Elizabeth Taylor Issues A Challenge

Speaking exclusively, today, Elizabeth Taylor issued a challenge to Arnie Klein and Jason Pfeiffer. Elizabeth said: "I'm tired of these two faggots disrespecting Michael. If they wanted an enemy they have got one. But I'm not just going to find these two on the street and set them straight; I want to meet either of them in the ring."

Elizabeth Taylor announced to a press conference that she is willing to meet either Arnie Klein or Jason Pfeiffer in the boxing ring with the loser donating $1,000,000 to the winner's choice of charity.

Don King, boxing promoter, and long time friend of Elizabeth said: "Oh my god these two better watch out. A lot of people know Liz from her movies but what most don't know is that back in the day she used to box. I said back in the 70s that if she wanted to go pro I'd make her the women's champion within two years. These two clowns better watch out she has one hell of a mean right hook."

Elizabeth Taylor continued: "I don't agree with these two people. People have the choice to follow whatever sexuality that they want but when you disrespect someone else you cross the line."

Reed Richards, spokesman for BetUS.com, said: "News of this challenge spread through the betting community like wildfire. BetUS took a look at the challengers and to be honest it is looking like a one horse race. Arnie and Jason don't stand a chance. Elizabeth has the backing of Don King; and with that sort of backing the safe money is on Elizabeth knocking either opponent out."

A statement issued by Arnie Klein reads: "This is a very strange challenge. I have always admired Elizabeth but she has gone too far this time. If she thinks that either me or Jason will not face her in the ring she is right. I got a call last night about this and me and Jason have been up all night worrying. We get death threats already as it is last thing we need is to be beaten up by a woman in the ring."

Jermaine Jackson, speaking about the challenge, said: "Fuck Arnie Klein; this wouldn't be the first time that evil, ugly, fuck has been beaten about the ring if you know what I mean."

Arnie Klein has not answered as of yet whether he will, or will not, accept the challenge.

Elizabeth Taylor (circa 1971)


Legal Notice: Elizabeth Taylor, Jermaine Jackson, Don King, BetUS.com, or the two faggots had anything to do with this post. This post is merely satire although the odds for Arnie Klein or Jason Pfeiffer winning such a match stand at approximately 10000000000000000000000000:1


Anonymous said...

It's all funny but the disclaimer is the icing on the cake. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cleopatra in action! Watch. Better be careful!!!

Anonymous said...

Well , I find quite strange that, in his answer to Dame Elizabeth, Arnie Klein is blessing Michael too. Isn't that weird to bless someone living and someone who is supposed to be dead at the same time, in the same sentence? Is that a hint for pointing out that Michael Jackson is alive and a kind of warning to remain quiet? Just wondering....

Anonymous said...


This is a good example for abysmal stupidity!
I hate allegations like that one.

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