Was TS Too Busy?

For a while TS/TIAI stopped with the redirects ...

OK. Let us stop there. They are not really redirects they are adverts for MJDHI. Redirects would actually point to other places; but TIAI is reduced to merely pointing at MJDHI. They even pointed to the 'backup forum' of MJKit while MJDHI was down.

Anyway back to the redirects/adverts and when and why they stopped. The TS/TIAI redirects stopped just as @TheIllusion777 got busy on Twitter.

For those who are unaware @TheIllusion777 claimed to be an Assistant Sound Engineer on the Invincible album; and also claimed that July 13th was Bamsday. Oh and the important bit - they were in contact with Michael Jackson.

Well @TheIllusion777 made an appearance on Twitter around mid-February. And as @TheIllusion777 gets busy TS/TIA stops redirects on May 1. Then @TheIllusion777 leaves Twitter on June 19; and lo and behold TS/TIAI starts with the MJDHI redirects/adverts on June 23.

Some may say this is mere coincidence. But really what are the chances of one cryptic asshole taking a break just as the popularity of another cryptic asshole gets too demanding? And then as soon as one is done, and deletes their Twitter account, the original cryptic asshole returns.

Now before you all sit there and think "Ah I see Doggy is bitching about MJDHI again" there are a few other things to look at.

TheIllusion777 has said a couple of weird things which should raise warning flags with all; which were caught and reproduced on MJHD.NET by memberSerenitys_Dream:

"2. In TIAI Updates, they always have a date hidden in the section numbers (1-18, 2-5, 3-9, etc). In Update 6.5, it had 11 sections (which makes 6.5-11 or 6/5/11). This again points to something on this date (or in The Summer)."

"I started posting THE DAY BEFORE Kenny Ortega testified about how MJ said “The Illusion was going to begin June 25th.” Furthermore, I created this email back in 2005! and as you notice, the name this email is under is Tim Story (TS). How could I possibly know ANYTHING about TS or the hoax BEFORE 2009? No, I am not saying I am TS….but isn’t it weird how I created this email BEFORE 6/25/2009? and the fact that I started posting the day BEFORE Kenny mentioned THE ILLUSION?"

So the Assistant Sound Engineer who is supposedly helping Michael Jackson with the hoax is spending his time reading the TIAI updates? Maybe why Bamsday may never happen - the ability to find good help is just so limited.

Tim Story? More like Jackanory. Fucking hell - I have an email account that is registered with the name Michael Jackson. This was done back in 2002. But hey I'm not Michael Jackson; and guess what it is not a sign of any type. It is just a name for an email address. I actually have a friend in London who was born Michael Jackson back in 1969 and I just threw his name in. And for anyone thinking that may be a clue his middle name is actually Nigel - not sure what his parents were thinking.

Then over at TheIllusion777 Wordpress blog there are some more odd statements made:

"As you all know, I deleted my Twitter account. It was not because I was a fake. It is because people were spreading malicious lies about me ... The main reason was the people that were spreading malicious lies and rumors about me. For the last time, I am NOT SOUZA. I am not associated with her and, quite frankly, I disagree with a lot of what she says. But that’s not to say that all of what she says is false. Some of it is true."

Now I read the complete list of @TheIllusion777's tweets and in all honesty some of the things said were worse than being called Souza - so why mention that bit? Was it the fact that people questioning the fact were too close?

"“Connecting the DOTS” Post #1"" and "“Connecting the DOTS” Post #2" used as titles - not very original seems TS had already done that one. Oh wait it is TS who is Souza.

"First, LMP said that Michael thought he’d end up like Elvis. As we can see by Eliza’s court case, there is ACTUAL DNA EVIDENCE that Elvis faked his death! So, what they are saying here is that Michael thought he would end up faking his death (eventually)…just like Elvis!" Now where have we seen a Michael Jackson/Elvis connection before?

And if you go through all of TheIllusion777's posts you'll see the same bullshit numerology used by TS.

I'm not saying 100% it is definite but with that little bit of looking deeper it does appear that Souza, TS, and TheIllusion777 are one and the same and just fucking with fans, and believers alike, in some twisted fucked up game.

No Love.


Anonymous said...

wow, I am splitting my pant seams from laughing so hard. It seems that those "accounts/names" do have lots in common - same person, but a 'sybil-like' personality. Message to Souza: get help gurl!

Anonymous said...

oh man, yeah I head suspicions about that all along, glad you brought it up, I enjoy your observations and thorough thinking. keep up the great work! so now the question is who are the fake informers and who are the real informers? for me personally i am going w/Back/Front. what do u think? and dont tell me you are Souza too LOL!!!! just kidding ;-)

Serenity Dreams said...

Hey Doggie!
I also wrote a blog about this theillusion777, on June 21, 2011, because there are even more discrepancies in his story.

He tweeted that he was a teenager in the "Dangerous" era (1991). Then claims he is 29 now which would mean he was actually 8-9 in 1991.

Claims he worked on several songs including "Threatened" & "Break of Dawn" in 2001, at the age of 19( and he stated that he is white so he isn't Rodney Jerkins as some "hoaxers" sugges). All the songs on "Invincible" were recorded between 1997- 2001. But...

Threatened - recorded in 2000 (Rodney Jerkins)

Break of Dawn - recorded in 1998 (Dr. Freeze & CJ deVillar)

In 1998, if theillusion777 is 29 now, he would've been about 16 years old...

So who lies about this Dr. Freeze, Rodney Jerkins & CJ deVillar in published interviews or this anonymous person, theillusion777!

I am good at math too...lol

asia said...

I figured that souza the whole time!!

who did she think she was fooling.

Anonymous said...

Of course TS is Souza. The forum breaks down when TS posts because she logs from 2 browsers lol. Then sometimes she forgets to hide her google country from pictures and shorten links but she always finds a good explanation like : I helped TS and the website was down while doing this because he couldn't post and I had to help him. I didn't know she is that stupid that she doesn't manage to post without breaking the forum. I mean, no, I lie. I knew she was. Does this woman work or something? She has a lot of time in her hands for her multiple personalities. And Bec, lol. That's another frustrated who calls herself a woman. Poor parents. I think Souza and Bec are perfect for each other. Living on a forum 24/24 counting numbers , and supporting each other in screwing people's minds. What normal person hangs on that forum more than a few days really? As soon as you start talking you are told how uneducated you are and how ignorant , how dare you tell us your opinion. LOl. But first you are received with love and blessing in their family. I'm telling you. Sickos.

Anonymous said...

I just came upon this post again. Souza has been MIA again. Is there another fake "informer" on the rise on Twitter? (I haven't been on there lately.) How about that _MichaelJackson account that is tweeting to Paris? Also...is the Paris account in fact real?

Admin said...

The Paris Jackson account is verified now. But some of the tweets appear to be someone other than Paris tweeting them. @ParisJackson is the verified one.

As for Souza being another informer. Anything is possible. I mean a quick look at her 'member' IP addresses says the admin logs more than a few accounts in. Unless Souza wants to put that down to her friends coming round and using her computer - LOL.

Anonymous said...

Just like guests viewing private messages, viewing moderator control panel and viewing admin control panel. Things "normal" guests shouldn't be able to do.

Anonymous said...

Souza also has a double...........I have a screenshot of two logged-in Souza's.. LMAO.


Anonymous said...

@K....now that is hilarious! That must be why she no longer allows people to "view who's online". How long ago was that?

Have you seen the latest drama over there? TS/Souza made a mistake by "redirecting" too soon. So they are all scrambling for "damage control". Bec is claiming "confusion". Then other people (probably the various accounts of the gang) back up their story. I know the times were changed to back up their story. Is it possible to manually change the times that people made posts on a forum? Or am I just overly suspicious?


Anonymous said...

Don't be ignorant. TS is NOT Souza. Anyone with a half-witted brain who can read can clearly see that.

Anonymous said...

The redirect has been cleared up. If you can read.

Anonymous said...

The redirect was cleared up once everyone "got their story straight." These people think we're stupid. TS is SO Souza! So glad Souza and bec are frequent posters on your forum!


Me said...

Lol. You're trying too much, Souza. Just leave it like that. You'll vanish with 2012!

Anonymous said...

well she might vanish with 2012...but MJ will appear! yay!!! after all, that's why everyone, including yes you, obsess and continuously write about it, right? you are waiting too, admit it :))))

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