Christmas Is Here

Well, in actual fact it is just around the corner. And with that in mind is it time to start ending various things that are in the world.

Let us start with the fur trade. What sort of person really wants to wear the fur of an animal that was slaughtered just so they can get a nice fur lining on some piece of clothing? I mean, 50 years ago, the Nazis were making lampshades out of human skin and were classed as barbarians. What really gives mankind the right to slaughter an animal just for its fur? I mean the leather industry is fine - as McDonalds is going to make sure all the cows get killed any way so it is more of a by-product. But there is nobody eating an angora rabbit burger. Anyone seen wearing fur, fake or real, deserves to be covered in red paint.

Next; the Jehovah Witnesses. What the hell sort of Christian religion does not celebrate Christmas? Seriously, It is because Jesus was allegedly born in the Summer and therefore December is the wrong month. But does it matter if you celebrate the birth of the saviour of mankind in July or December? Surely as God-fearing Christians celebrating his son's birth is a good thing. These miserable bastards won't even celebrate their own birthday. Why not? Is it such a bad thing to celebrate Jehovah keeping you alive one more year? Even the Amish celebrate birthdays and them poor bastards have no electric, telephone, or television.

Movie remakes. Why? And who gets paid for these? It is not like anybody had to actually do any thinking. Just watch a movie from the seventies or eighties and shoot it again with different actors. But it isn't just that movie remakes are pointless; they are never as good as the original. The Omen, first created in 1976, and then remade in 2006 is a prime example of why movies should not be remade. The original was a horror based on atmosphere and suspense. The remake was an abortion in comparison; it totally lost the point of the original. A Nightmare On Elm Street is another great example. The original from 1984, starring Robert Englund, was a classic. Then in 2010 they remake it, without Robert Englund, without the wit and sarcasm of Freddy, and they just ruin it. They even spend nearly 15 minutes proving that Freddy was burned alive for being a pedophile. Nobody cares why Freddy was burned alive. It is not real; otherwise Freddy would of died in the fire.

Governments. What is the point? Governments do nothing but waste money and fuck things up. Looking at the U.S. you have two federal departments BCP (Border & Customs Patrol) and ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) doing the same job by their department names. If BCP are patrolling the borders and doing customs surely they don't need ICE doing customs too? Its an overlap; it is a reason to throw money away. And by the media reports neither department is doing that great at what they are meant to be doing. If the government was a company that actually answered to shareholders and the like it would have been liquidated years ago. There is so much overlap in the U.S. government that nobody is doing anything because they all think someone else in a different department is doing their job. And it isn't just the U.S. government; the U.K. government is closing Unemployment Offices while unemployment rises. Shows just how much the government know, and care, when the people who need them get shafted. And then these politicians wonder why they only last 4 years in office.

People pretending to be homeless. And we are not talking about Homeless Dave who is a mere character. We are talking about the scum that go out on a daily basis pretending to be homeless and begging for cash from strangers. It is time for these fuckers to be arrested and charged for fraud. Because some people give to these fakes and then the real homeless people, the ones that really need help, miss out. These fake homeless people are worse than prostitutes; at least when you see a prostitute on the street you know she really is a prostitute and not some con artist who is only pretending to have sex for cash. And for those wondering you can usually tell the prostitutes by the way they walk - just imagine John Wayne.

Criminals. Nearly everyone at some time breaks the law. But you have a select that continually break the law and are in and out of jail and prison their whole life. There should be a cut-off point. Break the same law three times and you are executed in a public place while the public look on. Watch the crime rate drop.

Political correctness has to go. You can't say anything without offending someone. You can't say Merry Christmas because you may offend someone who doesn't celebrate. You cant say people are fucking stupid you have to be polite and say they are mentally challenged. Sorry, but if the worse thing that happens in your life is that someone says you are fucking stupid - your life will be fine without a bunch of soft bastards worried that someone may actually say what they think.

Christmas may be the season to be jolly but under no terms does it say it is the season we give up the right to think and say what we think.

I'm going to end this post with a famous Christmas quote: "Bah! Humbug."


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