Wake Up The Trial Is Almost Over

The Conrad Murray trial is all but over. And what have we learned from it all? Medical experts chosen as witnesses seem to be one step away from comatose. They are possibly the most boring people in the entire world.

Michael Jackson didn't need Propofol - he should of just paid these people to sit in his room and start them talking. He'd of been asleep in seconds and would have stayed asleep for hours while these boring bastards discussed the various details of IV bags, Propofol, and other things.

This is possibly the trial of the decade. The current generations OJ Simpson trial and it is full of boring people with about as much personality as roadkill.

Judge Michael Pastor has tried to inject a little bit of life with the occasional joke or smart remark. But that has not been enough to counter the likes of Flanagan, Chernoff, White, and Shafer who have made it a personal mission to send the jurors to sleep.

Why couldn't Jim Carrey be a Propofol expert? Anybody but the boring people they paraded in court. It could have all been so different:

Chernoff: And your name for the record is?
Witness: Dr Who.
Chernoff: Who?
Witness: No, not really, it is Dr James Steele, I just always wanted to use the Dr Who line.
Chernoff: Umm OK. And you are an expert in Propofol?
Wtiness: Yes I am. I can get you some seems your boy there can't order it anymore.
Chernoff: No, that is not what I meant.
Witness: Well you need to be clearer then.
Chernoff: So can you describe ...
Witness: Wait. I got one for you. Two nuns walk into a bar and order Propofol ...
Judge: Whoa there. Now is not the time.
Witness: Just trying to lighten the mood.
Judge: Its a very serious matter.
Witness: That is what the bartender said to the nuns.
Chernoff: Objection.
Judge: Overruled I've heard that one before it is what the bartender says.

Nobody cares how many milligrams of Propofol it takes to put a piglet butt to sleep. Nobody cares what Dr White had to say. The trial has been a let down. So no matter what the outcome of the trial it may go down in history as one of the most boring 'celebrity' trials ever.

You know it is a boring trial when the highlight has been a pumpkin, an elephant, and Murray's hooker girlfriend showing up with her dollar store weave looking like she just finished a shift at 'Jiggles' strip club.


WhokilledMJ? said...

LOL Well I found the doctor very funny....and yep, if you can't sleep this trial is the best therapy ever to put everybody to sleep in seconds :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, yep, and yep. Too much medical lingo that goes straight over my head!

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