.

Anonymous said...

"The Dull-Uminati"


Anonymous said...

This is it. It's all collapsing!

ROFL said...


Please read.

Anonymous said...

S&M have been attention seekers since the original MJHD. This is nothing new. At first I thought they were entertaining & a little left field, but shortly after I realized they just like to fuck with people to see how many will actually buy into their BS. I wrote them off long ago & everyone else should too. I mean really....between the dog autopsy theory, illuminati crap, and their general "better than thou" attitude...the bull shit is really thick in their forum! So thick that most members are left in the dark.

Anonymous said...

ROFL said...


Please read.

by ~Souza~ » Wed May 12, 2010 3:05 pm
Some people are a bit angry that we cooperated with The Sun. That is understandable, especially after what they published compared to the info they were given, but on the other hand it's maybe not that bad, let me explain why.

The article The Sun published is crap. We provided her with other and more information than she used. She only took a few words from the 500 something we gave her, and she even mis reported that. The Sun contacted us, we didn't contact them. That means she was already aware of this hoax and the website. We knew that already because The Sun had two articles about Mike possibly being still alive already. This website is public, everyone can read it and tabloids don't need us to make an article. So even if we wouldn't have cooperated, she would have made an article herself. She wouldn't have our quotes, yet the quotes she used were not important. But she still would have made the article and we couldn't have published how she decieved us and she would probably not have linked to the website. I think she only contacted us because she wanted to do the article about Dave and hoped we had his contact info. Another thing that crossed my mind is that someone tipped her, because why now all of the sudden contact us? She didn't contact us for the other two articles, so maybe it was meant to go worldwide now.

Fact is that we now can show she twisted the story. In the Dutch and Belgian media they reported how she screwed us and even posted the link to the e-mail correspondence.

Another fact is that we have 32,500 extra UNIQUE visitors a day on the website, apart from the 3,500 before the article. It's not that we gain from this, it only costs money since we have no Google ads on the site. But people are reading. Most of the people probably didn't even know this could be a hoax and might even have still thought that he was guilty for molesting the two boys. Those 32,500 people a day can now read he was innocent, remember that the trial blog proves he is, so do the FBI files. They can also read why he does this, what is behind it.

The media all over the world is now reading the website. What I really hope is that they will scratch themselves behind the ears and publish something good for a change. They now know that if they don't, they will get their own page like The Sun and The Panorama, and thanks to the Sun, that will be read as well and reported by their colleagues.

It's like the Jacksons said: Jackson fans are an Army of L.O.V.E., the media should take notice. They did and now we can only hope that some will actually do their homework and publish something that is actually true. The Sun is controlled media, we can't expect much from them, but not al media is.

And as for Mike: he hoaxed his death and left clues along the way. He knows that if we can see it, the media can see it and that this was bound to happen one day. I am sure he and Dave were prepared for this. If media coverage of the hoax would be dangerous, he wouldn't have done it this way. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

They can try and justify it all they want, point is they CHOSE to CO-OPERATE WITH A TABLOID. They could have said NO!! I can't care about emails between them and Jenna, I don't care if they got screwed and were misquote. All I care about is the fact that they agreed to do an article that would be published in The Sun. It was just plain wrong to agree to do any type of story in a TABLOID.

I don't care what those two morons say, it wasn't about getting the hoax out there. It was about getting their names in print once again. If the hoax was the main concern, then why not use something that makes us look less crazy like the fake ambo pic, all the inconsistencies, something other than what they used. Of course, Jenna was going to use the Dave Dave theory, hell that was already a tabloid story in the making and right up The Sun's alley in making Michael look bizarre ONCE AGAIN.

Nothing these two say will EVER justify what they did. I'm also sick and tired of them appointing themselves to be the official spokesman for the hoax. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT ME OR WHAT I THINK!! NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL!!!

Stop praising them people, they had to have some clue that their words would get twisted and that the Dave Dave theory would backfire. All they did was give the world something else to look down on Michael and the fans for.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the Sun could find a way to contact Dave Dave without contacting them.

And remember, we BELIEVE MJ is alive. We have a lot of things that add up to a theory that could be wrong. We need to stop stating this like a fact.

Anonymous said...

Yes poor Smouza, my heart bleeds for them.
What about Dave Dave? Think of what he must be dealing with now that these two brought this story to a tabloid's attention. Don't give me that shit about Dave Dave knowing what he got into and blah, blah, blah. There is no actual proof that Michael was Dave Dave on LKL. It's a THEORY. Unless you know Dave Dave personally, there is no way you can say without a doubt how he is dealing with this or that he was prepared to deal with this.

Thanks Smouza for giving The Sun something to male even more fun of Michael. You even managed to drag your fellow hoaxers into it and a man who we have no way of knowing for sure is in on the hoax. Great job you two....not!

WhatTheDeuce said...

Anonymous 8:44 PM said: "And remember, we BELIEVE MJ is alive. We have a lot of things that add up to a theory that could be wrong. We need to stop stating this like a fact."

Exactly! No matter how "sure" one might feel about Michael's death being a hoax, NO ONE KNOWS 100% that he is. That's why I always feared these theories would end up in the media. What if he's really dead? Besides, Michael taught us not to trust the media, ESPECIALLY the trashloids... How could those two even agree to share information with the Sun? Oh wait, I know why: they just wanted the attention. *rolls eyes*

Once again people are using Michael for their own gain. People who CLAIM they're speaking in Michael's name, when they "couldn't give a rat's ass" about him. It infuriates me.

PS: @ Skepticos - só podia ser na TVI, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it was Ruthy (tis_ruthy) who tipped them off. so she'll never admit it... lmao! I'm sure it was her. Crazy ass psycho stalker, totally obsessed with DaveDave, loving and hating him at the same time. And now this...
guess it's what one does when not an active member off the hoax ciommunity any longer. Due to anger management problems and general frustration in one's personal life.
Way to go... what a cunt.....

Anonymous said...

Too bad, the ones who thought that at least a vote asking to the members if was a good idea to use The Sun, plus asking Badkolo to show some respect to members has been the reason for me to be banned. I have been a member since June and since then I rwote 300 posts, most of them funny.
This time I decided ask for some respect and got banned.

I have been spammed by a creepy one whoever IT is, named Badkolo: here the transcription:

Situation: a member is upset because of the choice of accepting The Sun, who named Jacko wacko to Michael, and Badkolo answers to her in a disrespectful manner.

My replie in that thread to Badkolo:
How do you dare talking like that to members? show some respect.

My post is deleted and I find a creepy message from Badkolo in my inbox:
"do you know who you are talking to, i suggest you watch your words closely.

I don´t know if I should take it as a treat or as the game of some weird asocial person hiding behind a pc, but it´s creepy as hell.

Mean time I am happy my IP is not the one they think I have.

I was a former member of the forum since June, even If I was not an avid reader of it.

Too bad little Badkolo the creep felt hurt for my question of showing some respect to the people of the forum.


anonymous 3 said...

@Gem : judging by his avatar, I think he's reading way too much Stephen King ....
Read the thread and you're right in saying the member never got a straight answer.
Well, that's their usual politics ... ask a difficult question and they'll come up with all sorts of excuses in the idle hope you'll forget what you asked...bwahaha.
They really treat their members as if they were all idiots who can't read or think for themselves....

Anonymous said...

@WhatTheDeuce said at 2:27pm...thanks Deuce!

I was always comfortable with not being accepted by mainstream and I think it is good to listen to people who believe he is dead and have them question us. It only forces me to think about why I am a hoaxer. And if evidence points to his death, so be it. Hoaxers act like it is an insult to say someone is dead. Dead is a state of being and lot of people are dead.

You know what they call a group of people that do not question what they are told to think or do-a cult.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that I doubt they cared ever for Michael´s message.
Instead, the forum is full of illuminaty conspiracies and theories that has nothing to do with Michael.

Concerning Mchael, that forum is made of theories from members who:
-Have been banned (great!members working on theories and others taking credit for it)
-Have been in MHJD since June and transferred to the actual one.
-Have been not coming back for obvious reasons.

For all of the above exposed, it felt funny the tone Badkolo use towards some members and even funnier the acceptance of the administrators supporting that behaviour.

I thought I was reading sites runned by mature responsable SERIOUS people, not runned by a bunch of (Censored)


anonymous 3 said...

featuring Badkolo....roflmao
Nice isn't it, at least his avatar is getting also 5 min of fame....bwahaha
Serves them right, those idiots of double dutchies.
Souza reacted really strongly on MJHD.net when a member suggested they got money out of it. She strongly denied...all of a sudden she appeared like a deus ex machina to categorically deny they got one penny out of the article....hmm makes you wonder, doesn't it? The more someone denies something the more it is likely to be true...

Anonymous said...

Gem, you were a seriously whiney little bitch on that thread and now yer a whiney little bitch here. Badkolo told you to cut out your childish, abusive, lunatic behavior and you didn't like it because he didn't give u flowers at the end.

Geezus, like any Admin is going to sit there and let you foam at the mouth while trashing them and trashing their forum over n over on a thread. Yeah right.

To the rest of u haters, don't like it? Go buy yer own forum, problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Another sunny day. Souza wakes up, turns her laptop on and types mjhdconspiracy address in her browser. - Oh, my Illuminati God. Nothing new about us! She wakes up Mo and Badkolo and they make a brainstorming session. Mo: Guys, this is serious. We must do something to force MJHDC to write about us. Badkolo: But what? Souza: I know! Let's call all the tabloids and tell them we will pay them for publishing some of our bs.
Few hours later:
Mo: What are your results?
Souza: I called 30 tabloids but they said they are not interested.
Badkolo: The Sun said it may publish a few sentences in UFO section - but it wil cost us 200$.
Souza: Oh, no... We don't have that much... MJHDC is no longer writing about us, we no longer have readers...
Mo: We must invest. This is our future! Let's borrow some money from Amy. When the Sun publishes our article - it will pay back - as we shall post a good explanation on our forum and we will have more clicks! If this won't work out - we could prove The Sun is indeed Tabloid Trash!
Souza: Yes! Let's do it!!!

Few days later:
"Since The Sun has the world wide reputation of being “Tabloid Trash” we wrote her that we were willing to cooperate, but on certain conditions. We remembered what the reporter of the Italian magazine Panorama did, so we included the link to the piece we wrote about Panorama on our website as a warning in the email we sent Jenna Sloan.
We decided to cooperate because:
1. The Sun is read by a huge audience, and has a daily circulation of 3.5 million newspapers, so the hoax would get world wide attention.
2. In case The Sun would screw up and Jenna S. would not live up to her promises, we could prove The Sun is indeed Tabloid Trash."

The rest is already known to you....

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