Lets Call A Spade A Spade

Before anyone starts complaining that to use the term 'spade' is racist; according to Wikipedia it simply means: "To be outspoken, blunt, even to the point of rudeness; to call things by their proper names without any 'beating about the bush'."

Right with that little bit out the way on to the post; which is all about some fake ass wannabe Michael Jackson on Twitter. That person is @mjviva.

I went over to their account to check their tweets to see if there had just been a misunderstanding of some sort and read the last 7 days. No misunderstanding - the person is definitely a basement dweller that thinks they are Michael Jackson; well they think they are but then in other tweets they think they are not and are just involved somehow.

Before looking at the tweets lets get one thing out of the way. If Michael Jackson faked his death on June 25, 2009 in front of the whole world he is not going to make some announcement about his well-being, location, or life with a Twitter account that is just a fucking egg. Seriously, if you think that I am sure there are a million telemarketers that would love to call you right now and sell you something you don't need.

Anyway, on with the tweets:

(October 7, 2011)

"SEE YOU SOON. MICHAEL" You'll notice the period between "soon" and "Michael". So it is is Michael? Of course it is. No really that is all the proof you need. No it is not JokeCalmsChina, PeterPanPYT, or InMySmallCell (or whatever). Michael Jackson has tweeted to the entire world. Of course he didn't - because a purple egg told you this you are going to believe it? Take drugs in your strange world?

(Both October 7, 2011)

"The return timing is 2011." "Expect something good in November." The classic lines from bullshit basement dwellers. Anticipation. So November 2011? I doubt it. It just gives mjviva a whole extra month before they are outed to even the blind as a fake.

You all know how to look at a Twitter profile. I don't need to be pasting every little tweet for you to read.  But just remember that the tweets are signed as "MJ aka mjviva" and "MICHAEL". If you think it is Michael all well and good I'm sure you'll lead a very fruitful life and eventually working up to manager at the local McDonalds.

But seriously, if you want to believe that this purple egg has any connection to the hoax go ahead. No really. Makes no difference to me. I just know that come the end of November 2011 a bunch of people will all come to the realization this mjviva is another person that has a sad life and instead of being themselves they have to pretend to be Michael Jackson on Twitter.

Don't take my word for it. Look at what they have tweeted. Read the Twitlonger posts they posted and decide for yourself. But while you are deciding remember that this purple egg Michael Jackson is meant to be the same Michael Jackson that sold millions of albums; and wowed millions with his concerts?


Anonymous said...

I think U understand NOTHING about human psychology, Internet as a playground and best way to "test the waters". (we'll go over the fact that you were obviously not even able to read his tweets right ...)
You see in Michael the pop star and nothing but that, proof you understood NOTHING about the Man.
If MJviva is fake or not is really irrelevant, fact is ... you are light years away from understanding who Michael is ...
Guess the game is simply not for you.

MJHDC said...

"If MJviva is fake or not is really irrelevant"??? Irrelevant? How? Why make out you are someone you are not. It is obvious mjviva is not Michael Jackson but it is OK to try and fool people into thinking that? So attempting to fool/trick people (both believers and non-believers) into thinking you are Michael Jackson is OK by your standards. Obviously my standards are slightly higher.

"Internet as a playground and best way to "test the waters"." So what waters are they testing? A playground to see how many gullible people will fall for their bullshit?

"You see in Michael the pop star and nothing but that, proof you understood NOTHING about the Man." And obviously you knew Michael Jackson personally and not just the things that written about him; both good and bad. We all make assumptions with regards to celebrities. We see what they want us to see. Now, Michael, as an example lead a very private life when away from the media. We can only guess what he was like in private.

"Guess the game is simply not for you." True. I didn't think it was a game. I thought believers and non-believers just wanted the truth; or at least some answers to the various questions that remain. If you want to play game that is your choice; go ahead roll the dice.

If your going to suggest things it would be nice if you backed it up with some sort of argument, fact, or proof. To wildly defend mjviva being in a playground testing the waters in some sort of game really doesn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

I just hate to see ignorant people, I really do. To be associated with those kinds of MJ fans is just short of embarrassing. Several people, me included have contacted the offices of the Michael Jackson Estate lawyers, Branca, to be precise, to report this imposter on Utube, using Michael Jackson's name. Shortly thereafter the account was closed by Utube. I cannot for the live of me understand, how these people that follow this EGG, can be so gullible and stupid! And then to come on here and leave such a pathetic comment on here is just mindblowing. Like you said MJHDC you have to leave those brain dead so called "Fans" of MJ to their own devices, they will land on their backsides sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

I sent my concerns to John Branca when MJVIVA had his bogus U-tube account going, to which Branca's staff quickly responded to me in an E-mail thanking me for my concerns and assured me his U-tube account would be shut down for violations of copy write infringements, which a week later was exactly what happened. So he then moved to Twitter and took his band of followers with him. Again, he has been reported by many of us concerned about his intentions as well as his phony “claim to fame”, that being he is Michael Jackson. He is clearly committing identify theft and he has been told this on many occasions, if even one soul believes him. Apparently though, the estate can only do so much about these sad people, who apparently as you eluded to already, have NO lives whatsoever and seek self pleasure through hurting others. That is truly a sickness, one these individuals may not even realize they have. The ones who follow him though are even sadder. These are clearly desperate people who will grasp at anything, believe anything they are told, even if it could not be further from the truth. After many attempts to show them how ridiculous they are being, I have given up and if they are so willing to be lead like sheep to slaughter, then so be it. You can only do so much for people who really don't understand Michael and haven't a clue as to how much work and time he has put into this great adventure and who aren't willing to show the patience needed for Michael to bring this historical event to its proper closure, in his own time, when HE is ready. I know the genius of Michael Jackson and know with 100% certainty, he won't be returning as a purple egg on twitter appeasing a small group of fanatical fans who don't have a clue who he really is and what he is really about. Thank you for posting this though, maybe you will be able to reach at least one of those lost souls! L.O.V.E. ♥

Anonymous said...

I have been away from the MJ community for some time now and just read this blog entry and clicked the link to mjviva.

I am amazed that more than 2 years later, MJ fans are STILL being fooled to believe MJ is writing on Twitter.
How many BAM dates/times have they been waiting for him now? Still they wait and believe the next freak posting another date.

Guess some things never changes. That's actually quite sad.

SoulCaliber said...

Viva means alive in Italian. So if Michael Jackson on Twitter when he is meant to be hiding would he be on an account that says MJ is alive. If he faked his death he wouldnt be advertising it.

I think the people that believe this rubbish would follow a turd if it said it was Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up hope. I've reported viva to Twitter 9 times & 1 case remains open. I alerted the estate about that 1 case and hopefully it will be all we need to remove this faker, but be advised they still have a you tube account that's dormant. I'm watching it. Cheers, Buttercup

Anonymous said...

~Hello,Doggy!..I'm Janet..yes..THAT Janet..And You Just HAVE To Believe me..Because After All..I'm Stating This On The World Wide Web!..And It Just ADDS To The Mystique Because This Post Is Going To Say It Was Written By "Anonymous"...but..You Can TRUST me!!..I Would Never Lie To Youuu! Honestly!! You Should Leave my Big Brother @mjviva Alone!! You Bad Doggy,You! You KNOW How Sensitive He Is..How PRIVATE He Is..That's Why He Only Has 886 Followers...Because Of His Shy And Humble Nature! I Have To Go,now..I Have To Get Up Early For Another Interview..I'll Smile During The Segment About my Big Brother @mjviva..Just For YOU,Doggy!Just As Long As You Promise There Won't Be Videos Flooding The Web The Next Day About my Inappropriate Emotional Status..ohh..And By The Way..? He CHOSE To Use That Egg Avatar..He LOVES Easter..And Bunnies...Especially The WHITE RABBITS...Speaking Of Which..I Really AM Late!!...Ta!~

~*~LOVE!!!~*~ :-)

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO a Janet Jackson imposter :-). MJHDC I concur with you. I wonder if mjviva is that nutcase from the Italian forum. I forgot the name now, because I did not buy into the lies.

Anonymous said...

"Janet" don't you know he love Christmas? Everybody knows that!...Ohh, i almost forgot to tell you something. Your "brother" (mjviva) lied to you. MJ is not coming back, EVER!

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