Arnie Klein: Saint Or Sinner?

In an exclusive interview I questioned the one time dermatologist of Michael Jackson, Arnie Klein, about the way he has injected himself into the whole media circus that has sprung up since Michael Jackson's reported death on June 25, 2009.

MJHDC: Thanks for doing this Mr. Klein.
Arnie: It is Dr. Klein, please use my correct title.
MJHDC: OK, will do Arnie.
Arnie: No, Dr. Klein.
MJHDC: Yeah. Anyway Arnie you have been in the media since June 2009. Most obvious question is why?
Arnie: Well as a close, and good, friend of Michael it is obvious my opinion counts on some of the things that the media has reported on.
MJHDC: Close? You were his dermatologist. Hardly makes you best friends.
Arnie: OK Doggie, let me just set the record straight once and for all. I was Michael's dermatologist, but I was also a close friend. It was at my office that he met Debbie Rowe. And she gave him 2 beautiful kids.
MJHDC: And he gave her a ton of cash to get her fucking ugly ass lost. So what is your point Arnie?
Arnie: You, and all these dumb hoax people just don't get it. Think about it and all starts to make sense. If you all stopped counting stupid numbers you may find the truth rather than following the distractions from people with other agendas.
MJHDC: You trying to say something there Arnie?
Arnie: Look, it is Arnold, and do I know something - you are goddamn right I know stuff. Stuff that would turn Harvey Levin straight he'd be so excited.
MJHDC: You ever slept with Harvey? Actually don't answer that. So what is so important; and what can you tell us?
Arnie: Oh no you didn't. (laughs) well actually me and Harvey have dated a few times.
MJHDC: Whoa there Arnie. Way too much information. Stick to the topic. What can you tell us?
Arnie: Oh you think you know shit. You know fucking jack. You and all the little hoaxers have me pegged as some cash-grabbing faggot that is only in the media for profit.
MJHDC: Close enough although you forgot the 'bug-eyed cunt' bit usually associated with you.
Arnie: Well fuck that. I know more than you. Who the fuck do you think planned this with Michael?
MJHDC: Excuse me? You saying you helped Michael fake his death?
Arnie: You are damn right there for once.
MJHDC: Arnie, you sure you are not on some sort of medication?
Arnie: Look at the facts. Just look at the facts. I haven't been able to speak about it because of various things happening. But now Katherine has her lawsuit out there I can mention it.
MJHDC: Mention what? This better not be some bullshit about Michael and Jason Pfeiffer again.
Arnie: No. That was a distraction. Why do you think there was no photos of just Jason and Michael? I'll tell you why. It is because it was bullshit. A lie. Something to keep the media busy.
MJHDC: So you are saying Jason, who looks like he could be your love child, never had a relationship with Michael?
Arnie: Of course not! Michael wasn't a homosexual. It was a smoke screen to keep the media looking in one direction while something happened. Make them look one way while in the other direction something really important is happening. Michael is playing the media like a magician plays the audience.
MJHDC: OK, let me get this straight. Not only did you help Michael fake his own death you are in contact with him still?
Arnie: Of course. Let me tell you something that even your little brain can handle.
MJHDC: Easy there Arnie. I'll be editing this. I can make you look real bad.
Arnie: Just listen. AEG hires that clown Murray, and says Michael can only see him. Then on June 18 they have a big meeting. Well Michael visited me on June 18. He knew the meeting was coming. Look at the fake autopsy report that was put out. All those meds from me, and none were taken. Want to know why?
MJHDC: Sure. Please do tell.
Arnie: Because they were just a cover. Michael wasn't seeing me as a doctor he was seeing me as a friend. We were planning the whole hoax. Hell if it wasn't for me there would be no hoax.
MJHDC: So what about all the money problems you are having Arnie? With a friend like Michael you should be free of money problems.
Arnie: Don't be stupid. Don't buy into the bullshit. You are smarter than that. Michael can't touch his own money. Why do you think it is going to his Mom and kids. The people he can trust not to waste it. But the problem is he can't touch it. Nobody is going to accept a check signed by Michael when he is supposed to be dead.
MJHDC: Arnie, you have the Bank of America wanting their million dollars back. You are selling some car, using Michael's name as advertising. You are crying about some jacket. And you'll speak to anyone for the right amount of cash.
Arnie: And do you think getting Michael out of the US was cheap? Remember Jermaine said airport instead of hospital. That was the truth. Check the LAX schedule for that day. Only one aircraft with with an 'unknown' status. And where did that go? Mexico. And then think back there was a Mexican at an airport saying he saw Michael, all that costs money. The plane, paying for someone to remain silent, keeping Jermaine in Jheri Curl products. That's why I need the money. Think about it.
MJHDC: OK so you are saying you got Michael out of the country to Mexico. So why does Jermaine hate you; I believe he said 'Fuck Arnie Klein he is full of shit."?
Arnie: Jermaine sometimes forgets what he is meant to say. I actually spoke with him the other day concerning another matter. But yeah, after that whole Michael is gay thing, I called him up and explained why that was said he was cool about it. We actually joked about it after that.
MJHDC: Apart from a couple of possible links to you have you actually got any real evidence?
Arnie: Look I don't need to prove myself to you or anyone else. But let me leave you with one last thought that you can mull over. If AEG was going to take the Sony/ATV catalog for Michael breaching his contract why did he continue to come to my office knowing that was at risk?
MJHDC: Well I don't really know.
Arnie: Exactly, you and every other person know nothing about what happened. You can guess this and guess that but you know shit. Edit this fucking interview any way you want. I know the truth. Actually this fucking interview is over.
MJHDC: OK. Thanks. Have fun with Jason.
Arnie: Fuck you.


Cuss Count: Medium

Legal Notice: Arnie Klein had nothing to do with this post. Please do not link to this post saying it is a real interview it is merely satire. There is no evidence that Jermaine uses Jheri Curl products although Arnie, Harvey, and Pfeiffer are all homosexuals. Finally this post has no connection with a previous post entitled: Badkolo - Saint Or Sinner. There is no connection other than homosexuality.


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I love it. Great writing!!!! Great!!!

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This blog has become a joke

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "This blog has become a joke"

No fucking shit Sherlock. Been so much to do with the hoax in real terms. Take out all the numerology bullshit and the Illuminati crap, and let's forget all the fucked up lawsuits there isn't a great deal going on.

So it is a good time to take a lighter look at the hoax. But hey, if you'd prefer I looked at every fucking movie ever created to pull clues out off, or take Katherine Jackson's shopping receipt and calculate how many 7's I can get, or even worry if it is Joe or Joseph - never going to happen.

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you rock!!!

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