Where Is Arnie?

Like some fucking psychedelic Wheres Waldo picture. The courtroom today, including the jury, has to be wondering "Where is Arnie Klein?"

While the so-called sleep medicine expert, Dr Nader Kamangar, said his review of Jackson's records showed the singer received Demerol from Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein.

Now cast your mind back three weeks ago: Ed Chernoff told jurors that in the months before his death, Jackson visited Klein's office as many as two to three times a week. "Dr Arnold Klein addicted Michael Jackson to Demerol."

The defense team, for Dr Conrad Murray is going to try and prove that due to a Demerol addiction Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia which Murray was trying to treat.

So, his name is being thrown around the courtroom like Murray throws one-dollar bills around a strip club and yet Arnie Klein is not going to be called. Odd? No, more like completely fucking weird. Arnie Klein is not even on the possible witness list; and in one of the pre-trial hearings the judge, Michael Pastor, ensured that Arnie Klein would not testify by limiting evidence to 72 hours before the death of Michael Jackson - and only that which is relevant to the care Dr Conrad Murray provided to Michael Jackson.

Although Arnie may have played the biggest part leading up to all this he will never have to testify in court about anything. Which means we will never know - not that we would anyway because Arnie Klein is known to tell the odd lie or two or thousand.

Some have suggested that the prosecution were instrumental in keeping Arnie Klein out of the courtroom because of concerns from the Michael Jackson estate. Now, the only thing I could find is that back in 2004, Howard Weitzman, who now represents the Michael Jackson estate and executors in all litigation matters represented Arnie Klein in a lawsuit where Klein was unsuccessfully sued for botox misuse on a patient. Allegedly, since then Howard Weitzman hasn't spoken to Klein.


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