The Notebook Of Michael Jackson

Yesterday, it was announced that a notebook was found, reportedly belonging to Michael Jackson, in a bookstore in Germany. The one thing that makes this stand out among other writings from Michael Jackson is that it is supposedly written after his reported death.

Dieter Ehrlichmann, of Dresden, said: "I was looking for a particular book. It is a very old book. It is called 'Der Schiess-Sport und seine Regeln'. Well I never found it. The bookstore said they could not order it either. But as I was looking at the shelves of dusty old books I noticed this light blue notepad. I pulled it out from the shelf and the cover read 'Michael's Notebook - Do Not Look Inside'; being German the first thing I did was look inside. It appears to be notes written by Herr Michael Jackson. But as I read some of the pages the notes were dated after he was dead."

Although the notepad has not officially been verified in any way the Michael Jackson Estate has already filed papers restricting the sale, or reproduction, of the notepad. John Branca said: "This is obviously not the work of Michael Jackson, but at the same time we don't want this sort of thing flooding the market as if it was. So, we have ensured for the time being that the notebook is never made public."

Amazon spokeswoman, Patty Smith, went on record saying: "I know that the Jackson Estate is trying to make sure that nobody reads this as it blows the lid off of the whole idea that Michael Jackson is dead. But what they seem to be forgetting is that if this notebook is proven to be real then the world has a right to see it. That is why Amazon, along with other reputable publishers intend to challenge this ridiculous legal move to stop the reproduction. We are interested in getting this to the public; so that they can decide."

Although reproduction and sale of the notebook has been temporarily halted below is a few extracts that were noted by Dieter Enrlichmann before handing the notebook over to a representative of the Michael Jackson Estate:

"June 26, 2009 - Seems odd to be dead. First time I have been able to wake without the media wondering what I was eating for breakfast. At least now Jermaine will stop calling asking for money; it is not my fault he cannot hold back long enough to put a condom on. I pay for my own children why should I pay for his? Anyway enough writing I'm heading to Walmart to get some less suspicious clothes. The woman across the road noticed my white socks and fedora hat. I had to lie to her and tell her I was ECasanova. She didn't know who he was."

"July 7, 2009 - Watched my own memorial, well most of it as TBS had a Family Guy marathon on, cannot believe that Jermaine sang Smile. I really liked that song. But not anymore. Every time I hear it now it will make me think of Jermaine looking like he is straining on the toilet. Nice to see Mom wearing something other than blue; but I would have had a nice hat to finish the outfit off."

"August 8, 2009 - There is a forum about me hoaxing my death. It is run by some woman who wears adult diapers. Why? I don't know. I think this forum is pretty good but the way it is being handled it will most likely go down the tubes very fast. It looks like something Jermaine would try and set up."

"March 6, 2010 - Why are people so stupid? Obviously if you are running a hoax death website the Illuminati didn't kill me. That doesn't even make any sense. Called Dad; didn't say anything but it was good to hear his voice. Not sure who the woman who answered the phone was but it definitely wasn't Mom."

One note that Dieter remembered vividly was a recent entry concerning a comeback.

"March 22, 2011 - Read online that Jermaine is writing a book. What the hell? Wasn't even sure that Jermaine could form complete sentences without help from his many kids. I wasn't planning on coming back until July; but if he releases a book full of lies I might have to come back early just to defend myself."

Although the notebook has still not been verified it has given hope to those that believe Michael Jackson is still alive.


Cuss Count: Zero

Legal Notice: This post is satire. Dieter Enrlichmann, John Branca, Patty Smith, and Michael Jackson had nothing to do with this post. Surprisingly there is no notebook found. This post is not connected with any news agency; nor is it sponsored.


Anonymous said...

LOL Smiling

Anonymous said...

I found that funny..:)
I've thought ppl are kinda stupid sometimes too...now, I believe in the ILLUMINATI being real but no way do I think he could not outsmart them...yes of course..remember all those music videos...they wanted to control him and he turned the tables on them...the "all seeing eye" in the video...that must been really nice for them...NOT....


Anonymous said...

Thank You! It is funny, fantastic story, but amaizing. We have to smile for some time. I don`t like Jarmaine and that`s why i liked this story. I wish it was reall..... I love you - MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randa said...


Anonymous said...

Is that real? or is it just a story

Anonymous said...

Just a "light"bulb moment here.
Looking at the Legal Notice you put at the end of your blogs, is there a possibility we could lobby to have a Disclaimer plastered on the front of all tabloid magazines to the effect "Reading this material may impair your brain function to think outside the Box. If you don't understand this message then I'm afraid the damage is done."

Love and Light

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I were Herrn Ehrlichmann's wife. Reading that notebook would've certainly contributed to discovering the man I never knew. First-hand, lol. But unfortunately I am neither Frau Ehrlichmann nor Mrs. Ehrlichfrau, I am just JM, nothing more, nothing less.
So I need to rely on you Doggie. Can't you contact this dude and convince him to divulge any more of Michael's entries ? Shamone !

gina said...

that was very funny, thank you :))

Anonymous said...

"Why are people so stupid? Obviously if you are running a hoax death website the Illuminati didn't kill me. That doesn't even make any sense."
Should I believe? HAHA

Anonymous said...

Not true, Michael always called him mum, mother, and his dad Joseph, not dad.

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