Reality Check

I'm sorry to keep harping on about informers, well actually I'm not but it sounded a good start, and how fucking lame they all are. But for some reason people keep believing the fucked up bullshit they keep spewing forth.

I don't really care what anyone investigating this hoax think. Each to their own and all that happy tree-hugging horse shit.

But really? How many informers are there? It would seem that anyone who knew, or met, Michael Jackson in the last 20 years has been given the task to announce his comeback. And not to the media but on Twitter, Facebook, and shitty forums. Nice to see even informers cannot be fucking bothered with MySpace.

Which is all well and good for those needing a swift kick in the believing department. But is it more harm than good?

A boy sits and watches the sheep. He gets bored so he shouts "Wolf!". The people from the village come running but there is no wolf. The next night the same thing. The third night a wolf really does turn up; and once again the boy shouts "Wolf!". The people from the village do not believe him, thinking it to be yet another joke, and the boy dies a gruesome death; being eaten by the wolf.

There have been so many supposed informers that if a real informer turned up he or she would be considered nothing more than a charlatan like all the rest.

And if you look at the supposed informers you can tell they have absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson. He had a simple message of 'love' supposedly; but his informers will be cryptic, somewhat abusive, and have a ton of math equations for you to figure out.

I, personally, don't think there will be any informers. It will just happen. Michael Jackson always did things a little bit more on the extravagant side.

Did everyone forget the music videos that the world waited for? Did everyone forget the world tours that wowed millions? And did everyone forget the last announcement made (Michael or not) at the O2 arena in London? The whole international media was watching, reporting, in awe.

And now everyone is expected to believe his comeback is going to be announced by some shady person on Twitter? Or his comeback his going to be announced on a forum with a series of cryptic clues? Or on some forum where you need to solve some fucked up math equation?

Does this even sound like the way Michael Jackson would do things?

Believe what you want I don't really give a shit. But for me I'll wait for the man himself and the worldwide spectacular that will be a comeback; in the extravagant style that Michael Jackson did everything.

No Love.


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~Doggggggyyyyyyyy!!!~ :-)

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