Over 4 Billion Believers In The World

Website Yes No Unsure Total
Derek Clontz 60% 40% N/A 100%
Grown Up Geek 64% 32% 4% 100%
MJ-Conspiracy 76% 24% N/A 100%
San Fransisco Chronicle 22% 46% 32% 100%
Quibblo 68% 26% 6% 100%
AVERAGES 58% 33.6% 8.4% 100%
(Figures correct as of 2/22/2011)

The world population is currently 6,901,600,144 so with 58% as an average; it would theoretically mean there is the possibility that 4,002,928,083 believe that Michael Jackson is alive. While only 2,318,937,648 believe that Michael Jackson is actually dead; and a mere 579,734,413 unsure.

Although the study of 5 polls which exist on the Internet is not a completely scientific way of calculating the value of the world population it does at least give a view that maybe the world is not ready to believe all the stories fed to them by the media.

The 5 polls appear on 5 different style of websites. Derek Clontz covers conspiracies and the New World Order style stories. Grown Up Geek covers all things geek surprisingly. MJ-Conspiracy is a Michael Jackson hoax website and forum. San Francisco Chronicle is the website of the newspaper with the same name. And Quibblo is a poll hosting site which hosts polls on all topics and subjects.

So it is not like the 5 polls chosen were all from one style of website; it would be fair to say they are somewhat diverse in their audiences.

So it seems their are more believers in the world than non-believers; even if all those who are unsure decided they were sure Michael Jackson was dead there would still be more believers than non-believers.


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Legal Notice: This post is accurate to a degree, although it is by no means a TS mathematical equation, and does give a good idea of the possibility of over 4 Billion believers in the world.


chris said...

mj fans are often labeled as crazy,and believers seem to be subject to even worse labels than that.it isnt crazy to have your own opinion/view.in general believers dont try to convince others to believe,we just say *do some research* then form your opinion.non believers in my experience seem hell-bent to convince us that we're wrong,mj wouldnt do that to his family,etc. none of us know 4 sure.we should all be free to have our own thoughts w/out ridicule and labels.live and let live.consider other opinions besides your own,and dont put people down if they dont share your views!

anonymous 3 said...

Amen to that! (no pun intended)
Curious that is, as a non believer, each time I dared to say I sincerely believed Michael passed but that I believe in a hoax/cover-up... I so much as got chased away or ignored (on the more civilized forums) on the so called 'hoax' forums.
From a non-believer MJ fan who strongly believes there is a 'hoax' but who doesn't believe in resurrection.

Tena said...

Michael Jackson is ALIVE and this is not rocket science folks. You would have to be blind not to see the excessive amount of hints and clues that the family and Michael himself have left behind up to this date. Any law of averages would show you that it's impossible that there would be so many coincidences surrounding one individual and if things seem fishy, time and time again, there is a reason for that. MJ may have appeared to be weird to people who didn't really know him, but the truth is he is just a regular guy with a whole lot of develped and cultivated talent. All the strange events and strange behavior of his faimily is not accidental, is very well planned as was the death hoax. Bodies don't just disappear and even the most famous of people do have a finally resting place that can be visited. Also because MJ is as famous as he is somebody somewhere would have made an attempt to get a photo of him dead or alive. With camera phones damn near everywhere and people looking out for themselves and many not having the highest of moral character these days, you just know that if Michael's body was just lying out on a slab somewhere coroner office or anywhere, somebody would have seen it, took a picture and most likely spoke about it by now. It's just the kind of world we live in now. You see crazy stories about the crazy things people are doing in the world on the news each and every day. If there wasn't anything highly unusual about Michael's passing then there wouldn't be so many websites and articles and theories going on surrounding his death. MJ has said time and again, don't beLIEve everything you see and hear in the media because they lie and twist the truth and this death hoax is an excellent oppurtunity for him to prove his point and maybe get redemption from his false accusations that have plaqued him. He feels pain and anguise from the attacks on his character and he can't rest until his name is really cleared, but the lesson MJ needs to learn to that you can't control the minds of people and once the damage is done, some people are never going to change their minds, no matter what good you do after the fact. MJ"s kids were just on GMA with mother katherine and you see his oldest child talking about film making and Paris talked about wanting to be an actress, well just think about that, "This is it" was Michael film he left behind after studying film making with his son and paris put on a real show at the memorial service with tears and all and here we are bearly two years after his so called passing and the kids seem better than fine and even looking to the future with smiles, etc. This is all very interesting. I personally would have been devastated, as a matter of fact, the fans are grieveing more than his family, now is that isn't weird than what is.
I just say, read in between the lines people, keep your eyes and minds open cause evidence is right in front of your face on a regular basis. Start at the beginning and read things over. Why would the 911 call come from The Beverly Hills Hotel? If that alone dosen't stop you in your tracks and make you have doubts about the death, then you gotta be stupid or something. La Toya jackson said MJ looked good, 70 days i repaeat 70 days after his death when she was discussing plans for the second memorial service. Now come on people
really, are you serious La Toya? He would obviously be serious DECAYED by then. Sorry to be crude, but somebody had to say it. I know she a little out there personality wise, but I don't think there's anything wrong with her eyes, do you? He would have had to have been frozen or something right? My point is this, people are NOT thinking and their just accepting ANYTHING their told if they believe he is dead with questions. God gave us brains for a reason, so it's now time to use them and think things out. It's so simple.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you Tena :))

Anonymous said...

One of the things that amazes me is how great an actress, Paris is. Michael taught her brilliantly. It's truly been an enlightening amazing journey. The flat strapless stetcher on the helicopter and onwards. As long as Michael is safe, sound, healing and drug free then Im happy. Ive always had and got your back Michael. BeLIEvers and Knowers the truth is almost upon us. BAM!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you,Tena!!!! You are completely right! Michael! We need you and we miss you so... Take care!!!!!!!!!

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