Armageddon - The Game Show

Recently, with all the talk about 2012, an idea came to mind about a game show based on the end of the world. It was also put forth that Drew Carey host the show.

Well, neither idea went further than my own my mind. But if it had the script may have looked something like this:

Drew: Hi, and welcome to Armageddon. Where the only prize is staying alive. Tonight we have three contestants hoping to do just that. Danielle why don't you introduce tonight's contestants.

Danielle: OK Drew. Tonight's first contestant is Mya. She is from El Salvador. She is 36 and dabbles in numerology. Our second contestant is Witney, she is from Bethel in New York, she is 28 and she likes to walk in her spare time. And our final contestant tonight is Christopher. He is 31, lives in Jerusalem, and is a minister for the church.

Drew: Thanks Danielle. And welcome contestants to the show. Just in case you haven't seen it before, although I know you have, let me run down on the rules. All the questions tonight will be about Armageddon, the apocalypse, end times, call it what you will. The winner will get a chance at the final to go for eternal happiness; while the two losers will be thrown in the pit of eternal damnation. Don't worry folks its just a mix of jello and sulphur. So without further ado on to the first question.

Christopher: Excuse me. But you cannot decide who gets eternal damnation.

Drew: Don't worry about the details at this point Christopher it is after all only a game. So, get your fingers on the buzzers as we press on with question one. OK. How many times have the Jehovah Witnesses predicted that Armageddon was knocking on your door?


Christopher: Too many. No man knows the day or the hour.

Drew: I'm liking your style Christopher but that is the wrong answer. Mya or Witney care to take a stab at the answer?


Witney: Seven.

Drew: Nope I'm sorry. Wrong answer. Mya would you like to take a guess?

Mya: Four.

Drew: Not even close. The correct answer is eight. 1875, 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, and 1975. And we are still waiting. So no score on that one. Second question. When will the world end?


Mya: December 21, 2012 at approximately 12.21 PM.

Drew: Sorry Mya not the answer I have on the card. Witney, Christopher, take a guess.


Christopher: No man knows the day or the hour.

Drew: Look the answer wasn't right the first time so what the hell made you think it would be right this time?

Christopher: That is what my Dad told me.

Drew: Well your Dad is wrong too. Witney take a guess.

Witney: I agree with Christopher.

Drew: If it wasn't right for him. What makes you think it would be right for you? Did you even listen to the question?

Witney: Yes, but the New World Translation Bible says that no man know the day or the hour.

Drew: Well we are not using some Bible translated by five guys not qualified to translate. And for your information the whole "No man knoweth the day and the hour" speech is about the second coming of Christ not Armageddon. So lets just drop it OK. Armageddon will happen whenever the Fox Network manages to squeeze in to their schedule. That is the answer I have on my card. That is what the Fox Network will accept as the only answer. And for a bonus point who on the Fox Network will announce Armageddon?


Christopher: Bill O' Reilly because he is in league with the devil himself.

Drew: Thank fucking God for that. We finally have a correct answer. With that we'll go to a break. You have two minutes but don't go changing channels.

[The usual junk is advertised at this point. Some law firm hoping you'll sue the shit out of someone so they can take their 33% percent of the settlement. Medical insurance; which if you get out of your seat and read the microscopic small print is only valid while you are well enough to not need it. And a whole bunch of sex related items including dildos, vibrators, condoms, Viagra, and some lubrication.]

Drew: Welcome back. Christopher is in the lead but at this stage of the quiz it is anyone's. Why do Jehovah Witnesses knock on your door at the most inappropriate time?


Witney: To spread the message of Jehovah and warn people of the impending Armageddon that is to happen very soon.

Drew: I'm sorry. That wasn't really a question. I was just thinking aloud. But I meant their timing. Usually when I'm busy. Anyway. Question three. When was Jesus born?


Christopher: December 25, 1AD.

Drew: Still buying that story? I'm sorry it is the wrong answer.


Mya: According to the long calender Jesus was born on September 6, 3AD.

Drew: Wrong. Go on Witney take a stab.

Witney: Jesus was not born.

Drew: What the fuck?

Witney: Well he wouldn't celebrate his birthday so it doesn't matter when he was born.

Drew: Oh aren't you just the barrel of fun. I'm sure you are the life of the party. The correct answer, according to James Ussher, and he should know, is 4 AD. He never picked an exact date so you could have picked any.

Christoper: But if AD stands for Anno Domini, and means in the year of our Lord, how could Jesus be born 4 years in the year of himself?

Drew: Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm the one getting the big fat paycheck to ask the questions not you. And for your information I don't write the answers so don't ask me anything. Got it. Your losing your point for that. Moving on to question four. What is the Pope's full name?


Christopher: Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God.

Drew: What was all that?

Christopher: The official titles that the Pope goes by.

Drew: Well, mister know-it-all I didn't ask for his title I asked for his name. So you are wrong. Mya, Witney, care to take a guess?


Mya: Dave?

Drew: Nope. Not even close. Witney take a guess.

Witney: Whats a Pope?

Drew: No more fucking questions from you three. I ask the questions. The correct answer is Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger; which is worth a lot of points in a game of Scrabble. For a bonus point; where was he born?


Christopher: The Vatican.

Drew: Dumbass. Anyone?


Mya: Germany.

Drew: Thank you. There is a God. You got it right. You are now in the lead as we go to the final question. What was created first?


Witney: Light.

Drew: Wrong.


Christopher: Darkness.

Drew: It was already dark. Nobody had to create it. You can't create something that is already there.


Drew: Mya you are the only one who can answer. You don't have to buzz.

Mya: Night.

Drew: No. Pay attention. If darkness was not right then obviously night which is dark is not going to be right either. The correct answer is God. Someone had to create God so he could create everything else. Don't ask me who created him because I don't know. I'm just a game show host. We are going to take another short break while I beat some sense into these three worthless contestants.

[Even the commercial breaks are repeated. And it is once again the same shit as before. If you really care scroll back up and read it again. If not just carry on.]

Drew: Welcome back. As I look at the scores, not that I need to, Mya is today's winner with one point; and goes on to play Final Judgement. Witney and Christopher must take the plunge into eternal damnation.

[Witney walks forward makes a little prayer to Jehovah and jumps into the pit of damnation. The audience cheer like crazy. Christopher is hesitant but Danielle comes out with a ten foot barge pole and pushes him into the pit of damnation. Once again the audience cheer.]

Drew: OK Mya. It is on to Final Judgement. Danielle tell Mya what she could win.

Danielle: Final Judgement. Where the only prize is redemption. Choose one question from a possible, which we like to call the "Trivial Trinity", answer that question correctly and you win. Get the question wrong and you join the other contestants in the pit of damnation.

Drew: OK Mya pick a question from the Trivial Trinity.

Mya: One.

Drew: OK, tonight you are going with one. Let me open the envelope. The topic for your question is Superheroes. Are you feeling confident Mya?

Mya: Not really.

Drew: Good. Lets get this over with. In a 3-way fight between Batman, Superman, and Spiderman who would win?

Mya: Um. Um.

Drew: I'm going to have to hurry you.

Mya: Spiderman.

Drew: So close yet so far. The correct answer is Superman. Superman would team up with Batman, as they have done many times before, and once Spiderman is defeated Superman would take out Batman. Seriously would you bet against a man that can mess with time? Well I'm sorry Mya off to the pit you go.

[Mya heads over to the pit and takes a leap in; unfortunately landing on Witney.]

Drew: Well that is it for tonight folks. Nobody is saved. Join me tomorrow when three more contestants try for Redemption. And remember 666 is just a number unless it is the zeroes on my paycheck. Goodnight folks.


Anyone said...

Welcome 2012 and leave fast!
I can't wait for this year 2012 to end so all fakers would vanish with it. Enjoy the last year of fooling people, Souza&CO!
Also, I can't wait for this "end of times" thing to go away!

Doggy,HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family! Same for everyone reading this blog.
Trust yourself only!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm so sick of Souza and bec. They are pathetic losers and apparently have recently become interested in GarageBand to pass off a snippet of music as "MJ's". Seriously! I feel bad that their lives are so pathetic that they have to resort to those levels. Michael Jackson would be mortified to know that his name is associated with those losers.

Anonymous said...

Well, like you said, history keeps repeating itself over and over at Souza's Concentration Camp with bec co-managing. They not only are still trying to keep up the TS facade, but they now have Front. Front has posted a few snippets that were supposed to show that he is a musician of some sorts (aka---MJ himself---PUKE!)

Well, those snippets were nothing more than loops from GarageBand. As soon as this was brought to the attention of the forum by some members and proven that it was in fact loops from a program, the posse was brought in to bash and trash and silence those opposing the great Front.

Then the whole thread was locked and only certain parts were "transferred" to new threads. Bec and Souza decided what was worthy of a transfer (of course) and the rest got left to be hidden forever in a locked thread.

Now the forum is so creepy and freaky. Everyone is saying "I love you...." "So glad the haters are gone." "So glad the positivity has returned." It's actually nauseating. Bec (who is the queen of mean and drops f-Bombs more than anyone I know) has all of a sudden become someone entirely else.

I guess it's easy to switch personalities at will when you have serious mental problems. All these "new" members (aka..multiple accounts of Bec, Souza, and gang) are worshiping bec and Souza for everything they do and pretty much say their lives are better for having known bec and Souza. It is so disgusting. Here is a link if anyone is interested. That place is truly one big Mind Eff!


Admin said...

And to think when it all started I was accused of being Front and Back; or was it Back and Front? LOL. How the times change.

As for Bec, she changes her personality more often than she changes her underwear.

And locking proof is the same shit the Nazi HQ has being pulling for ages. Why people even stick around for all the bullshit is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I think that was when they were planning to "kill front off" but there were other people still thinking he was an insider (so dumb) so they kept the charade going. Now they have taken it to a whole other level with all the religious crap on there. They even have TS (souza) validating Front (bec). What a bunch of lunatics!

PS...I'm one of the "thugs" that follows you and your wife! Lol!

Anonymous said...

You know I firmly believe MJ is the starter/creator of his own hoax.

Let me explain: Of course MJ knew of Elvis and that there are people who still believe Elvis is alive. It will not surprise me and given the stories that MJ was very competitive he said multiple times “If I die, I kind of like sort of similar stories after my death as Elvis”.

His wish was granted by the people (whoever they are) who knew this and started this whole hoax right after MJ died on 6/25/09 and from there the hoax leads it own life. As a businessman he knew damn well that a hoax would also hold his legacy. His naivety never could imagine that it would adopt such ridiculous forms.

I hope that people for the most ridiculous assumptions they made, can live with their conscience when they come out of the darkness, where their need was fueled by a few deranged informers


Anyone said...

Yes, I know about GarageBand loops lol, that was very fun actually. And even funnier how members felt that magic touch in those software loops. They underestimate few of the members there, but they have the power to shut them down as soon as they raise questions, so that the less informed wouldn't start questioning themselves. Bec and Souza are most of the users there, only a few here and there are genuine accounts but they are taking care of soon, I'm sure.
I would like to know why Almighty INsider Religious TS didn't know that Michael Jackson signed the forum as Front when he was accused of trolling by the very admin? And why does Michael Jackson need insider TS to still represent him , now that he is present himself on the forum. And why none of them haven't predicted anything that came true? Or why isn't anyone of them , if genuine, to say something serious, not pictures, riddles or bible quotes. This i can do too. And why has none of them communicate anything really so far beside childish quotes and posts that we've seen all over twitter as well from the other Michaels. What's the difference between them and others beside being hosted by the same admin. Why has none of them said that Murray will be eventually in jail? Or that the album Michael will appear and that the 7th song will be this or that? Something simple as this, just to let us know he's to be trusted. And why do they validate each other, what for? It's not like one is proved legit. Why do they work so hard with thousands of posts to convince the dizzy sheeps that they're the real deal on a platform that has been rejected even by a member of the family- Jermaine Jackson.

Anonymous said...

You guys are CRAZY if you think Souza and Bec are insiders! They are NOT Front, Back or TS. There is NO WAY they would have that kind of inside information like Front, Back and TS have posted. Impossible! As far as the snippets go, if you do your research you will learn that MJ and other musicians use software programs like Garage Band and others. Not uncommon at all. Especially since it was just a cute little snippet for the purpose of the forum.

If you read their post history, you will see Back=Front. And since everyone knew Back=MJ back in the day, this means Back=Front=MJ. TS, however, has a different writing style than Back/Front, so I'm still on the fence about them all three being the same person. But TS could be on the same team as Back/Front/MJ. I don't have enough information to form a solid opinion yet about that, but most people, including myself, think Back=Front=MJ.

I'm not a member on that forum but I do enjoy reading, and I don't mean to insult Souza or Bec because they do a great job running the place, but I'm sorry Souza and Bec do not write as intelligently as Back, Front or TS. No way they are same people! Totally different writing styles. And besides, Front has been validated many times, many different ways. Seriously doubt the official MJ Facebook page or the family would validate Souza and Bec as being MJ! LOL

Admin said...

@Anonymous Nobody has said that Souza and Bec are insiders. I mean really what has TS or Front ever said that nobody else already knew?

Let us not forget that the redirects from TS/TIAI went to the Elvis/MJ double bam as if that was going to happen. LOL.

And as for the writing styles being different - That is easy; anyone can do that. Hell I have posted lengthy posts on that forum and nobody has accused me of being me.

And before anyone accuses me of trolling - that is not the case. Think they'd let someone register MJHDC as a username and not ban that account the second it disagrees with them?

And that is the biggest problem over at Nazi HQ - instead of allowing people with different ideas to express those ideas you have to follow the example set by the admin or threads get locked and posts get deleted.

Anonymous said...

Why? Because it's a hoax. Do your research before you speak. Otherwise you just sound like idiots. Front is clearly Back. Back is clearly MJ. I don't think TS and Front/Back are the same person. Not at all. And if you have to ask yourselves what info/clues did they give us that we didn't already know, then you clearly need to do more research on the subject. Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Posts don't get deleted unless they are downright rude and disrespectful. That's the problem with some people who post there. They come into a thread with empty accusations and false claims with NO proof to back up their statements. And then it escalates because they thrive on drama, and that's when people get banned, and rightly so. These are the REAL trolls. Front/Back are obviously insiders and probably MJ himself. Anyone who has followed him knows this. And, yes, there is proof in the many clues and confirmations. These are not 'coincidences.' Sorry, but imitating a writing style might be fairly easy if that writing style is mainstream. Back/Front, on the other hand, is nothing but mainstream and would be impossible to imitate for this long and keep it up. No way. But that's not even the point. The point is, validations and confirmations have already been made. End of story. Kinda funny how these people suddenly show up and claim to be 'not interested' and 'not trying to start drama', yet they can't stay away from the forum and they continue posting. That's the definition of 'trolling'. Not calling YOU a troll, Doggie! You're cool and I enjoy reading your blog and sarcastic wit! :)

Admin said...

Nice to see the anonymous supporters of MJDHI come out. Instead of just bitching that TS/Back/Front are the truth why not give an example? And yes I have read pretty much everything they have had to say and nothing stands out as being "new" or truth.

Anonymous said...

Front is SO not BACK!! Doggie..it's nice to see that bec and Souza read and post on your forum. Probably because almost all the people left on that forum are their multiple accounts.

I guess they can argue with themselves if they want to. They are that pathetic.

Front also said that Exhibit B would ROCK the trial. Exhibit B was pretty much nothing. Of course, all the Front supporters start making up excuses. (maybe he meant the appeal...COME ON!!)

Those that were backing up their opinions of Front NOT being legit with actual links to the GarageBand loops and questioning his statements (exhibit b will rock the trial) were silenced by the thread being locked. That is very telling.

One has to ask themselves...who has anything to lose if Front is proven to be a fraud? That's right.....that will tell you who the REAL Front is.


Anyone said...

MJDHI supporters, this is getting ridiculous. Michael Jackson is not posting on your forum, deal with it.
TS predicted a Bam, nothing happened.
Front predicted exhibits that will rock the trial nothing happened.
I can play with numbers, that doesn't make me an insider.
I can post software loops, that doesn't make me Michael Jackson.
So far you have no proof, yet you are the most agressive supporters I've ever seen. And no, it is not true that rude members are banned, in fact, you are the rude ones who tell members to fuck off rememember? JUst like your "Michael Jackson" is asking for middle fingers emoticons.
At least stop being hypocryte. I don't care what you stand for, but to say that members are banned for being rude is a lie you don;t even believe in. The truth is unless you keep your mouth shut about posers/insiders Front, TS , you are out. Funny thing is at first people expected Bec's and Souza's signal to see if Front is a friend or an enemy. They weren't able to think for themselves. When they saw Souza was okay with it suddenly everybody sent loves and kisses to the new insider Front. After TS validated him and actually implied that he's Michael you all freaked out in extasy and only a few there had the guts to tell you Front is fooling you with some loops. And don't give me that "all artists use GarageBand" crap. When you try to convince people you are Michael and you can really make a proof, you don't send them a loop file from a software and assigned it as being your "priginal work", that's more of a poser work rather than Michael Jackson's.
You're a bunch of easy fooled people but what I hate most is that you are hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

if you can't see the truth regarding back/front, then it's very difficult to believe that you've "read everything." there are hundreds of examples throughout the posts. they've even been listed and outlined, more than once. i don't post there but i read everything I can get my hands on, i'm not one of those people who say "yah, I read it" when they really haven't. i agree with those people on your blog who said ts is not the same person as back and front but he is an insider, that much is obvious.same team. if people would just read for mj's sake!

Admin said...

@Anonymous You said: "if you can't see the truth regarding back/front, then it's very difficult to believe that you've "read everything." there are hundreds of examples throughout the posts."

OK maybe asking for the truth was asking for too much from a fake insider. But as others have pointed out Front's previous 'revelations' have been way off mark.

Looking at exhibit B which was to rock the trial - and then the excuse given was 'that the plan must have changed'.

Must have changed? Not exactly the words of someone in the know; just a guess when you use "must have" seems it clearly indicates not fully knowing.

Kind of reminds me of the other fake (mjviva) who said Murray was going to walk a free man; and then used an excuse when that didn't happen.

But the point being is that there is no definitive post from TS/Front/Back that has clearly stated something which has come to be.

Me said...

I read on your blog of their newest excuse, that it's dangerous to just give a straight clue, but how does saying that on the next album, the 2nd song will be XYZ. It does not prove Michael is alive. It only proves that this person might have more info than the general public. Of course, this doesn't prove good intentions or that he is indeed Michael's messenger but it's for sure less ridiculous than bible quotes, numerology predictions or google images.
At this point, there is no difference between Ts, Front, Back, Black or White and mjviva in the information provided about Michael Jackson's hoax death. Noone can name a certain event they predicted without doubt, excuses or interpretations. They all say : It's all there, go read. No one can answer plain simple. But if you ask me name one thing they predicted but didnt happen, I can say this: TS predicted a Bam - didn't happen. Change of plans? He should have known of. That's the difference between esoteric predictions and being an insider.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Perfect example of why you ignorant people have trouble comprehending what's going on. TS didn't predict a BAM that never happened. It hasn't reached the date yet. Try reading beyond a fourth-grade comprehension level before you speak bullshit. Back goes WAY Back. Back (Front) was and IS MJ. If you think otherwise, then you are the minority.

Me said...

by TS » Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:11 am

Great News!!! There is a real good chance that this is the last TIAI update which will be needed, before MJ is ready to “Return”! Please read this carefully, and encourage other hoaxers to read it, so that we can all be ready for the big day.
1-6. MJ Death Investigation Complete

I didn’t really expect anything on Christmas or New Years Eve. I did include these as possible dates, mostly because so many people were expecting it. But I’m not merely saying this just because it didn’t happen in December; instead, I give you the evidence of this.

Christmas was too soon after TIAI was revealed—it was not enough time for people to read the 9 parts, digest them, object to them, let the dust settle, and then respond to the objections (such as this update), etc. And if you carefully read TIAI Revealed, Part 6: you can see that the evidence there was pointing to 2010 for an MJ “Return” (and most particularly, January)." etc etc Read all- http://lilwendy.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/thisisalsoit-com-is-the-wait-almost-over/

Just one comment: LOL

Anonymous said...

Just one comment: Read the title. "Probability." Don't worry, MJ will BAM when he's ready. ;)

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 3:41 (bec or Souza I'm presuming.)

GIVE IT UP!! We are not the minority that believes in Front!! The only people drooling over him are you two and your multiple accounts! KNOCK OFF THE BS! NO ONE IS BUYING IT!!


Anonymous said...

It's not for you to buy. It's a fact.

Anonymous said...

So TS was guessing a probability? Oh, sorry. I thought you meant TS was an insider.
Thank you for getting facts right, I must have mistaken. So again, no difference between them and MJViva and all insiders. They all predicted wrong. Well, it can happen to anyone, don't worry. Stay tuned for more inside stories!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Just one comment: Read the title. "Probability." Don't worry, MJ will BAM when he's ready. ;)

Yeah if u put explosives in his ass

Anonymous said...

Nope, didn't say that at all. Read it again. Are you a little slow? Ok, I will re-word it for you. Probability, meaning he is playing with us a little, you know like Michael does all the time with his fans. MJ even said it out of his own mouth. Stay tuned for more inside stories? Yes, I'm sure you will. ;)

Anonymous said...

No, I am not slow, but you're sure retard, bec.

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