Nazi Cash Scheme

Just when you think the Nazi lesbians cannot get any worse they do; and they still have the little faggot clown lurking in the background ready to pop out when some fucking crackhead scheme comes up.

Now I'm not going to throw a link up. If you don't know where the Nazi HQ is by now just follow the stench of bullshit flowing from the place.

I have 3 pages of screenshots just in case Souzadolf takes the post down, like she did the last request for people to donate money.

Before we get started I am not against charity, or charities, but only when you can trust the people behind it to a certain extent. Sorry, but I would trust these 3 fuckers to organize an orgy in Las Vegas. Seriously, these three Alex Jones wannabes don't trust the banking system because it is controlled by the all-powerful, all-killing, all-mind-controlling, Illuminati but they want to start an escrow charity account. Kind of like asking Jeffery Dahmer to manage the local YMCA.

Let us start at the beginning of all this craziness. Souza creates a post entitled "I Registered A Domain And Would Like To Know Your Thoughts" Starts harmless enough, but as always with these Nazi fuckups there is a catch.

Souza in her first post states:

"I realized that I posted 2 domain names that were still available and that if the wrong person would read it, it would be gone. I therefore decided to register the domain www.michaelsarmyoflove.com. I am not sure if you guys agree with the domain name, but I think it's perfect and if you don't like it, I know other ways to use it."

Wrong person? Shut the fuck up. Drugs have riddled your fucking brain. Nobody in their right mind would want any association with the "Army Of Love" organized by two Dutch fuckups and an AIDS infested clown. The only people not in their right mind that might want it are the forum members that kiss your fucking ass just before you speak out of it.

But as usual things go from bad to worse. couple of posts down Souza opens her ass to say:

"That is why Badkolo pointed out the escrow foundation charity account."

Yeah, trust Badkolo, the fucker only turns up to bitch at members that don't agree with the Nazi regime running the fucked up forum. But let us take a trip to Wikipedia for some details on this great ESCROW account idea.

Wikipedia states, in the opening line: "Escrow services are intended to ensure security by acting as a middleman in transactions where the two parties do not trust each other."

Alarm bells should be going off in your heads right about now. "... where the two parties do not trust each other." Excuse me, but if you don't trust someone why would you give them your money? Seems like a fucking lose-lose situation. You don't trust someone so you set up an escrow account so you can give them money.

But Wikipedia goes on to state: "In the bogus escrow scam, a scammer sets itself up as the recipient of money or goods and then requests the use of an escrow service which is, in fact, self-operated. This bogus escrow service assures the victim that the scammer has sent its item and that the victim should send its item to the escrow service. In fact, this amounts to sending the item to the scammer, who then immediately closes down the escrow service and does not send its item to the victim. The scammer blames the escrow service, claiming that the item was with it at the time it closed down; if the victim did not investigate the escrow service before using it, the ruse may be believed."

So, basically someone you don't trust sets up an escrow account as a scam. Now seems the fucked up trio already took one topic down about donating if the alarm bells were not ringing before they should be loud and clear by now. But just before we leave the knowledge of Wikipedia let us look at the last line of the article: "The rise of Internet escrow has led to a dramatic increase in bogus Internet escrow companies." Anybody else hearing those alarm bells?

Then a few posts down Mo mentions that this escrow service is not free, but Souza cannot be bothered to deal with such details such as how much extra money is needed to get the $5,000 plus the escrow service fee; no she is too busy convincing people that it is a legitimate deal:

"Of course one of us could do it for free, I know I could and I know I am trustworthy, but you can't know that. An independent third party is the best option in this case."

To quote the Queen, form Shakespeare's Hamlet: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Some think this is a bit cynical. But normally when someone tries to continually say something there is a reason behind it - especially when money is concerned.

In jumps 2good2btrue. Sorry but that name in this thread is just pure irony. Anyway, 2good2btrue jumps in to say: "Love this idea.......it takes more than one voice to be heard." OK. Forget which forum you are on? Michael Jackson has brought so many people together as ONE VOICE. Suppose with all the Illuminati bullshit and fucked up theories has clouded that fact.

Finally sanity jumps into the ring under the guise of bec; who says: "I am also mildly instinctively offended at the notion that members here aren't already doing their part to be the man in the mirror and make that change ... Again, wonderful idea. But I have reservations that this won't blow up in someone's face. This death hoax community is turbulent, you know what I mean? Do we really have to "prove" that we are walking the walk to the internet community?"

Hallelujah. Sanity. A sensible point too. Why set up yet another service so that people can do what they are already doing?

Moving on to page 2 PJ4MJ starts the insanity off again. It had to happen, the tin foil hat was too fucking tight or something. PJ4MJ says: "It would be nice to see Michael's name connected with charity (as it should be) more than all the tabloid BS." Fuck off. You have to be kidding me. Did you forget which fucked up forum you logged into to post that? The same fucked up forum where the admin contacted The Sun thinking they would be useful to spread the word of the hoax. Too fucking funny. Might want to log into The National Enquirer next.

Play the trumpets, let some fireworks off, and rejoice. The faggot clown has taken his dick out of his boyfriend long enough to comment on the bullshit:

"I am a kind and giving person, some know this first hand, so im all into helping others, and I agree that this is a thoughtful idea and thats why i gave my input, if souza & mo want to help a charity then so be it but as long as you all know it cant be attached to this site in any way, I and they do not need any legal issues brought because of charitable donations."

So it cannot be attached to this site in any way? Hard to do seems it is already advertised and posted on the site in question. But, the bigger question is why can't a charity escrow be linked to the forum where the Army Of Love movement sort of originated? Something is smelling fishier than a Las Vegas hooker at 3am on a Sunday morning.

Now back to Souza: "We can do a lot of good with it and that is what's important, not what someone else thinks of us or any blogger on the internet that needs to get a life and do something with it instead of slandering someone else." Nicely done. Suggest that anyone suggesting this venture is anything less than legitimate is wrong before they even do it. Damage control. Scary thing is she thinks it will work. But she continues: "I don't need approval from anyone to do anything. TS is apparently happy with the subforums but I think that's not enough." If you don't need approval from the lying cunt TS why mention that they are happy with the sub-forums? Seems like a contradictory statement. But she does go on to make a point I agree with: "It's not a good idea if either me, Badkolo or Mo are affiliated with this site." Yeah, kind of like asking Gacy to be the clown at little Timmy's birthday party.

Then, sticking with good points, in comes Mo who states: "I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned too much emphasis is put on 'donating money'. I'd rather put the emphasis on actual acting - putting effort into doing something for another person, really helping people by putting your shoulder to the wheel. I think that will make a bigger change than donating a couple of bucks every week." Souza has got to be doing her fucking head in with this dissension among the ranks. I have to agree with Mo on this point though. Any fucker can put their hand in their pocket but those that really want to help actually get out there and do the actual work.

But Souza has to shit on the idea of Mo; with people actually putting their shoulder to the wheel by saying: "That is not something we can do together, simply because we live thousands of miles apart from each other." Yeah, why would people want to help those near to them? Fuck them. You can help someone thousands of miles away while your own community goes to shit. Make sense? No.

But Souza doesn't need to worry about the dissension too much as she has bigger plans to worry about: "So far there hasn't been anyone who raised his/her hand to volunteer for the management of it. If necessary I would do it myself." Nice turn around there Adolf. From not wanting to be involved to volunteering to run it. You think your forum members cannot read and remember? The usual bullshit from the Nazi admin.

trustno1 comes up with a great idea, which Souza will most likely ignore: "I think if some people are going to feel uneasy with it there has to be a deciding vote to gauge the amount of members for it and those against it." Exactly, the Army Of Love is made up of the forum members let them decide. Yet more sanity in a fucked up situation. And lo, and behold, Souza doesn't even consider a vote on her next post. No surprise there really.

But Souza disturbs the sanity once again by saying: "I don't think it's a good idea either Mo, Badkolo or I are affiliated with it in any way like I posted before." Obviously she forgot that she volunteered to manage in between.

So it would be amiss of me to just bitch and not offer a possible solution. So here it is. Its a lot easier, doesn't involve an escrow, or setting up anything. You can follow Mo and do work for your own community and actually get out there and do it. Or you can donate to any charity and on ALL charity donations that are web-based they have what is known as a 'memo' section where you could, if you so felt like it put "Army of Love". Just to prove the point I donated $100 to the Red Cross and in the memo put "On behalf of the Army Of Love". See it is that easy. No website required. No Escrow required. And now the Red Cross is loving the Army Of Love without the Army Of Love doing anything. Also donating directly through a charity website means it can be a write-off come tax time.

Everyone should do something for charity. Be it actually doing the footwork or donating cash. But you don't need some suspicious escrow account, which will be anonymous, to be set up to do it.


Cuss Count: Extremely High

Legal Notice: Not all escrows are scams but at the same time if something looks suspicious it usually is. There is no confirmation that Souza and Mo are lesbians. There is however pictorial evidence that Badkolo may be homosexual. This post is supplied as information and opinion. All quotes are 'as is' including punctuation and spelling mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Badkolo the bastard has already ripped me off once. Speaking from experience, stay the hell away from that idiot. It'll be the best thing you ever did.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Mo and Souza concocted this dialogue to make it look like they actually might disagree and it also seems like they are trying to confuse people. Every bit of this seems like a set up.

And Badkolo is back? He has been gone since Mo and Souza went to the Sun...apparently wasn't happy with that decision from the information I gathered. MJHDI is not the happy little Mason family that it presents to people.

Was that little tift all an act too?

Anonymous said...

Doggie I noticed that Bad's post is very articulate and the spelling is impeccable....is that really him?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "It sounds like Mo and Souza concocted this dialogue to make it look like they actually might disagree and it also seems like they are trying to confuse people. Every bit of this seems like a set up."

Anything is possible over at MJDHI. Nothing would surprise me. If it was indeed concocted then it was badly done because nobody on that topic really fell for it. I'm not 100% they are out to confuse people in this scam/scheme I just think they haven't got the first idea of what they are doing; or how they intend to run it. And that comes over in the Admin's posts.

Anonymous said: "And Badkolo is back? He has been gone since Mo and Souza went to the Sun...apparently wasn't happy with that decision from the information I gathered. MJHDI is not the happy little Mason family that it presents to people. Was that little tift all an act too?"

That does seem like an act. But then again the whole forum is one big act at the moment with the main actors being Souza, Mo, Badkolo, and TS. But like any bad TV show it should be canceled.

Anonymous said...

I believe that these mistaken, in this page not to ask for money were publishing links of charitable organizations, before speaking all your shit to find out

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "I believe that these mistaken, in this page not to ask for money were publishing links of charitable organizations, before speaking all your shit to find out"

Not to take the piss, well not too much, is it possible you could re-post that comment as a sentence which makes some sort of sense? I'd hate to take the piss out of it and it was actually a worthwhile comment.

Anonymous said...

I remember a topic (that disapeared very soon, but what stuck on top) maybe in "charities'thread" also, just before this new show to rise money. The name might have been " let's help Eliza/jessie" : it was to send money to help the supposed Elvis' half-sister, Eliza, that supposedely was in financial difficulties for the trial (whose end would have Elvis and Michael coming back together, or some kind of new pig autopsy). They were saying that they had already sent each 25% to the "Michaelrmyoflove.com", and that if everybody wants to do a good thing for the others, that could be for this charity... I remember that some of members sent their guided 25 bucks, but others said that their leaving needs each dollar, so noway to give this time. As I am not sure if my memory can get more informations or true ones. I will stop here. I am not proud of myself for the delation, even it's for debunking the escrows. This way of fooling people to raise money disgustes me , especially when after failing once, they try again with another reason, and another amount of money because on the first time 25§ was to much for the members. Anyway, they claim they are an "army" , but anyone would rush to be the one to get M. Michael Jackson while threwing his hat, so what? Ready to fight alltogether? Let me laugh! "LOVE": when anyone of the red medailed member insults or hates anyone involved, I have no trust at all on what they could do!!!.
Thanks Mr Doggy for what you wrote from the beginning.
"Aimer vraiment, c'est simplement ĂȘtre heureux que l'Autre existe ou a existĂ© un jour; on ne doit rien attendre de plus. Et Aimer c'est aussi aimer ceux qui ne nous aiment pas, sans condition. [nemo]. "
This is their problem now...

Anonymous said...

I am not Anonymous 10:34am... This one seems to have falled down the trick... I though there were more brains here... If the "redbelievers" are so narrow thinking or sheep, they might fight against themselves with banana's skins, or jelly if their bam comes...

Anonymous said...

Doggie thank you ... You really concern and the problem is really seirous. I trust you from the first line here. I will never relate to their "charity" project. You did great work and I am sorry that you write so long but I even don't read it thoroughly, as I always did for your other writings. Recently I am busier and in this topic I need know them all to give you a support. You are so good under your curse...

Anonymous said...

Is it your opinion that they are making money off of the site? I have been thinking that for a while.

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