From Three To One

Starving Marvin is dead. A short and fruitless life really so no great loss. Hoax News Network has moved on to pastures new; and as all will undoubtedly remember Homeless Dave was fired for accepting a 'bribe' from Propofol as a sponsor.

So where does that leave everything? Exactly where it was before - MJHDC. All the others were merely puppets created by a strange and weird mind that just decided to cut their strings.

As can be seen by the 'new' blog header it is just one crazy ass dog again.

Let the fun begin.


Anonymous said...

~*~Doooooooggggggggyyyyyyyy!!!~*~ :-) ~*~giggle!!~*~ :-)

~*~LOVE!!!~*~ :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok...I'm not buying this..your blog just like other media outlets is owned by Illuminati... The Illuminati sign is right here in clear sight...how dare you think you can fool us..your dog has eyes & as we all know "eye" is the Illuminati sign.
Marvin is not dead. Where is the death certificate, where is the obituary? above all where is the body? we demand to see the body even though we had never seen Marvin when he was alive....

I call on all troot seeking people to hold hands and start a hoax death investigation. we are going to start a new campaign called Justice4Marvin
So I'm warning you: we can't be fooled because we have been fooled by far too many people and after more than 2 years of hoax experience in MJ's case, we feel like we know enough to take you on and You are ON!

MJHDC said...

@Hot Ice ... Damn, the eyes were spotted. I was hoping that would be subliminal.

MarvinHoaxDeath.COM was registered by an anonymous source on September 25, 2011; 2 days before he died. So you may be on to something there.

I'll get back to my Illuminati buddies and decide which country is going broke next. Any complaints if Greenland goes financially under?


Anonymous said...

I knew it and I am not just saying that because I'm under influence of mysterious gases! You are probably going to present us with an autopsy report but I know that it is of a gerbil & not Marvin. And don't you forget that money grubbing losers who are either gay or live in their mother's basement will be there every step of the way to support us and warn us against people like you, by posting cryptic messages.

I am going to use Quran to calculate when Marvin will be gracing us with his presence and even come up with double BAM theories.
So I am warning you. Beware you Illuminati dog...BEWARE

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