What Happened June 25 2009?

We all saw the ambulance leave 100 North Carolwood Drive:

And whether you are a beLIEver or not is where the story changes. BeLIEvers believe it was the beginning of the greatest hoax ever pulled off. Non-believers see it as the end of Michael Jackson; with his legacy living on only in his music.

But what did his family see? Instantly Jermaine was at the hospital, supported by Tohme Tohme, making the now infamous speech about how the family needed privacy:

As a side point it is kind of ironic that the Fox News person didn't even know who Jermaine Jackson was; and called him Randy Jackson.

But the serious part of that statement is that nobody really knew anything about the brothers and sisters of Michael Jackson until June 25, 2009.

Now whether the family believe it is a hoax or not, and whether they know or not, they have used this time to catapult their own 'failing' careers.

All of a sudden they had to be on Twitter:

Janet Jackson, @janetjackson, joined Twitter on July 2, 2009.
Jackie Jackson, @jackiejackson5, joined Twitter on July 21, 2009.
Jermaine Jackson, @jermjackson5, joined Twitter on April 2, 2010.
Randy Jackson, @randyjackson8, joined Twitter on October 14, 2009.
Tito Jackson, @titojackson5, joined Twitter on December 4, 2009.
Marlon Jackson, @marlon_jackson, joined Titter on December 15, 2009.
Latoya Jackson, @latoyajackson, joined Twitter on June 18, 2010.

Twitter actually launched on July 15, 2006 as Twttr and changed the name to Twitter on February 20, 2007. So why did none of the Jackson siblings need an account until after June 25, 2009? Surely they were still doing things before that date; which would of been important to let their fans know.

Well, truth be told, they were not that busy until after June 25, 2009; except for Janet. Jermaine had not released a solo album since 1991; and then all of a sudden on November 24, 2009 he releases a CD entitled "Jermaine Jackson: Greatest Hits". Tito had not released anything since 2003; and now all of a sudden he just came out with a CD entitled "So Far So Good" this year. Jackie who has not released anything since 1989 all of a sudden has a single out entitled "We Know What's Going On"; which was released on November 3, 2010. Randy has not released anything since 1989 - and so far has no plans to release anything in the near future. Latoya has released nothing since 1995 but has a studio album entitled "Startin' Over" set to be released soon. Marlon has released nothing since 1987 and does not intend to as he has a sucessful career as a real estate agent in Southern California.

Being somewhat skeptical it does seem that some of the siblings of Michael Jackson have used the reported death of their brother as a springboard for their own careers. And let us not forget Katherine Jackson writing a book and Joe Jackson using the BET awards of 2009 to advertise his record company when asked about Michael.

So it would appear as long as your last name is Jackson it is OK to make money off of Michael's name. But if anyone else does it - according to the fans - they are complete scum and should be hung from the nearest tree for their absurd belief that it was OK to make money off Michael Jackson.

And that is the thing. Oprah does a documentary and she is cashing in. TMZ constantly put stories out about Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, and the forthcoming trial and they are cashing in. Is it not fair to say that the majority of Michael Jackson's siblings are also cashing in? And yet nobody screams "Boycott Jermaine" or "Boycott Latoya".

You just cannot have it both ways. Either it is fine for everyone to use, and abuse, the legacy of Michael Jackson for their own gain; or nobody should.

And don't be thinking that because it is his family they have the right to do it. He was very distant from them. He had not seen them for almost 2 months before his reported death. Not exactly a close family; and they are already making money from Michael thanks to the Trust fund paying Katherine who in turn supports all the siblings of Michael Jackson in one way and another.


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Legal Notice: This post is an opinion. Dates were compiled from Wikipedia and other reputable sources. No affiliation with any news agency is implied or suggested.


Anonymous said...

Everybody has an opinion about WHY MJ hoaxed/staged his death? I don't recall reading your one. Please do share. :)

BTW take a look at this new blog

PS I like your new blog. Fresh start.

HNN said...

I don't have a specific opinion as to the why. Just know it better be a good reason. My fave "why" at the moment is protection from someone or something (maybe Witness protection) but that may change by tomorrow. I'm just not sure as to the why.

chris said...

im in the mj fam of believers and also a huge fan of this and your previous blog. it does my heart good to know there are alot of people willing to look at all that makes no sense about this case.i love michael,and appreciate you and all the believers who arent afraid to express themselves about this hoax.thnx for all you do!

Anonymous said...

HNN; I think you can rule out witness protection; 1) It was way too sloppy for them to have planned and executed and 2) they wouldn't allow anyone, least of all MJ, to leave any kind of clues at all. That just defeats the purpose.

You overlooked the obvious in this post and it could answer the "why" question as well. None of us know where all the money goes that funnels into the so called "estate" because it isn't open public record. We are led to believe much of it goes to paying off his debts yet some suggest he had none. Either way, it's money in the bank. There's even a document floating around that's part of the estate/Will that names an offshore account belonging to an unnamed person for funds to be transferred to.

Yes, a lot of dirt bags have made a pretty penny off of Michael's name over the years, including his own family, and its safe to assume he wasn't very happy about it either. So maybe he decided to shake off all the coat tail hangers and make millions for himself by faking his death. Legal? Probably. He was smart. Ethical? You'll have to ask the fans that one because they're the ones financing it all. What's the man in the mirror say, Michael?

This is why I believe he will never return. He would have to address this issue up front and that ain't gonna be easy. Despite the fact that the trial (is it a real one anyway?) is just around the corner, I'm not optimistic he will return during or after. How can you possibly provide an acceptable answer to bilking your own fans out of millions with a straight face? Can you think of just one legitimate reason you would give? It can't be all for charity either because then who gets the tax deduction for that one? The fans or MJ? How about; "It was all for love"? Ha! Well that's a love I think I can do without, than you very much. No, I smell a scam here. When your good name has been destroyed by the media and haters, whatcha got to lose, right? Double down and go for broke.

We all want to believe that MJ would be above and beyond all of this but every man has his limits and when pushed over them, all bets are off and anything is possible. I want nothing more than to be proven wrong here, believe me. But I just can't come up with a plausible hoax exit/return plan strategy other than one that never had an exit/return plan at all. Think about it.

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