Hello From HNN

Welcome to HNN: Hoax News Network.

The new home of what was MJHDC. The reason for the change is just that I got bored of going on about the bullshit that was going on in various hoax forums. It is still going on; but to be honest if people have not woke up to the fact by now chances are they never will.

So HNN, the new blog, will pick up on everything else. There will still be satirical stories about what is going on in the Michael Jackson hoax world; just not the forums.


Cuss Count: Zero

Legal Notice: This blog, and associated web content (twitter account and twitpics account) is in no way affiliated with CNN. The name was chosen as a satirical option to a news company.  Nor is this blog associated with any company or news agency whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Yes I understand about those Hoax forums this is alot of BS going on there..

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