Back in the nineties Snow sang Informer. If only he had known about the Michael Jackson death hoax that was going to happen in 2009 he would of made it Informers; and had the Michael Jackson hoax death anthem.

Yet another crazy, unstable, person has made it on the scene to say when Michael will be back. But this one came out of the closet dressed in their Grandma's clothes attacking Twitter user @TheIllusion777; yet another informer.

The newest of informers, at the time of writing as it seems a new one arrives almost hourly, is a Twitter user going under the ID of @TheMJInformer.

As if the hoax hasn't had enough to contend with - with the Michael Jackson fans fighting amongst each other - now the so-called informers are going to start vying to be the most trusted informer.

But before following one of these crack addicts think about this one question. If Michael Jackson hoaxed his death on International television would he want some unknown, random, Twitter account to announce the comeback of all time?

And for those that care - @TheIllusion says the return will be July 13, 2011; Although they have already tweeted that it may not happen and just merely join the other canceled Bamsdays. @TheMJInformer has not set a date; but they have only been on Twitter for a short time so give them chance and I'm sure they will be plucking dates out of their ass like the rest of the informers that have come and gone.


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Anonymous said...

Well there you go; I honestly thought TheIllusion777 was one of your aliases!!
What a disillusion!! Muaaaaa

Dea Carvalho said...

That @TheMJInformer is a new one for me! I LMAO at his bio: "MJ has chosen me to tell you when BAMSDAY will be."

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