Question Everything

If you were one of the few that started this long, long, journey back in 2009 you are 2 years in on a journey that may never end - kind of like a Mr Magoo Mystery tour.

But just because it may never end does not mean people should stop questioning things.

OK. That is the safe version over. So anyone easily offended may want to leave right now as it is about to go old school MJHDC.

What the fuck are some of these ignorant fuckers thinking? Following dumbass wannabe basement dwellers like mjviva on Twittter like they really are Michael Jackson; or when their story changes that they are in contact with Michael Jackson at the very least. And to avoid the whole retarded "mjviva never said they were MJ" shit from these dumb fucks that think mjviva is on the level I'll embed the video here with mjviva's tweets in it. So if you want to fucking complain that mjviva never said they were Michael Jackson - watch the video, go back read their fucking tweets and then decide if you want to look like a retarded abortion by defending the statement that "mjviva never said they were MJ".

As far as I am aware Katherine Jackson is not some mad scientist that has been cloning her children in the basement. How many fucking Michael Jacksons are people going to follow? Come on, there can only be one Michael Jackson.

I'm now going to name some people that you may or may not have heard of. These people were around at the beginning and may, or may not, still be investigating the hoax in their own way - AnnaK, Ghostie, Eternal, Tee, Souza, and many more. These people, along with countless others, put in the work at the beginning. Questioning every little detail. Questioning anyone who even hinted at knowing something. Tore apart every statement looking for the truth. Uncovered many details and many people claiming to be something they are not.

(Yes it pained me to include Souza. But in all seriousness her and Mo were damn good investigators in this whole hoax before they went off the rails. So credit where credit is due.)

But that was back then. Now is a bit different. Now people will believe anything and everything that some fuck throws their way. What has mjviva ever proven?

Did mjviva say they were Michael Jackson? Yes.

Did mjviva call the trial result? No.

Did mjviva say MJ would return in November or December? Yes.

Did mjviva then change that prediction to no comeback? Yes.

So over 1000 retarded waste of semen want to believe that shit and follow mjviva? Go ahead. But don't drag me into the same retarded world.

Do I believe? Sort of; there is some doubt. Do I want to be labeled a believer? Fuck no. Because to be honest, right now the believers are looking like a bunch of abortions with 1 brain cell shared among them. And the good news is that it is going to get worse and worse. Because any bored person who wants a bit of attention is going to pretend to be Michael Jackson on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

So in a few months time George W. Bush would leap over 300 burning believers to put Alex Jones out. And remember when that day comes you all created it by allowing.

But that is just a possibility. The future can be changed. Start questioning every little thing. Start asking people that are giving cryptic tweets to be clear. Make them answer clear 'yes or no' questions. If they won't answer with a clear answer, rather than the usual cryptic bullshit, you can pretty much guess they are hiding something - and it isn't Michael Jackson.

The vast majority I have seen involved in looking at the hoax have shown they are smarter, more intelligent, than the current state of the hoax. So now is either the time to prove it or go down in history as a bunch of delusional wastes of oxygen that spent months believing Michael Jackson was an egg.

But, and this is an important but, don't take my word for it. Go in the archives of MJ-Kit, the archives of MJHD, and other forums. See what was happening 2 years ago. And then you'll see why, whether people believe or not, the hoax is doomed on its current path.


Asia said...

alot of people are being fooled, can't think for themselves, so many people just keep believing bs. I've learned to just really think for my self since i've been privately investigating the hoax. since then I've learned quite alot on my own even shocking to say the least.
I haven't even been back to any of those hoax websites because they are over there ethier running around in circles (souza) or busy trying to give flowers to me(mjhoax.net forum), I mean I came across a bloger who believed that MJ was ethier in neverland or carolwood but was not open to the possbilitie of michael being in a different country.
so many blind sheep like to follow dangerious wolfs lol.

Anonymous said...

Souza is fooling people with her alter-ego TS

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