The Hoaxer's Halloween

The following story is fictional. All people, places, and situations bearing any resemblance to real life, persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

It was the night before Halloween, Devil's Night to some, but to the various hoaxers, and believers, around the world it was the third night in which believers were being killed off.

Two days ago, in California, a prolific believer had been killed. Local police had chalked the murder up to just another senseless killing; but any believer who saw the crime scene knew something more had taken place.

When Twiggy was discovered. She was tied to her bed; her naked body seemingly punctured over and over again by a knife. Blood soaked the sheets. If that was all the details believers might also feel it was just another senseless murder. But there was clues that police had overlooked - because to them the clues meant nothing. All over the wall, written in blood, was the phrase "7x7x7". There was a single white glove found on the floor. The police did a complete sweep of the room - no fingerprints, no DNA, no nothing as evidence.

The local police, in California, said it was a killing, that although strange, appeared to be random and would unlikely be repeated. As far as they were concerned it was another murder that would go unsolved.

Yesterday in Newcastle, England, another believer was killed. The body of Henda had been found hanging in an abandoned warehouse. Hanging from the beam was Henda. His body had slowly dripped every fluid ounce of blood to the floor below. Yet again another killing. Local media said that the police were confused by the scene but were unlikely to solve this murder.

The scene was later described by the local news. Henda had been hanging, his blood slowly leaving his body as he died a slow, painful, death. Police found a single white glove; although there was no message this time. No message until the blood was cleaned up that is. As the blood was washed from the floor, below Henda was a circular message - a calling card. It read "7x7x7x7x7x7x". Once again there was no evidence. No fingerprints. Nothing.

The rumors were already starting on Twitter. Someone was going around the world killing believers. But who could be doing such a thing. Who could be creating these horrible murder scenes without leaving the police so much as a single strand of evidence to work with?

Then it happened. As soon as the news broke it was all over Twitter. Souza, the administrator of a hoax forum, had been killed. Details were sketchy to say the least. All that was known is that Souza had been murdered. Yet another believer killed. The scene was later described: Souza had been in the kitchen. Someone took a knife and cut her throat. Then they cut off her arms; then her legs. She had died screaming in pain. Once again there was a single white glove. There was also the message of "7x7x7" carved into her torso. No evidence was found.

It was the next day, Halloween, believers worldwide were worried that one of them was going to be next. Three people had died and it would most likely happen again tonight. But who was it to be? Butterflies400 checked her direct messages on Twitter - one stood out:

Happy Halloween Hoaxers!


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Loved it (Smiling)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! you almost killed all the hoaxers that we have!!!
LOL and you mixted Butterflies400 in this mess..poor girl.
Be careful OUT THERE have a very sick minds and you can be giving them bad ideas!! LOL!!!

Keep going with this blog posts, there is much needed this good humor sense. :)

MJHDC said...

Sick minds ... I'll be honest I never thought of it ... I'll add a copyright notice so they can't copy it ... LOL

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