Britney Spears And The Death Hoax

Britney Spears released a new video called " I Wanna Go" which is an attack on the paparazzi. And in particular some of the dumb questions that they ask. Something to do with whether Ms Spears likes puppies. Don't ask it makes no sense really. Everyone loves dogs!

Towards the end of the video Britney pays homage to Michael Jackson with a take on the Thriller video. Where some guy comes in and rescues Britney form the paparazzi; and as they walk away he looks back and his eyes light up and a laugh his heard. OK it is not on par with Vincent Price by any means but it is obvious it was inspired by the end of the Thriller video; where Michael Jackson looks back and has yellow eyes and Vincent Price laughs.

The videos official release date is today, June 22, 2011, just in time for consideration for the MTV video awards; and 3 days before the anniversary of Michael Jackson's supposed death.

And for those needing more evidence that is definitely a clue of massive proportions; read the TIME magazine review which states at the very end:

"... but don't read too much into it until you see the live performance."

Very reminiscent of Michael's almost immortal quote of:

"Just because you read it in a magazine Or see it on the TV screen Don't make it factual."

All the pieces are coming together; Bamsday is just around the corner.

No Love

Legal Notice: This post is pure satire. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any death hoax. It is merely pointing out that a 'clue' can be grabbed out of thin air if you want to believe.


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