How Many Fakes Does It Take?

Don't worry it is not the start of a math question.

Another week and another fake Michael Jackson rolls on to the scene; wanting their 15 minutes of basement fame. Scary bit is they will most likely end up with it.

I just don't get it. People that have shown themselves to be quite intelligent and make rational choices and decisions jump on these fakes like flies on cow shit.

And thanks to the fakes, and the people that follow them and hang on their every bullshit lie, all the other believers and hoaxers look like a bunch of mentally retarded monkeys waiting to be fucked over.

It may seem harmless to follow these basement dwellers wanting to be Michael Jackson or someone who is in the know - but seriously you make yourself look like a fucking mental patient jonesing for medication; and unfortunately for the people not believing in the bullshit you drag us down with you.

But while you are dragging the hoax into the realms of inbred stupidity try and remember why you believe.

If you think Michael Jackson is going to fake his death just for some cum stain to announce his return on Twitter you need help. Seriously, turn off your computer, get out and see the sun. Fuck it - see a doctor.

Let us look at some facts. Now these are proven facts which don't rely on any mathematical equation, they don't rely on some ever-changing date, they are just facts:

  • The album "Thriller" has sold more than 110 million copies; more than twice as many as the next best selling album.
  • Won 13 awards at the 1983 Billboard Awards; which has never been accomplished by anyone else.
  • Won 11 awards at the 1984 American Music Awards; a feat unmatched.
  • Won 7 Grammy Awards in 1984.

Along with tons of other awards. And let us not forget that Michael Jackson has been award "Humanitarian Of The Year" on countless occasions. And while we are at it - it might be worth mentioning that the music industry consider him a legend, a pioneer, and a one of a kind. Oh and while we are on facts. Let us not forget that This Is It sold out at world-record speed.

With them kind of facts in mind do you really think that Michael Jackson, if he is ever going to come back, is going to announce a return on Twitter? Do you think a man that wowed millions, if not billions, with his music is going to let a purple egg talk for him? Do you think that the man who undoubtedly did more for the music industry than anyone else ever is going to make you work out a math equation that would of got Einstein scratching his head?

Come on, wake up, smell the fucking coffee. Michael has always had people wanting to make their name from his. Think it is any different now? Think these basement dwellers aren't working on the fact that some Michael Jackson fans need answers? Actually just think.


JMseesMJ said...

Bravo Doggy !
It’s not like we don’t have enough of those sad people already.
And, as if to prove my point, Miss Sweat Lodge goes and bans me.
Laughing out loud

Anonymous said...

My thought on this fake and all other "informers". People cling to the hope because they just can't let Michael go. It's sad really and they are being screwed with emotionally

Gina said...

Funny post Doggy :)

GINA said...

But I just wanted to say how do you know for sure they are all fake? I wish there would be some proof about it because without proof it's just words and opinions.

Admin said...

Hi Gina. For me the proof is in the pudding so to speak. So far all the fakes, and supposed informers, have constantly changed their stories for when actual facts don't match what they have said. The most obvious of all these is the changing dates that have ranged from July 7, 2009 to November 2011.

Each fake and so-called informer has proven themselves to be fake by not delivering on their word. And you only have to see how they react when questioned - not something that MJ would tolerate when it is towards his fans.

GINA said...

Ok, I understand. So it would be just a matter of time until every fake proves himself fake.

But I want to ask you, supposing MJ really faked his death and really has noble purposes for doing so, you think he would send us an insider/informer like in an ARG? Or you think he wouldn't comment himself, incognito of course? I mean if you would be faking your death, would you do that?

Just in case this faked death is an ARG.

Admin said...

Hi Gina, I think if it was for noble reasons, whatever they may be, there would be no ARG of any sort. I'm not too sure there will ever be a comeback; but if there is I think it will be like the alleged death - suddenly and all over international media as opposed to the supposed informers that have come and gone.

Just think Michael Jackson returning would be bigger than some twitter account, or an informer on a forum and the like.

As for me faking my death - I'm pretty sure the local paper wouldn't even report it ... LOL

GINA said...

Of course, I share your opinion about the twitter accounts.
I just wanted to ask you if you believe Michael would send any "informers" to help us understand the hoax and his reasons for faking his death.
I was thinking about his possibility and I don't totally dismiss it.
Don't you think it makes a little sense?

Admin said...

Hi Gina, I don't think an informer makes any sense. Its just my opinion. But I see that if Michael Jackson faked his death on June 25, 2009 nobody saw it coming; well not the fans anyway. And I feel a return, if it ever happens, will be the same way - none of the fans knowing nothing about it until the day it actually happens. In my mind if you want to make a surprise entrance you don't announce it in any way, shape, or form. But that is just how I see it.

I don't see us needing to understand the hoax if he plans on coming back. Because if, and it is an if, he comes back - who better to make people understand the hoax than the hoaxer himself.

Asia said...

thought about this myself.
a true informer would probably give us all information worth while instead of all these total fakes who can't keep their word.
and even if there was an informer on twitter that person would greatly stand out against all those fakeS.

the way the person types
profile pic
sign up date
who's following who.
number of friends...

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