ThisIsAlsoIt really is ThisIsAllBullshit. Looking at the redirect list (Thanks LilWendyMJHD for allowing me to point to your list) it seems the rumors that TS is nothing more than some crazy alter-ego from the mind of Souza is true.

There are, on the list, 252 redirects that have spawn from TS/Souza. Of those 252 redirects 121 point to the Nazi headquarters; more commonly known as the MJDHI forum.

So why does TS/TIAI/Souza redirect to MJDHI so much? Because the shit doesn't really exist anywhere else. A lot of the TIAI redirects point to shit created by TS.

Let us have a look at a couple of the redirects that point to MJDHI that actually have nothing to do with TS:

249 (December 28 2010) - Murray’s Lawyers Win Extra Hearing - points to a topic on the MJDHI forum about Murray's lawyers winning an extra hearing. So out of all the fucking places that reported this TS had to point to MJDHI. Why not his good friends (sarcasm) over at TMZ? Why not any one of the hundreds of news sources?

Now some of the cynical among you may say well you can't trust the media, but the first post on that topic is a copy from a media source. So if you cannot trust the media then why quote them?

156 (July 9 2010) - Elvis And MJ Makes Sense - points to a topic on the Nazi headquarters which goes on about the Elvis and MJ shit that Souza started. So if you are following along at home - Souza as TS points to the bullshit theory of a double bam which was dreamed up by Souza. Point to your own shit and hope people believe it. Isn't that a media trick - ram it down people's throats enough and they will believe anything. Hell of the people in the world still believe Michael Jackson was guilty because the media didn't give two shits and give the same coverage to the fact that he was innocent.

And on the subject of forcing things down people's throats - what use is a redirect which points to TS? To give something credibility you suggest another source which agrees with your proposed view. It would be like Conrad Murray going to court and saying to the judge: "Watch this youtube video I made. See I said I was innocent so it has to be true."

There are numerous redirects from TIAB which go to the Nazi headquarters but could of pointed to a more logical place.

This along with the fact that TS did a long post involving screenshots where all the adverts were Dutch; and numerous people suggesting that TS and Souza also type similar.

And some of the more astute among you may remember that the whole Souza vs Mo shit started when Mo attacked TS.

You have to remember that Souza is the fucking retard that contacted The Sun hoping they would do an honest story. So it would appear that it is all about self-promotion.

Just a short post, so all those that claim to be investigating the hoax actually investigate the source of information they receive. And if you don't believe my figures check out the list at LilWndyMJHD's blog.


Cuss Count: Low

Legal Notice: None required as the post is merely pointing out facts. Link to LilWendyMJHD Blog.


Serenity said...

ok, totally agree.
the question is:
Do those "investigators" ever get out of the box and spend some time for themselves reading this blog for example?
It's not about believing you, it's about READING at least other opinions and simply THINK: WHAT IF...
Because for instance, everything you said is obvious, there's nothing crypted here, there are FACTS, so only have to use their logic, it's rather that simple.
Are they so fucked up with all that BS clues that they forgot how to think simple? They forgot to see simple and obvious things?
What the heck does that Souza/TS have and other "insiders" don't? Why is that "Army of H.A.T.E." hypnotized? What are they hoping to reach? Michael Jackson through God Souza?
What is the difference between blackorwhite and TS? NONE!
Except BOW/Daniela is just harmless, while TS/SOUZA is manipulating 3000 desperate members, hoax fans. Not MJ fans. Hoax fans.
They're bashing everyone there, they call troll everyone who doesnt give a shit about Souza/TS, just because "they don't have any evidence to sustain their opinions". But what evidence do they have so far from that freak SOUZA/TS? Yet, they follow her blindly.
And she's playing that ridiculous game: "Oh, God, TS was right, you members are so smart i didn't even notice that TS indeed said something about this a few months ago" lol.
Dear investigators, you are a parody. Not because you were fooled but because you 've embraced all this shit that's been given to you and never woke up.And when someone 's trying to show you a different way of observing things, you call them trolls just because you realize that you might indeed be fooled. And you hate that. So yes, use the easy way, denial. Go on with your washed brain and wait for SOUZA's opinion to know what opinion you should adopt. You thing everybody calls you nuts because you're believers.
Investigators haha.
By the way , who do you work for, do you even know? Not for MJ that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was her- TS being Souza, I knew it like I said previously with the "nuff said" and her jumping on anyone who didnt agree with TS- Added to the fact they write similarly. she isnt smart enough to hide her "style".

So whats the story now with Mo? Have they REALLY fallen out? Will Mo leave so Souza will be in charge?

I have never liked Souza, she is insane.

Anonymous said...

no, MO doesn't seem to leave the boat until she is thrown out. well, she would have been banned by now by souza if souza wasn't aware of the fact that mo knows that everything is BS with evidence...
yes, souza is insane and she doesn't react to medications anymore. the conclusion - this forum.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to know what's the deal with Mo? I always thought she was less Hitler-like than Souza.

Here was a recent comment by Souza after it was announced that Murray will go to trial.

"Looks like we'll be entertained some longer folks, buckle up!

I'll order the popcorn, who takes care of the diapers?"

DIAPERS?? I was like, "EEEEEW!!" Has she been hanging around Amy now that Mo is gone?

Anonymous said...

She is disgusting. Her behavior is disgusting, her attitude is disgusting, her supporters are disgusting, that forum is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Army of LOVE was not TS', he's a faker.

He is fooling everyone.

Anonymous said...

If souza REALLY believed TS was genuine why would she help create a fake twitter account THISISALMOSTIT and try to fool people ? Doesent make sense at all. Cant see TS being happy about that , but anyone with half a brain can see TS is souza. She got her fingers burned using a fake username JOSEPHINE BAKER and there are doubtless many others that havent been uncovered yet.

Anonymous said...

Lol, seems like Souza, sorry , i meant T.S. could spend some time in court. The OFFICIAL ARMY OF LOVE has arrived on her hitlerish forum.:)

Anonymous said...

Poor souza must be getting worried about the TRUTH being revealed. She is gonna "clean house" this weekend which i guess means a lot of comments disappearing to suit her image. Seems to me like a new TS posting is needed to keep the sheeple in line.

Just a thought ...but has TS ever redirected to any other hoax site ?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Souza locked the thread immedialty saying Army of Love is not used by TS on commpercial purposes so it's ok to pretend yourself as its creator. What Souza of course avoided to understand because she knows shat she's in trouble (cause yeah TS is her, is there anyone still having doubts?), is that its not about commercial purposes here but about the autenticity of TS' persona. To summ up, here is a comment
"T.S. used the name ARMY OF LOVE, the official and international organisation, legal registered since 26jun2009, to induce the fact that he has connections with the Jacksons and control believers in believing certain theories on this specific forum. T.S. is giving this organization a bad name, can be confusing for its real purpose which is not elvis-mj-investigation fake deaths, so the official organization has all the legal and moral rights to sue you for this."

True. Anyone who read that forum can quote stuff like "Jermaine Commands Michael Jackson Army. TS started the Army of L.O.V.E."

Then Souza says all of this proves nothing about TS and afterall she says TS is most likely speak on Michael's behalf if not Michael himself so he has the right to use Army of Love whenever he wants.
Then locks the thread.

Her eager for power and manipullation is scary. Her members are brainless victims who believe her and wait for MJ through their Souza.
Of course Souza is clueless and bluffing until being ridiculous but you will not notice, not even one member telling her that.
More than this they fall in their knees thanking and admiring her skills and ability to solve misteries. Yeah, i know, LOL. BUt try not to blame them. Half ot the users are Souza (ive noticed she wasn't present on her forum all dday long and suddenly there were no comments as it used to be) , the other half is retard and most of them jobless, working for free for Souza's popularity:)

Anonymous said...


MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "... to induce the fact that he has connections with the Jacksons and control believers in believing certain theories on this specific forum."

Got to love that 'control' word coming in there. Souza = TS = Nazi = Control ... LOL Auschwitz has nothing on MJDHI.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "She is gonna "clean house" this weekend which i guess means a lot of comments disappearing to suit her image."

I wonder if she'll be able to spot my account in there ... LOL ... it even has a 'doggy' reference in the name.

ROFL said...

Anonymous said...

January 14, 2011 9:54 PM

Can you Elaborate?

Anonymous said...

well, i created an account, a thread actually, it was not locked, it was deleted with all my posts, because i dared questioning TS' identity.
geez, what a manipulative jerk.
anyways, souza, you're going down baby, the forum is less and less active.
and to quote you:
"If Michael Jackson is dead then so am i"
And Bec& ROFL are some annoying girls, the last one aged 20 and the first one well, i have some private info on her but i won't disclose them. But if she keeps annoying smart members i will re-think it.
so watch out Bec :d
and ROFL, pls, do us a favor.

Anonymous said...

And PS: no, TS/SOUZA has never redirected to any other hoax site. Only to their nazi camp and to trashy tabloids (if they don't go straight to them).
lol, "doggy":) i wonder which one:d
And yes: Souza = TS = Nazi = Control
And it's not about advertising/money. Someone asked if it's about money, no, dictators do not have this profile motivated by money, but for their sick need of being listened to, for power control, control over the masses/countries in large scale. Look at Stallin, Hilter, Ceausescu.. they didn't care about money, they were not motivated by money, that was not their primar concern and their horrible acts were not because of money, but because of a pathologic “need for power” and a schizophrenic thinking that they are doing right no matter how far they go. Of course Souza is too stupid to control people outside the virtual world and even outside her forum, so this environment of hers, with vulnerable and poor minded people (because all others are rapidly banned) are the perfect place for her little dictator to come out in light. It's something she never dreamt of, she can't believe it, she never thought of such popularity, Michael Jackson's death is her reason to live and to finally be listened. With all her bullshit redirects which means nothing just a bunch of shit , so funny to see them debating on every word, on every movie, on every TMZ clues lol, case the retard thought TMZ has ties connections with Michael and TS and when TMZ came with that hateful article about Michael and blanket they were all quiet and confused. After that they quicly find a clue , a connection with that article related to the 2005 trial. HAHA, that hilarious it is. So they believve TMZ is still Michael's messenger and even an article that tells Blanked is drugged by Michael is a clue. (And TS is Michael lol)
That is how Souza twisted thieri minds, can you imagine?
Well, this is not a high scale , it's just a shitty forum but to make a comparison, we all know how our great dictators ended.
I hope i will be entertained when watching the "peasant uprising". Then i will bring my popcorn ideed, Sfuzza.
If MJ ever comes back he's doing to save the world. From Souza.

Anonymous said...

lol, 12 years old girl:
"Have no fear mj will be there!
Postby mikeyslittlehoaxer » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:42 am
Some people have said that if Conrad gets arrested then mj is dead but I highly disagree and for you guys who feel the same way let me tell you why I don't think this is true. "

lol, ok Souza , back up just in case:))

it's getting ridiculous, really.

Anonymous said...

Whoa..that's pretty harsh to say the other half is retarded and mostly jobless and agree with everything Souza says.
If you haven't noticed, there are only a few sheep who bow down to Souza and kiss her butt. The rest that don't respond just keep quiet so we aren't banned...but we know what's up.

As far as Souza admitting she was Josephine Baker, she said that is the only time she did it and "forgot" about it. I'm sorry, but if that was the only time you pretended to be someone else, you CERTAINLY would remember doing it.
That comment proves that she has done this more than once. JB was just one of the usernames she created that she forgot about.

I was surprised to see her admit to it. I thought more people would have responded to that and they didn't. I suppose it is fear of being banned.

Doggy..I'm going to be looking for you! :-)

Anonymous said...

"a few sheep who bow down to Souza and kiss her butt. The rest that don't respond just keep quiet so we aren't banned...but we know what's up."
no you don't. you are Michael's haters. Just an example, talking about Michael's penis or exposing your crappy theories about Michael on a tabloid proves so. So, no, you either don't know what is up or you're simply haters by admitting to join or contribute to a forum like this.

Anonymous said...

"I suppose it is fear of being banned."
Do you realize what you're just saying now? People are afraid to speak their mind because they get banned. LOL. So, what? Poor them, this is worse than i thought.

Being a banned member on that intoxicating place is perfeclty healthy, denotes respect for yourself as a human being and gives you a wonderful comfort of still being a mentally stable person. So if you just need to check your sanity from time to time, go there. IF you start posting and they accept you, don't panick. Just start dialing and set an appointment to your therapist ASAP. Meanwhile stay away from numbers.

And ROFL: FUCK OFF TROLL, your sheeps are not here! I have this theory that you and your virtual sex friend will be exposed soon on you tube performing. Afraid, ROFL? Why? It's just...a theory. I'll see how you ban that one;)

ROFL said...

"and ROFL, pls, do us a favor.
January 15, 2011 9:50 PM

No =) haaaaaahaha rofl!

ROFL said...

lol @ Anonymous January 16, 2011 11:56 AM

Anonymous said...

ROFL, go back in the sheep pen or i'll tell you. And why are you here, shouldn't you be on web with a carrot in your ass performing for Souza?

Anonymous said...

I wish you would give more credit to the members.
The most of them suspect what's going on for a very long time - it's just we can't prove TS is Souza, even if we feel she is. As for me, I just want to see how all this will end.

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