Things Don't Add Up

Personally, I don't care if people believe in the hoax or not. But as time goes by the increase in nutjobs and fake Michael Jacksons it is like the hoax is a light to the retards that troll the Internet - flying straight in to the light.

But whether you believe or not some things just do not add up; and I'm not talking about some dumbass math equation. Nor am I talking about supposed clues that Michael Jackson put into place back in biblical times.

The things that make me wonder the most are proven facts which just do not make sense; and can be checked by anybody and everybody. More to the point they should be checked by everybody.

1. AEG Live is part of a multi-billion group called the Anschutz Entertainment Group. Michael Jackson is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, superstars of our time. AEG were betting a lot of cash on the O2 tour dates; and Michael Jackson saw it as an opportunity to 'reboot' his career and possibly be the start of a world tour. So why hire a doctor who by his previous medical record was not that good; and by court testimony from Michael's bodyguards didn't even know CPR even though he is allegedly a cardiologist? And AEG were to pay this doctor $150,000 per month? Sorry but for $150,000 a month I would at least want a doctor who actually knew CPR.

2. The TMZ connection. No I don't think Michael Jackson and Harvey Levin are working together; but TMZ did report the the death SIX whole minutes before it was pronounced. And since June 25, 2009 TMZ has become the Mecca for Michael Jackson fans; both believers and non-believers alike. Obviously it can be said that TMZ just got lucky - but their 'announcement' of Michael's death was a whole SIX minutes before the doctors at UCLA pronounced him dead.

3. CPR. Just how long did they do CPR? Well that depends on which series of events is true. But, if we take the reported series of events, which may or may not be true, Conrad Murray started CPR before the 911 call, continued while the paramedics were at the house, continued further in the ambulance, and then other doctors at UCLA tried even more. So the 911 call was supposedly placed at 12:21PM, paramedics left 100 North Carolwood Drive at 1:08PM, doctors at UCLA pronounced death at 2:26PM. So, in total approximately 2 hours of CPR. I'm no doctor but in checking all this CPR stuff out it is noted that brain death occurs after 10-12 minutes; with brain damage occurring after just 3 minutes. And most doctors would cease CPR after 30 minutes.

4. Since the reported death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 instead of friends, family, and close business associates respectfully mourning they have all been cashing in. There have been books by the boat load, AEG & Sony rushed to get This Is It out in the cinema and then on DVD, Jermaine Jackson has organized more tributes than he has kids, Katherine Jackson with the help of one seriously shady businessman, Howard Mann, wrote a book about her son, and Joe Jackson instead of grieving on June 29, 2009 used the BET awards tribute to his son to advertise his own recording label. Hardly, in my mind, the actions of family and friends that are mourning the loss of a loved one.

5. On the subject of loved ones grieving. Where were close friends of Michael Jackson during the memorial and funeral? Most notably Diana Ross, who Michael was going to trust to look after his kids never made it to either. And other friends never made it because of their schedules. I know they are famous but when a death occurs family and friends pull together.

These 5 things are not clues which only a 'true believer' can deduce. These are reported facts which when considered just do not add up.

A brief overview of these facts would read:

An incompetent doctor gets paid $150,000 a month for a job he cannot do. Medical professionals, paramedics, and the doctors at UCLA forget all protocols. TMZ announce the death before it actually happens. Friends don't show up to pay respect. And instead of grieving the family cash in and start lawsuits against anyone and everyone for capital gain.

Reading the facts off it is difficult to decide it is not a hoax. And to answer these things that don't add up:

1. For $150,000 a month Murray better have been something else; because for that money he wasn't worth it as a doctor.

2. TMZ messed up. Not sure why they would know but maybe, and it is just a maybe, they knew something. Either that or a doctor at UCLA called TMZ before announcing the death. Or Harvey and the crew realized after an hour of CPR there was no coming back.

3. CPR for that long makes no sense whatsoever and appears to be just a cover.

4. Friends and family are not grieving because they know Michael is alive. Not all of them; but the important ones.

5. Same thing really. Why turn up to a memorial and funeral when you know the person is alive?


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Anonymous said...

I love your reasoning without going off into adfinitum theories. Great job of showing how logic can induce truth. The truth will prevail.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, nothing makes sense. Things are not what they seem. I hope the TROOT will prevail and MJ is alive...
LOVE and PEACE ♥♥♥

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