Where Does MJHD Get It's Ideas?

Just where is MJHD getting it's ideas? A question that has been asked more than a few times. On the surface it looks as though MJHD forum members are truly investigating the whole conspiracy behind Michael's alleged death. But where are they getting their information?

In a recent post, dated September 6, 2009, MJHD forum member J.A.N.E.T posted about Dr. Tohme and Randy Phillips being related through marriage. This was posted on another Michael Jackson conspiracy site - mj-conspiracy.com - some 3 days earlier on September 3,2009 (link to the original story). I'm all for people sharing information across forums to get as many people sharing the truth as possible - but at least credit the original.

The question arises. Are MJHD forum members still searching for the truth, or just copying and pasting from other sites while they argue amongst themselves of how the forum should be run; and complain about the Admin and Moderators?


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Their frontpage stuff hasn't been their original stuff for ages. They let others do all the work and then put it up there.

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