Is Google In On The Hoax?

Sometimes things get pretty fucked up. Latoya will tweet something and it will be taken as gospel; or Jermaine will say something and that is taken as fact. Hell, Kenny Ortega tweeted a ton of shit just to sell a movie and people read it may mean something.

But the search engine with all the answers may in fact know all the answers to the hoax. Type in any question and Google has an answer. So if we are expected to take the word of Latoya, Jermaine, Ortega, or even Dave Dave, then why can we not accept the answer of Google?

Google was asked a series of questions and the first two results (with sponsored results removed, and SafeSearch turned off) were used as the answer.

Google was asked: "Is Michael Jackson alive or dead?" And the 1st result was "Michael Jackson may be alive" quoting MichaelJacksonSightings.com. The 2nd result was "Michael Jackson is alive" quoting DerekClontz.com.

Google was asked: "Is Michael Jackson's middle name Joe or Joseph?" The 1st result was "The parent name on the birth certificates is Joseph." quoting mjkit.forumotion.net. The 2nd result was "I've always thought that his middle name is Joseph but on some legal papers it says Michael Joe Jackson." quoting MichaelJackson.com.

Google was asked: "Is Joe Jackson in it for the money?" The 1st result was "Joe Jackson denied bid for Michael's money." quoting HuffingtonPost.com. The 2nd result was "Joe Jackson needs some pocket money from his dead son." quoting HecklerSpray.com

Google was asked: "Is Conrad Murray innocent?" The 1st result was "Conrad Murray is innocent." quoting TubboTwins.Wordpress.com. The 2nd result was "Dr. Conrad Murray Innocent or Guilty?" quoting InsideAccess411.Blogspot.com.

Google was asked: "Is Jeramine Jackson's hair greasy?" The 1st result was "Homeboy looks like he's been bathing in hair grease." quoting Bossip.com. The 2nd result was "Why is Jermaine Jackson face and hair so greasy?" quoting Yahoo.com

Google was asked: "Are Souza and Mo lesbians?" The 1st result was "Souza and Mo have never admitted being lesbians." quoting MJHDConspiracy.Blogspot.com. The 2nd result was "Lesbian should not have been discharged." quoting AOL.com.

So from a few questions we can pretty much say that Google thinks Michael Jackson is alive. Google isn't sure on the middle name of Michael Jackson. Google thinks Joe Jackson is in it purely for the money and Conrad Murray is innocent.

On the lighter side, Google thinks Jermaine Jackson's hair is too greasy, and there is a high likelihood that Souza and Mo are lesbians.


Cuss Count: Low

Legal Notice: Google had nothing to do with this post other than being abused as a search engine. Under no circumstances do the results of a search engine portray the thoughts and beliefs of Google Inc. This post is not meant to be seen as research; merely humor.


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