MJHD Steals Cassandra From Derek Clontz

MJHD has done it again - another exclusive. MJHD has pulled Cassandra from Derek Clontz. Who cares? Me, and a few others as well. MJTruth stated on their blog that they had been reading the MJHD forum and noticed that the posts were saying that Michael Jackson was reading their forum, even though the original quote from Cassandra was on Derek Clontz blog. I was going to try to sarcastically say something about this but MJTruth said it so eloquently that I'll just a quote from their excellent blog on the subject:

"The folks at MJHD because of Google search results, have gotten it in their head that they are SO important that even though Cassandra said Derek's blog, she really meant MJHD."

The topic at MJHD can be found here.

So who knows what is next at MJHD. Maybe we should be checking Derek Clontz's site to find out!


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