Starting Over Again

What we need to do is go back; way back. Back to June 25, 2009.

Why? Because if Michael Jackson did fake his death something prompted it. Which may answer those questions which are still lurking.

The 'why' is the most important aspect of the whole hoax. Once the 'why' has been established all the other answers should be easier; and fall into place.

Looking at all the possibilities with regards to 'why', nothing really adds up completely. For certain possibilities some things fit; but for others other bits fit. It seems nothing really fits one particular possibility.

The Greatest Show On Earth - Are we really meant to believe that Michael Jackson, as a performer, was reduced to faking his death to create the greatest show on Earth? The guy created Thriller in 1983, and classed as the most influential music video of all-time, and nobody thought that video could be equaled. But in 1991 he gave the world the Black Or White video and then in 1995 he gave the world the Earth Song video. So to suggest that Michael Jackson faked his death for the greatest show on Earth; as a comeback does not make sense when he had made phenomenal comebacks without having to fake his death.

Michael's Millions - Michael Jackson faked his death because someone, unknown, was after his money. If we were talking billions, or even trillions, then the possibility is a maybe. But we are talking millions. So the evil corporation that is Sony wanted Michael Jackson dead for a few million dollars? Why? Sony make billions each and every year (in 2008, the year before, Sony made $89,601,000,000 give or take a few million); from record publishing, sales, electronics, game consoles and software, and various financial investments. In all honesty Michael Jackson would be worth more to Sony alive rather than dead. With over 100 unreleased tracks lying around and a worldwide fan base; they could of had hit CD after hit CD pumped out to make billions through the Sony/ATV partnership. And that doesn't even include merchandising, concerts, DVDs, and other deals that could be had.

Please, discard the Illuminati. Allegedly these elite people are controlling world governments. Why would they want Michael Jackson dead? And, in theory, if they are as powerful as they are made out to be then Michael Jackson faking his death wouldn't save him. They would get to him. And if this Illuminati is made up of the elite surely Sony must have someone with some illuminated contact which means the Illuminati would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. So, I just don't feel it fits. Why control the world, and all the governments, and then go after one pop star; no matter how famous he is?

Death Threats - It has been suggested there existed the possibility of death threats against Michael Jackson; or his kids. Michael Jackson had death threats before, back in 1992, against himself and his sister Janet. He didn't feel the need to fake his death then. And if some psychotic person is threatening to kill his kids, faking his death doesn't guarantee they will be safe. And seriously what father goes into hiding while his children are being threatened? I just don't buy the death threat theory simply because it is no guarantee. If the threats were against Michael Jackson he can never come out of hiding because the risk could still remain. And if the threats were against his kids as a father he would stay, stand, and fight for his kids like any father would.

Witness Protection - Michael Jackson had help from government agencies to fake his death; and was put in to Federal witness protection. This theory has some merit; because for Michael Jackson to fake his death he may need some assistance from government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, or at the very least State police. But if it is witness protection; what will Michael Jackson be a witness to? Hollywood corruption? It was happening before he was born so why now do they need him as a witness? Medical corruption? Once again it was happening before he was even born; and there are people better qualified than Michael Jackson to be witnesses. Witness protection fits in some ways but it leaves the unanswered question of what he is a witness to that only he can be a witness to; and is large enough for him to fake his death.

That is why I feel that to answer all the questions that remain, without any doubt, the 'why' needs to be known. And for all I know the 'why' may be before June 25, 2009 by year; not just months or weeks.

Alive, or dead, some questions remain without answers. And these, as far as I see it, are important questions; but not as important as the whole 'why' question itself.

I split these questions, in my head, in to two categories - "If he is alive" and "If he is dead". Not that they really need to be categorized as such; it is just my personal way of ordering them in some sort of order from all the chaos.

If He Is Alive

  • What is Murray's role in all of it?
  • What do the Jackson family really know?
  • Who, if anyone, outside the family really knows?
  • Why such an extravagant faked death?
  • When did the planning really start?
  • Is it legally possible without government help?
  • Why the whole involuntary manslaughter trial?
  • Do his kids know?
  • Will there ever be a comeback?

If He Is Dead

  • Is the justice system so inept that it takes 2 years to get his killer to trial?
  • Is the justice system so useless that they can infer homicide but only try Murray on involuntary manslaughter?
  • Why the lies in various testimonies in court?
  • Is it right that certain members of his family, who he had no real contact with, are making money from his name?
  • Why haven't the family said much, and expanded, about the people behind the death if Murray was supposedly just the fall guy?
  • Why is the autopsy report so botched if they did an actual autopsy?

This post does not really try to answer anything. After reading it back, for me, it leaves more questions than when I started it. But if people, who believe Michael Jackson faked his death and is alive, think there is nothing to investigate - until every question has an irrefutable answer and the 'why' fits 100% there is always something to investigate to get to the truth of the matter.


Anonymous said...

If alive I believe he is in some sort of witness protection, faking his death so those who wanted him dead will think he is dead so that they will be brought forward and brought to justice.

Katherine is suing AEG and it will go to trial in september 2012. Where did she get all evidence so that this trial even got approved?

Something is going on.

JMseesMJ said...

Now, that’s a topic to my liking. Are you telepathic, Doggy ? ;)
I tried to allude to it’s importance over at the brainwash, but no chance, most members are busy speculating too unidirectional.

What do you want the commentators to do ? Investigate into category A= Alive or D= Dead, or would you like to know people’s opinion as to the “whys” ?

My approach to it is, go with the simplest most human explanation you can think of and that’s probably the closest to the truth.
Oh, but what a dilemma, then one is still stuck with those two categories, A or D…
So what now ?
Two words: TIME, LOVE *humming that ole song from Sting while typing*
Who needs 100 %, right ?

Don’t want to sound cryptic, it’s just that I wanted to keep it short, because it’s way past my bedtime over here.

Admin said...

Hi JMseesMJ, It wasn't so much asking commentators to do anything in particular; just wondering what people think. I see a lot of talk on the various forums about this and that is a clue. How Michael Jackson did such and such as a sign to believers etc.

But in my mind if, and it is an if I don't think will happen, but if he is ever planning a comeback I think faking your death merely for the 'greatest show on earth' is pretty much a kick in the pants for the fans.

As I know no more than everyone else I am up for discussing all possibilities.

Hi Anonymous, As I said in the post Witness Protection seems the most likely out of all the options which have any possibility of being possible. But then, as I said in the post, it opens up a whole can of other questions.

I'm not too sure about AEG wanting Michael Jackson dead as the 50+ concerts, DVDs, merchandising would have got them a whole host of cash - especially if Michael Jackson had finally settled with a show in Vegas; which I sort of remember him saying something about.

Anonymous said...

Doggie I'm a big fan of your blogs. always read them with pleasure.

I'm glad I have deliberately chosen to be a doubter, and therefore open to different possibilities. When I think of a dead MJ and a botched autopsy report, I almost think that the "real" cause of death was to be withheld ........... a disease. A disease I will not mention yet. Murray as the so-called the fall guy, but is paid VERY well for a few years in prison. Oh I could go on for a while with this story ........ It is just a thought.

JMseesMJ said...

Dear Doggy, please allow me to elaborate on my last post, before the misinterpretation sets in. I am wide awake now ☺

Since many of you believers seem to be convinced of a so called Bam, I would like to show you a more realistic perspective of the situation.
In order to do that, we need to remind ourselves of some facts from before his faked death:
1. Michael entertained the world with all his heart and soul for more than 4 decades (!), tried to convey important messages with his songs and speeches, because he knew how powerful and influential his status as the KOP was.
Musically he reached dimensions, that others only dream of and he received the most prestigious and sought-after awards.
2. He knows like no other how the entertainment business works, knows all about the entailing negative aspects e.g. vast pressure to deliver from both fans and record companies; media circus; law suits; death threats etc.
3. Growing old in public is a horrifying thought to him, he stated it publicly on more than one occasion. In that context see my thread about “aging stars” in connection with the recurring Liberian Girl motive after his “death”.
He also told one of his former spokespeople (Stuart Backerman) more than once, that he didn’t want to be an organ grinder’s monkey doing “Billy Jean” into his fifties.
4. Change was immensely important to him.

Having established these facts, the next question almost suggests itself. What did he, of all people in the world, NOT have ?
Privacy, peace - a simple and normal life !

Another reason for him to dive into that adventure was something that shouldn’t be underestimated by the younger believers among you. Age shifts your emphasis in life, believe me I know this☺Even more so, when some little/bigger ailments or medical conditions are beginning to take their toll on you.
Now, if you take all this into consideration, why the heck would he want to reenter into that exact same world, that he had just left behind him with a brilliantly performed and executed act ? Come back, for what ?
Get real, he would not jeopardize his newly found freedom for a handful of desperate believers, who talk themselves deeper and deeper into a dead end nor would it make any difference in how the media works and any other evil schemes that go on in the world…

If you really love someone, set them free. There won’t be a 100 % guarantee that he is alive.
Be happy just by believing that he is, or just be happy, period !

Sorry for having hurt anyone’s feelings, sometimes it takes drastic words in order to see things as they are. At least in my reality.

Admin said...

Hi JMseesMJ, I'm not one of the believers that believes there will definitely be a comeback. In my humble opinion, it remains a possibility; although I highly doubt it will happen. I have been of this mindset for over a year now - although I open to discussion about the possibility.

I agree that if Michael Jackson did indeed fake his death (I'm not 100% about this either) that the privacy bit fits better. Why fake your death to come back to this craziness?

And, never worry about feelings. We all have different opinions and views about what may have happened. And that is the biggest point - we don't know why, or if, he faked his death. So we are all basically guessing at the moment; unless the man himself comes back and says why - which I don't see happening for the sake of privacy.

Anonymous said...

good reads here! but if he left merely for privacy, why leave such a mess behind, including a trial and the conviction of one man who, if he's alive, was supposedly an accomplice?

Anonymous said...

Privacy? it's very possible but again he could leave the country and find a place he could have privacy...
Growing old....yep, I heard about it and makes sense...much more talking about our loved "Peter Pan"....

We just will see what's next....
I think he's alive but also that he never will be back to the public life.
Think he is enjoying his so much needed freedom.

JMseesMJ said...

What mess are you talking about @ Anonymous ? The trial with all it’s consequences ?
If we think this thought-experiment trough (Michael either Alive or Dead ) in favor of version A, then real freedom wouldn’t be guaranteed by any halfhearted plan. The perfect illusion calls for the most realistic scenario in the aftermath. I am sure the key people that were needed, were well remunerated for their “inconvenience”.
If we deliberate version D, then the whole scenario wouldn’t be any different, what we saw since June 2009, would be exactly the same.
Version D allows people to move on with their lives the most effectively, because it is based on scapecoatism (see Wiki).
Version A has two subcategories, “yes-Bam” and “no-Bam” ☺
I think “A yes-Bam” puts people into a delusional, obstinate state of mind, trapped in a never-ending hamster wheel.

Which version you chose is a matter of subjective preference. You decide and be happy with it.

anonymous 3 said...

hi Doggie, it's been a long time, didn't know you started blogging here again (thought you started another one, a while ago).
Fact : Michael Jackson 'died'
Fact: Murray got the maximum sentence..
Those are 'facts', some questions though remain:
1. Why did Michael choose him as his personal doctor (his medical inefficiency is above any discussion by now)
2. Why did Murray accept this job (a very well paid one imho)

In all honesty I truly believe Michael got sucked into his own life style, meaning he couldn't, at a certain point, distinguish left from right. He was a troubled person (no wonder, given his upbringing...) and he went shopping to find a person just greedy enough to sustain his addiction(s)

I truly believe the only thing he ever wanted was a 'normal' life, he just didn't know how to do that (probably b/c mum and dad were too busy pushing him feeding their own greed).

Anonymous said...

If He Is Alive
• What is Murray's role in all of it?
Paid to assist his comma
• What do the Jackson family really know?
• Who, if anyone, outside the family really knows?
Coroner - faking the death certificate & authopsy
• Why such an extravagant faked death?
Maybe that was not his intention.
• When did the planning really start?
• Is it legally possible without government help?
Yes, in an illegal way -> bribery
• Why the whole involuntary manslaughter trial?
By mistake.
• Do his kids know?
I choose not to answer to this one.
• Will there ever be a comeback?
No, he can not , related things needed for hoax and a lot happening after are already illegal and the destroyed position of the "official" people offering him illegal help is obvious. Even if Michael would betray them, he's also co-author to these crimes.

Just an opinion.

Asia said...


things will fall into place soon enough

Anonymous said...

Crazy as I may seem, I still think its Michael's biggest ambition - his own Movie. Let's all wait and see.. :))

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