Michael Jackson Is Dead

Yes, you read the title correctly; and no you didn't just wake up in 2009.

Many believe that Michael Jackson faked his death on June 25, 2009. But two and half years later it is difficult to see it still as some kind of hoax; or game.

Let us be honest here, for a while, no matter what your belief in the situation is and admit that dying has been good business for Michael Jackson and the whole Jackson family.  According to the prosecution in the Conrad Murray case Michael Jackson would have made approximately $100 million. And since his death, up to June 2011, he, or his estate depending on your view, has earned over $1 billion.

So with profits like that it is no wonder Michael Jackson may have faked his death. But whether he did or did not is beside the point.

Looking at a couple of the theories that exist that suggest Michael Jackson faked his death; nothing adds up.

Death threats is one reason that is always thrown in to the pot as to why Michael Jackson may have faked his death. But that was two and a half years ago. If the threat hasn't gone by now it never will and therefore if he did fake his death he is never going to come out of hiding.

Witness Protection is another option that is always put out when considering Michael Jackson hoaxed his death. Two and a half years of protection for what? Witness protection is so you can testify against some major crime. That hasn't happened.

And the final option is that Michael Jackson faked his death to simply cash in and clear his debts. Well, if that is the case he better never come back because there is going to be a ton of pissed off people that would most likely mean his next death is not faked.

So, as I see it, and it is just my opinion, Whether Michael Jackson faked his death or not he may as well be dead because he is never coming back.


Anonymous said...

I agree, he never will be back, the media could eat him till his last bone!
I only hope he's doing fine and happy.

Anonymous said...

~I Love You...

~Nothing Is Impossible...Ever..

~I May Be Fatally Optimistic...Or Foolishly Optimistic...

~but..I Can't Think That This Has All Been For Money..He's Always Acted From A Place Of Love..no Matter WHAT The Situation Was..

~And His Message Has Always Been To Persevere no Matter What The Odds Against You May Be..

~I Think That We Should Remain Open-Minded...Even When A Situation Seems Hopeless..There's Always Hope..If You Remain Open-Minded..And Strong..

~no Matter What Your Belief Is,Doggy...I Love You,Very Much..Always!~


~me...~ :-)


Anonymous said...

you are a wasted talent.michael died june 25th 2009,but to those like myself who work with his associates,friends for certain reasons...he died in 2005...as soon as a trial ended his life and spirit went with its ending.

You are an intelligent and insightful writer and instigator of thought provoking thinking.

shit taste in tv( neighbours lol..never forgot that convo re neighbours and prisoner)
but great taste performers ( MJ) and in using the net with purpose.


Justme said...

Our ego creates artificial arguments to support our own theory. But logic never fails. You proved it with this post. And that's why we should only rely on it. Those who believe Michael can come back are too young or too emotional or too caught in a fantasy(or simply stupid). Michael is not having planetary plans, will not take the lead of his army of love, doesn't fight Lucifers, will not project himself on skies, will not shock an entire planet that will remain mute to his coming back from dead, will not cause the day the Earth will stand still. Wake up. A lot of people don't even care about him. If Michael would do this (I'm being absurd now) he will at least confirm all the bad names and attributions of a borderline weird personality and everything that's been repaired since his death would be cancelled within a minute. If you live everyday in a forum where you've created your own world where your common Prince Charming will come back to rescue you, prepare to die virgins.

The simply truth is that Michael Jackson is an artist and a citizen of USA with the same rights and obligations as everyone else. He is not a movie character and his life is not a movie where things don't need to make sense to have an awesome script or play a grand role.

This hoax is simple, so simple that you wouldnt even accept it's simplicity because it would turn against your fantasies:
1.Michael is in debt.
2.Michael does what he knows best to make some money. Michael signs for 10 concerts.
3. Michael signs for 50, without even realising, consequence of drugs , disperation and snkeaky people around him who force his hand. (Get real, painkillers are also drugs)
4. Michael realizes he dies on stage and cancelling takes him into even more trouble. He tries to set later dates but he can't do it forever. At one point he must do the concerts.
5. Michael has no way out of escaping concerts but faking death.
6. Murray is promissed that if the operation is successful he will live a good life, but not without being in on it 100%, with the risk of being investigated.
7. Operation succesful, corruption succesful, the hoax looks real.
8. Michael is in hiding, Murray goes on with their plan. 2 years -4 years in jail in exchange of a rich life. Murray "immitates " to fight for his innocence.Doesn't want things to go to deep. All is well.
9. Big money are made, Michael is safe , probably well treated by personal doctors where he is (maybe in a private recovery center which I bet looks awesome). Everybody is a winner. His family, his children, himself. They're all rich and alive.

About lame theories:
Witness protection - I've noticed a lot supporters of it don't even bother to study what this means and case history. This hoax has none of the elements of it.

Threats - what threats? Exposing your children more than before? Do these kids look in some sort of danger by the way they live their life now? And since when is the Government or FBI the private bodyguard of a civil person?

Michael can't and will never be able to comeback anymore. Yes, we can say, Michel is dead.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that, except...someone, sometime through the years will talk or slip up. It will NOT remain hidden. If there is a rehab etc in the picture, someone will see $$$.

Me said...

I know, but I am sure he was aware of this risk when he decided to do it. This is why I believe he lives in amazing stress and life in hiding can't be a pleasure. Like a prisoner escaped with the tag WANTED on his face. How great it is that there are so many impersonators. He can always cover himself with that. On the other hand, who would believe a picture, even a video with nowadays miracle tech? So all these are in his favour, just in case...

Anonymous said...

On the contrary. For the first time EVER in Michael's life, he is finally able to LIVE. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Michael is deceased, and trying to tell that to the Death Hoax Souza squad only gets you crucified. Michael needs to rest in peace and be of light which is tough when you hear people saying you are still alive.

Anonymous said...

You only need to open your eyes to see all the evidence that he's alive. It's really not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

If you open your eyes and mind the evidence of a thousand theories can be seen it makes none of them fact and true. You could speculate anything from Living with Gorilla’s to death threats from Tohme due to dismissing him 2 months before all the way to some secret plan of the government to take the best artists and leaders of this earth on to a spacecraft to whisk them off to some far off planet like in Simpsons (wait maybe that’s a clue! lol) Searching for look a likes in the 2 months before his death could have been for decoys after death so the “I saw MJ” sightings would be dismissed or to fake the death. I can come up with DOZENS of theories. A new Actor in makeup and prosthetics, a screen writer in hiding, in rehab... everything that’s been seen in movies and tv shows are possible and if you look you will find what you seek. We can make anything seem real. it reminds me closely of how fans of doctor who theorize the story arc to the finale episodes and that there will be a grand entrance with it all being explained and everyone will be “oooh, that was a good one” and what then? Allegations? Expecting to dance once again like he use to? media circus lies? Would the world of fans really forgive him for playing with their emotions? Who has the right to inflict such pain of loss to a person and then to say “youhoo I’m here!”? Fans all over the world see him as a wonderful loving man who would hurt no one and wants to HEAL the world. True fans know that this would not be what that man would do. He would lose his title as the king of pop and he would go down in history not for his 50 years of exceptional entertainment..but the man who faked his death, If he has indeed faked his death, he is gone forever .There is no closure for many fans, they want to believe he is still alive, they are in denial, it’s a human process, Denial dissipate and closure is given at the funeral when you watch the body sink down into the earth. Memorials do not offer closure just celebration and remembrance of the person, Many people are paying tribute to him by doing good things in his name, the things he was encouraging the world to do for decades before he died, I wish he was alive, because his death has me wondering, He suffered at the hands of people and his own medical conditions, he was so lonely and he wanted friends who say who as a man named Michael not due to being famous, He did so much good, he reached out to the world in his music, he gave to charities, he helped people and what did all his good amount to? a suffering so harsh and a death so undignified due to the media. No happy ever after. Is that the reward you have from doing so much good? Spread joy and love and in return receive a life of loneliness and torment? So many people could not accept him as everything he was, taking away one aspect could have changed the man completely, mankind ripped him a part, even fans yanked at his hands, invaded his personal space and didn’t care of hurting him just to be touched by him claiming love, kids he helped through illnesses accused him. Oh I wish he was alive, I wish he is enjoying being a normal man shopping in a supermarket with real customers, or watching a movie in the theatres sharing in the “ohh”s and “ahhs” with a theatre full of strangers and truly living a life that isn’t lonely. It’s a lovely thought but the reality is, the man died and it was the only time the man was truly able to close his eyes and not have the pressures, judgements and loneliness life gave him. I hope those who contributed to his suffering in one way or feel a thousand guilt's for what they put a human being through, it’s called Emotional Abuse at its ugliest. He was a lost child he refused to grow up and see evil in everything. He saw life through childlike innocence which caused so much pain for him. He was not a bad person, we just lost our inner child innocence and so most could not understand him.

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