The Saga - Ghosts

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So on with the next installment that makes the fact that Bobby Ewing was in the shower for a whole season of Dallas look like a great plot after all - the saga continues.

With Amy Sampson dead, and the police having many unanswered questions, Mo is totally aware that the last 6 months have all been borrowed time as an international manhunt has continued.

The sound from the television all of a sudden seemed familiar. Looking up Mo saw her name on the bottom of the screen. Anderson Cooper continued to speak: "After 6 months police across the world still seem unable to capture Monique Van Boxtel. She is wanted in connection with at least 2 murders and the attempted assassination of Michael Jackson in June. Inspector Andy Cole, of Interpol, will be with us after the break."

A single tear rolled down her cheek as Mo once again looked at her laptop screen. The annoying voice from AOL announced: "You've got femail." The lesbian joke still brought a semi-smile to the face of Mo; no matter how bad she was feeling.

Something was not right. The sender was simply AFriend@gmail.com. Mo had never seen that email address before; but something inside her told her to open it.

It simply read "I am a friend."

Another email arrived from the same address. This time it read "Look behind you."

Mo swung around in her chair expecting to see an undercover cop; but it was Lara. As they spoke she explained that since the manhunt had begun she she had been trying to track Mo down.

Lara: I asked about you on the forums, on Twitter, I even spoke to 4 Michael Jacksons.
Mo: How did you find me?
Lara: Eventually I got told on MySpace where you were seen. The odd thing is the person signed the message as ~Souza~.
Mo: How the hell could it be Souza? She is dead.
Lara: Well I got in touch with Badkolo. He traced the IP address to his Mom's front room. Anyway I got another message yesterday which said you was in this town.
Mo: BADKOLO! I thought he was dead.
Lara: So did I.
Mo: But if this person knows I am here then it won't be long before the police know.
Lara: That is why we have to get away from here.

As Lara and Mo left the cafe Mo couldn't help but feel she was being watched. A figure stepped out of the shadows and sniffed the chair that Mo had been sitting on.

Lara should never have mentioned Souza. As Lara drove all Mo could see was Souza. No matter where she looked Souza was there. A small girl carrying a red balloon suddenly morphed into Souza. The man selling hot dogs suddenly morphed into Souza. It was the nightmare that Mo had been living every day since she had killed Souza. In Mo's mind Souza was everywhere; as she had been since the day Souza died.

Lara: So where to?
Mo: Anywhere.
Lara: We need to rest. Make a fresh start in the morning.
Mo: Sounds good.

Pulling into a motel Lara went in alone to book the room while Mo waited in the vehicle. Once in the room Mo laid on the bed and fell asleep instantly; for the first time in months feeling safe enough to sleep fully.

Waking, the next morning, Mo couldn't move. As she became aware of things, little by little, she realized her hands and feet were handcuffed to the bed. Thoughts ran through her head - was it the police? why would the police do this? She struggled to free herself to no avail.

Mo: We haven't got time for this kinky shit. I like you and all; but we just don't have the time.
Lara: I like you too. But I don't eat fish tacos.
Mo: What the fuck?
Lara: Goodbye.

Mo let out a scream as Lara left. Alone, handcuffed to the bed, she wondered what her fate was. After what seemed like hours, but in reality was mere seconds, the door opened.

Souza: Hello Mo.
Mo: It can't be. You are dead.
Souza: (pressing her hand against Mo) Do I feel dead?
Mo: I killed you. I saw your lifeless body.
Souza: Did the MJ hoax teach you nothing? All the things we investigated together.
Mo: Fuck you. I investigated everything you just thought up new plans to deceive everyone. Getting banned at MJHD, creating TS and TIAI. You stupid cunt you thought nobody would work it out; but they did.
Souza: But by then everyone thought we were a team. You couldn't say anything. If I fell then you would fall along with me.
Mo: Well it doesn't matter now Michael is alive; the whole world knows it.
Souza: And poor little Amy is a rotting corpse somewhere.
Mo: You are fucking crazy.
Souza: No. What was crazy was trying to kill MJ. He gave me my fame, my platform to push the Illuminati down peoples throats, he gave me glory.
Mo: Well you are fucked then because he is back.
Souza: That is why you are going to help me kidnap him.
Mo: I am not helping you do shit. I'll go to the police and tell them you are alive and what you are planning to do.
Souza: I don't think so. After all you killed me. As far as I am concerned they think I'm dead.
Mo: I won't help you bitch.

Mo struggled to get free. But it was impossible. She broke down in tears as she realized her only way out of this nightmare was to help Souza. She thought about it. She had been the on that had helped Souza all along - fooling people, lying, plotting to kill - but this was too much.

Souza sat by the bed and whispered "I'll be back soon my dear." She kissed Mo on the cheek and then covered her mouth with duct tape. She turned the TV on. A local news reporter was at a car wreck. The driver had been identified as Lara; and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Souza laughed as she left the room; locking the door behind her.


Cuss Count: High

Legal Notice: All characters, and events, are fictional. Any resembelance to people on hoax forums is merely coincidental.


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