MJHD Conspiracy

This blog was created to display the facts about the MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath website. This blog will contain nothing which cannot be found on the Internet using Google search. This will keep the blog totally legal in the sense that all information on it will already be in the public domain.

Any person commenting on this blog should bear in mind that unless it is fact, gained legally, that a comment will be removed.

This blog is not here to persecute anyone connected with MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com but merely question the existence of the website; and ask the very same questions that MJHD forum members are asking.


ludivine de montréal said...

I read and posted comments on MJHD, I read around the day the site closed people asking for new clues about Michael Jackson being alived.Unfortunately, the site closed. Trying to find some truth by myself, I continue to read comments related to a possible hoax. And I learned from your site that the MJHD site first appeared the 23rd of june. So, immediately, I wondered if this would be some clue. But I am asking you this question, is it a possibility that someone can change the date of an article that appears on Google ? This is very curious to me. So, why don't the medias of the world don't talk about this ? If this is some kind of evidence that there was something planned for the 25th of june. Sincerely, it would make me very happy is this was a hoax.

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