Back And Barking

Four months have passed. What the fuck changed? Absolutely nothing. Well that is not entirely true. There are more fake Michael Jackson accounts on Twitter - who will turn out to be some cross-dresser masturbating to Perez Hilton pictures. The fake informers has risen by by at least two. We have @TheIllusion777 and @TheMJInformer; so that is two brain cells being wasted. Why don't they just fuck off and die a slow painful death somewhere?

MJ: Remember June 25, 2009 and how the whole international media covered the beginning of the hoax?
TheIllusion777: Yeah I do.
MJ: Well I want you to announce my return on Twitter.
TheIllusion777: Really?
MJ: Sure. We'll call it the anti-climax of the hoax. Not Bamsday but FartDay.
TheIllusion777: Yeah. I'll do it.

Fuck off. Lying cunt can crawl back under their little rock.

So to all the beLIEvers waiting for some big return of Michael Jackson. Take a look around. Fakes, Nazis, and more informers than the FBI. Think Michael would want to return to this shit? Would he fuck. He's sitting somewhere shaking his head and crying into his coffee at the mess the hoax has become.

So when July 13th comes and goes you still going to believe @TheIllusion777; who is already making up bullshit excuses that it might not happen? You going to believe some fucking freaky looking mask calling themselves @TheMJInformer? If so book yourself in to some fucking mental home and prepare for a long, long, stay.

Think. Would a megastar like Michael Jackson fake his own death in front of the international media and then allow some cross-dresser, in their mother's basement, to announce it on Twitter? In the almost immortal words of Macaulay Culkin, in Home Alone, "I don't think so."

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