How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website?

In a recent forum post, Amy the Admin of MJHD stated that there was the possibility of a PREMIUM membership which would include downloads among other things. The stated reason for the charge is:

"The money I would be gaining from anyone who CHOSE to become a Premium MJHD Member would be going toward the site upgrade and the new Dedicated Web Hosting that this site now requires which is quite expensive."

Which leads to the question how expensive is web hosting? As MJHD is on GoDaddy at present that's where we looked for pricing. Godaddy's Premium Dedicated Web Hosting plan is $419.91 per month.

So it only seems fair that a PREMIUM membership should help pay for this? Well it would if the MJHD site was not already making money from it's advertising.

According to CubeStat.com MJHD's daily ads revenue is $39.91, which over a 31-day month would be $989.21 - more than enough to pay for the dedicated hosting of $419.91 a month. Also CubeStat base this on 13,304 page views. As the Admin claims to get 60,000 a day the daily ads revenue would be higher.


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Anonymous said...

mjhd admin is fuckin liar money hungry bitch and they have the nerve to talk about the Jackson family being money hungry well look in the mirror bitch its called hypocrisy

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