Who Did Murray Kill?

On November 7, 2011 Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Judge Pastor also remanded Murray in jail until sentencing on November 29, 2011. Does that mean the Michael Jackson death hoax is over?

Not necessarily. Certain things happened as Conrad Murray was found guilty that just didn't make sense.

Judge Pastor passes the verdict to Mrs Sammi Benson who reads it out:

"Superior Court of California; Los Angeles County. The people of the State of California, plaintiff versus Conrad Robert Murray, defendant. Case number FA073164. Title of court and cause. We the jury in the above title and action find the defendant, Conrad Robert Murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter in violation of penal code section 192 sub-section B. Alleged victim Michael Joseph Jackson. Alleged date of June 25th 2009. As charged in count one of the information; this seventh day of November 2011. Foreperson juror ID number 145; seat number 3. Is this your verdict; is this your individual and personal verdict so say you one so say you all?"

Hold on there Mrs Benson. You said he was guilty yet the victim and day remain alleged? How is it alleged if he has been found guilty?

The dictionary defines 'alleged' as: "Represented as existing or as being as described but not so proved; supposed."

So Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter yet the victim and date have not been proved? Does that even make sense? How can a person be found guilty without a victim, or a date, being proved? In theory; they can't.

Also the alleged victim was Michael Joseph Jackson; yet  his driving license which according to the L.A. Coroner's office was used for identification purposes states his name as Michael Joe Jackson.

And if you want to get really technical the court documents from the 2005 case against Michael Jackson, where he was acquitted of all charges, all used "The People of the State of California v. Michael Joe Jackson" (Case 1133603 if you want to check).

So who the hell died? Because legally Michael Joseph Jackson is not Michael Joe Jackson; as any aliases used in court specifically have to be defined as such. So Mrs Benson would of had to say "Michael Joseph Jackson also known as Michael Joe Jackson."

And I know some are going to be saying: "Well let's not get picky here Joseph or Joe it is all the same." But in a court of law it is not the same; it is not even close. In a court of law one is a legal name and one is an undefined alias; and as an undefined alias is worthless.

So Murray may have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter - but by legal definition it was not of Michael Joe Jackson.


Anonymous said...

~I Love You,Doggy!!~ :-)

~Also..I Don't Know If You've Seen it...but..Here's Even More Confirmation :


~but...Then,Again...I Also Vaguely Remember LaToya Tweeting Someone A Long While back Saying That Michael's Name Was Originally Michael Joseph Jackson but that Katherine Legally Shortened It To Michael Joe Jackson....So,Once Again..It's The Case Of The Opposing Jacksons Starring Jermaine..And LaToya!~ :-/

~Either Way..You Are Right...THE Michael Jackson That The World Knows As The King Of Pop...Is Still Alive And Did Not Die Or Get Killed...~

~The Name On ANY Court Record MUST Legally Match The Name On The Birth Certificate...~

~On A Side-Note :

Just To Offer Some Hope : In The U.S.A. It IS NOT ILLEGAL To Fake Your Own Death AS LONG AS It Can Be Proven That Your Life Was Threatened/In Danger..AND AS LONG AS You DO NOT Commit ANY CRIMES IN THE PROCESS OF FAKING YOUR DEATH...hmm...Such As Collecting Insurance..Etc.Etc....~

~*~LOVE!!!~*~ :-)

Admin said...

I think, but I'm unsure for certain, that the federal statue of limitation on faking your death is 7 years. But if I remember correctly the 7 year limitation is on the police spending money investigating the fake death.

I'll look into it further, and discuss with a few legal friends, see what is what for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think Murray is not a killer...
I think because in US the middle name is almost ignored, they keep messing up with them.
This happen in schools...doctors app. and all sort of official purposes.

Anonymous said...

that shocked me as well, and i think it's significant, but playing devil's advocate here - could it be the jurors' way of saying that they didn't see the body, they're doing this 2 years after the supposed fact, so the most they can manage is "alleged?"

but then again, i'm sure jurors in other murder and IM cases don't get to see the body as well, and yet i don't think using "alleged" is common practice.

so maybe they have heard about the death hoax? or, looking at the photos from the prosecution, maybe they thought something was wrong with those photos?

Anonymous said...

Im still trying to get my head around the jury's verdict of guilty. What planet were they all sitting on?

Anonymous said...

On the whole Joe vs. Joseph thing, how do you explain when Michael himself used the "Joseph" in court? I think he used both names or had it legally changed. I don't think this proved anything. I'm in the US and I use the shortened version of my legal first name on most documents and have never had a problem.

I still agree that there are strange things about this whole case, but Murray being convicted is moving me to MJ really died at the hands of this quack!

To the admin, I love your sense of humor and the way you look at things! Keep up the good fight

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