Welcoming Sheila To The Team

The newest member of the MJHDC team is now on Twitter (@OutsideSheila). Before she went too mainstream; I sat with her and asked the questions that will most likely be asked.

MJHDC: Another homeless person. Some may compare you to Homeless Dave and Starving Marvin. How do you feel about that?
Sheila: One big difference; they were both male. I'm not. And I have no connection with either of them.
MJHDC: So as a member of the MJHDC team I presume that you believe Michael Jackson may have faked his death?
Sheila: I believe it is possible but I don't follow every little clue. If Jermaine Jackson uses 7 squares of toilet paper when he wipes his ass in the morning I'm not going to be tweeting it is a sign. We are talking a guy being away from his family and children; not some sideshow for the fans.
MJHDC: So, do you believe?
Sheila: It is possible.
MJHDC: Did the Conrad Murray verdict sway you at all?
Sheila: No. As far as I see it. If you believe then the whole Murray in jail has to tie in some how. I'm not saying it does for sure but I'm saying you can't believe and think Murray killed Michael Jackson.
MJHDC: So how long have you felt it may be a hoax?
Sheila: Actually ever since you started on the Nazis. Someone pointed it out and although I thought your style was crude and vulgar you made some good points.
MJHDC: Well, thanks.
Sheila: But you hid all the good points behind stupid jokes and stupid pictures. So nobody knew if the good points were good points or just another joke.
MJHDC: One mans garbage is another mans treasure and all that.
Sheila: Just saying I would of done it different. If you wanted to call these fakes, wannabes, and assholes out just do it. No need to make a joke of it. I mean I read your tweets from Saturday morning and you insinuate that one of the moderators on the MJDHI forum is also an informer. If that is what you are saying just name names and get it over with.
MJHDC: It is a tad more difficult than that. You name names and for some reason it turns into your fault for pointing out what someone else was doing. So I thought it'd be wiser to point them in the general direction.
Sheila: But you know who it is?
MJHDC: Well yeah.
Sheila: And you mentioned matching IP addresses?
MJHDC: Am I supposed to be asking questions and not answering them?
Sheila: You did mention matching IP addresses though right?
MJHDC: Yeah. Someone mentioned something so I went and checked it out. The MJDHI forum is a SMF forum, which is essentially PHP and MySQL, but as it has customizable reports created using SQL queries as Admin you can easily check for things. Let us say, hypothetically, that you had a MySQL database which had your users in; and the table was called "smf_users". And in that table you had the IP address field "smf_login_ip" it is just checking the field for a count greater than 1. Any forum Admin should be able to check that.
Sheila: I see. So why not just say that?
MJHDC: Because not everyone in the hoax is going to understand if I start typing SQL queries; and to be honest spoon feeding answers doesn't help either. Everyone, myself included, needs to always check things for themselves not just go on what someone else says.
Sheila: Well thanks for letting me join the MJHDC team; and it has been good to dig into your weird, twisted, mind.
MJHDC: You are welcome - although somehow I thought I was meant to be digging into your mind.
Sheila: Just shows how bad you are at interviewing.
MJHDC: Thanks.
Sheila: I'm joking.

So Sheila has joined the MJHDC team. Will she last longer than Starving Marvin? Who knows.


Anonymous said...

Hi, how is everything? Hope it's okay.
I didn't understand what you meant by a mod being an informer. I mean, come on, that forum is full of fakes and ridiculous speculations.
Wishin' you a Merry Christmas!

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