Grow A Set Of Balls Jermaine

According to TMZ on 9/26/2010 Jermaine Jackson is broke; well almost broke as he gets $892.75 a month. And because he is allegedly is strapped for cash the whining bag of shit wants his child support reduced.

Now Jermaine claims that his last earnings was back in 2007 for a spot on Big Brother, in the United Kingdom, for which he got $450,000.

Well, the lying bastard seems to have forgot all the money earned from various interviews he has done since June 25, 2009. You don't think he did them for free do you? He also seems to have forgot a series on A&E TV called "The Jack5ons - A Family Dynasty". He also forgot he did a show called "Move Like Michael Jackson" which was in various countries including United Kingdom and the Netherlands. And he forgot he has some royalty checks coming in for the Jackson 5.

There supposedly is some question about the Jackson 5 royalty checks. But if that is the case he should stop trying to dodge his responsibilities by going to court to have his child support reduced; and join the rest of the Jackson clan in going to court to get money from the estate.

But forgetting the royalty checks, from TV appearances alone he would have made about a million dollars over the last three years. Which would be $333,333.33 a year; or $27,777.78 a month. Paying $3,000 out of that still leaves him with $24,777.78 a month.

What the fuck is wrong with the Jackson family? Katherine can't survive on $26,000 a month and Jermaine is saying he can't afford child support because he is broke.

Here is some advice - learn to fucking budget. Katherine if you can't survive on $26,000 a month get rid of some of the fucking leeches that are living with you and you are paying for. The trust fund that Michael set up was for you and HIS kids; not Jermaine's kids, Jermaine's wife and all the others that for one reason and another have been unable to actually support themselves.

Jermaine the only advice to offer you is to budget better for a start. How much did you spend taking flights to various countries for failed tributes? If you can't survive on $24,000 a month you need to budget more. You say you can't afford child support but you live in a mansion and wear all designer clothes. Welcome to the real world. You pay your fucking bills before you go splashing money about. And if the entertainment industry is not paying you enough - too fucking bad. Time to get your lazy fucking ass out and do a real job.

In a time when unemployment in the US is high, people are losing their homes, people are budgeting because they just don't have the money to waste it makes me fucking sick that these people are fucking complaining about having to live on in excess of $20,000 a month each.

How does Jermaine think Joe Jackson managed when he was working as a crane operator for US Steel while his wife, Katherine, tended to the kids?

Whether these people know, or think, Michael faked his death, or is indeed dead, they need to take a look at the real world and see how life is in that real world because they sure as hell cannot afford their own luxury fantasy world.


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Legal Notice: Jermaine is a whining shit that needs to let go of his mother's apron strings, grow a set of balls, and actually be a man; and act like a man. This post for a change is not satire. Scarily enough it is true.


Anonymous said...

i always enjoy reading your posts! Keep them coming!!


George R. McCasland said...

In this economy, it is not surprising that Jermaine is earning less. Child support is based on earnings, not what he has. I wonder if he used the free legal service available to every child support obligor in the United States, to get a modification?

mjjveritas said...

I thought the Cuss Count was rather high. I would update it to reflect this.

skeptikos said...

Hi Conspiracy! Long time...
Have you seen the Jacksons' dirty laundry exposed here: http://muzikfactory2.blogspot.com/

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