Getting What You Get

McDonald's estimate that they sell 550 million Big Macs in the United States alone. That is 17 Big Macs sold every second. There are at present 307,006,550 people in the United States - so that is almost 2 Big Macs per every person in the United States.

But why the fuck are they so popular? As burgers go they are definitely not the tastiest burger.

As price goes they are also not the cheapest - the average price in the United States for a Big Mac is $3.90 (just for the Big Mac sandwich). It is estimated because of buying power and other factors it costs just 70 cents to make each Big Mac.  That is a whopping $3.20 gross profit per each Big Mac sandwich; or a yearly gross profit of $1,760,000,000. Over 1.75 BILLION dollars each year just on the Big Mac sandwich.

Big Mac Promotional Picture

This is the picture you see when you order your Big Mac sandwich. Notice the succulent burger patties. Notice the crisp green lettuce. Notice the soft bun. Everything placed together with love, care, and attention. It is the picture of health as far as burger sandwiches go.

But it is also a complete fucking lie.

Actual Big Mac

This is a picture of an actual Bic Mac sandwich. You will notice the burger overall looks a whole lot smaller than the 'advertising' picture that McDonald's use. Look at those burger patties - not only are they anorexic in comparison but they look drier than the Sahara Desert. The lettuce is looking a little limp; and the bun is looking like it has seen better days. And what happened to the love, care, and attention putting it together?

How many people hand it back and say "What the fuck is this shit? I didn't order this fucking abortion. You see that burger with the number 1 next to it that is what I fucking ordered. I wouldn't give this shit you just sold me to my neighbor's dog. And by the way I don't like my neighbor's dog!"

Globally, and not just at McDonald's, people have become more apathetic. We'll accept pretty much anything without complaining. And big corporations and governments have noticed that on the whole the general public will bend over and take it up the ass; and say "thank you" afterwards.

It is like walking in to a car dealership and ordering one of these:

Ferrari F-430 Spider

And getting one of these for your $100,000:

Reliant Robin

Saying thanks to the dealer as you drive off at 0 to 60 in about 2 minutes - and a fucking wheel short.

But corporations and governments will only keep shafting the public as long as they can get away with it. If the majority say nothing they'll keep pushing out the same shit at higher and higher prices without giving a flying fuck about the person they are selling it to.

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You're a terrible writer.

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Fuck Master Flex said: "You're a terrible writer."

Thanks. I try my best. The route I usually take is to write it. Then I enter what I call the "Master Flex Zone" and dumb it down so that people can make pointless comments on it. This approach seems to be working.

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Should be a compliment coming from that "thing".

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