Merry Christmas From MJHDC

Tis the season to be jolly and all that happy horse shit; so without further ado here is a gift from myself to all.

A "Word Search" puzzle created using the top 50 words in the Label Cloud of this very blog. So while the relatives are wasted on the couch from your alcohol; and the kids are screaming that there are no batteries you can while away a few minutes.

Be ultra trendy and share with friends, family, and pets. Print out the PDF file and share with work colleagues if you want.

Peace; and Merry Christmas.

Cuss Count: Seasonal

Legal Notice: The word search puzzle is provided "as is" and all words have been checked to appear in the puzzle.


Anja said...

haha I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


Stanley said...

Hypnotic Guru Souza is very very pissed because too many "TROLLS" lately.
Troll= people outside the MJHD sect who are too rude to think.
Trolls, go get her:D:D

Anonymous said...

Even though you are probably the biggest jackass on the planet...no reason to be rude. Merry Christmas Doggy, have a great Christmas and a happy new year! Oh, and the readers too. Oh, and nice to see people still think about us :p

~HitlerFish and Nightmare~

PS. Yeah, we're still around and we still read. Nice word search, btw.

anonymous 3 said...

And Happy Holidays to you too Silverwolf and Daydream......small world isn't it, even the virtual one lol.
Hope your igloo hasn't caved in by now...
All joking aside, I wish you both all the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! Is MJHDI shutting down for good?

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous 3. Yes, the Igloo did cave in; had to take the sled dog team to town to rent a snoblower just to clean up the mess and then rebuild o_O. Just kidding. Happy holidays to you too.

Day and I had no idea you were still around. I guess nobody ever -really- leaves; we just lurk forever. Right doggy? Right? RIGHT?! And Bastardkolo too.

~Nightmare and SilverFish~

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