Where Are The Aliens?

"Think for yourself man don't do like they do, it's a sick world, you just gotta stay true. Stay true and everything will be cool, you gotta blaze ya own trails and make ya own moves." - Kottonmouth Kings (from the track Think 4 Yourself)

With almost 15 months since the alleged death of Michael Jackson it is sometimes a wonder that the hoax is still alive in any form. And what about the people who are only now starting to look into the whole mess that surrounds the alleged death of Michael Jackson; what the fuck are they walking in to?

Looking at the hoax right now you have the Nazi lesbians and Moora (not a spelling mistake - just a cow joke) pointing to the whole Illuminati theory. But the Illuminati theory in reality suggests that Michael Jackson is dead. So do the Nazi lesbians and Moora, among others, think that Michael Jackson is dead and didn't hoax his death? Looking at the supposed facts you cannot have it both ways. Let us take a trip down insanity lane and look at the Illuminati theory and the fact it has more holes than Bumkolo's cock has been in.

They allege that the Illuminati is this all-powerful group that control world politics, money, and governments. There is no denying that there is indeed a clandestine group working behind the global monetary, and political, scene. So that bit stands up.

They allege that Michael Jackson faked his death due to threats of death from the Illuminati. That bit doesn't stand up if you have this group controlling the world. Michael Jackson hides where from this group that is controlling the entire world?

Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family, as a whole are nothing more than a speck of dust when considering the world population of 7 billion people. So how is it that Michael Jackson can fake his death and hide from the Illuminati? He can't get help from any government body seems the Illuminati control the governments. So it is Michael Jackson against the Illuminati.

Michael Jackson has a ton of money at his disposal. This bit is true. But when considering how much money a group that controls the entire world has; it fades into an insignificant amount that Michael Jackson has at his disposal.

So which bit are people meant to believe? Michael Jackson, a single person has outwitted the entire Illuminati and all the people that they control. Or are we expected to believe that the Illuminati is not that powerful and is merely a myth?

You cannot have it both ways. It is just not possible. But that is just my opinion on the whole Illuminati theory bullshit.

But bullshit is where the hoax is living right now. You have various people putting forth ideas that have no real basis, or if there is a thread of plausibility in their idea they create drama around their idea which then makes their idea look worse rather than better. Not that their idea was that bad, but unable to get people to come to their idea as quick as they would like they create drama to get people there quicker; which has the negative effect that they look like some crack whore jonesing for a fix of attention.

Then if it isn't bad enough that some of the once good investigators have gone off on lunatic theories and ideas which have no basis other than some magical mathematical formula worthy of a cryptographer's wet dream you have all the bullshit artists faking it at being Michael Jackson.

You have the fucking lame ass Leahcim group with their great discovery that Michael Jackson was in a coma and is now in a clinic. And the first thing he does after awaking from the coma is dance in a grainy black and white security video.

You have some crazy calling themself thedocsaid claiming that Michael Jackson is dying from some disease that cannot be named. But he has no medical experience to say what it is or anything. Very reminiscent of Moora watching a video that nobody else could see, and not being able to say where it came from. And then when Moora was questioned about it she threw a hissy fit worthy of an oscar and changed accounts.

That is the thing with all the bullshit artists - they get questioned on their outlandish claims and they disappear into Never Never To Be Seen Land, and come back with a new name, a new account, and hope that people forget the bullshit they pulled before.

So where does that leave the hoax at present? In the fucking gutter looking like some rape victim that was abused and used by a bunch of egotistical cunts that used it to further their own ideas. If I hadn't been involved in the whole hoax since the beginning and was just discovering it - thanks to some of the more outlandish claims made by certain people I'd be thinking that most of the hoaxers were fucked up on some sort of drug waiting for Michael Jackson to come back with an alien under one arm and Elvis under the other.

The hoax needs to go back to investigating and not being lead blindly by some bullshit someone else tweeted. And the only way to do that is not give the bullshit artists and the egotistical monkey-fucking dumbasses the attention they need to make it through another day. I don't give a fuck if Moora got breastfed as a kid or not. She's acting like some controlling fucking freak that is giving the Nazis a run for their money.

So the hoaxers as a whole need to decide if they want to look like serious investigators or if they want to look like a bunch of tin foil wearing, drugged up to the eyeballs, crackpots.

Because if you ever want the rest of the world to take the hoax seriously you need to weed out the fucking crackheads that are giving it the illusion of being an idea even Alex Jones would toss into the garbage. Only the hoaxers can make it a possibility that people want to look at. Not Nazi lesbians acting like media whores, not Moora who wants to control everything, and not even a bulldog that has a mouth that makes the sewers look clean.

So if you want to be able to hold your head up, and say I am a hoaxer, only you can change the shape, and the future, of the hoax.

Cuss Count: High

Legal Notice: Nazi lesbians and the names Moora and Bumkolo were used as examples and any similarity to Nazi lesbians, control freaks, and gay clowns involved in the hoax is purely coincidental. As always this post is an opinion; and merely an opinion. The Kottonmouth Kings were using the "Think 4 Yourself" since 2007 which is 2 years before some lame ass pussy cat started using it.


Anonymous said...

Aww how cute. Guess I'm the one pussy that you can't stop thinking about eh?

As for my phrase "think for yourself" that was being used long before the Kottonmouth Kings were using it too. Who gives a shit? Your "peace" isn't exactly origional either, wiseass.

Think For Yourself,

The Cat

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Aww how cute. Guess I'm the one pussy that you can't stop thinking about eh? As for my phrase "think for yourself" that was being used long before the Kottonmouth Kings were using it too. Who gives a shit? Your "peace" isn't exactly origional either, wiseass. Think For Yourself, The Cat"

I stopped thinking about you about 2 seconds after your first inane comment a long time ago. That bit was just there so you didn't get your lame fucking ass over here and try and take credit.

Hatman Magoo said...

It's spelled "original".. moron...

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